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Customer Reviews

Neve Complete Bundle

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July 13, 2019

Excellent Plug-In!

This Plug in is an Excellent Tool to Bring Any Instrument to Your Desired Tonality And Position in the Mix, It Brings your Analog Sound to Your Tracks in Production or Going in to Pro Tools Making your MOJOon The Spot.

B. Dominique

July 13, 2019

Best of all time

It’s the best pre amp, i’ve used.
Perfect on vocals.

C. Wilson

July 12, 2019



L. Kagenaar

July 10, 2019

My favourite channel strip

Ik have worked numerous times on a 88RS Console, and those times made me really appreciate the neve sound. No surprise i was very happy when the cannel strip arrived. However with the mkII it became a tool i cannot do without. I have tried other methods but it simply does not give me the sound, let alone the ease of getting there quickly. Invaluable, nothing else touches it.

N. Sanmarti

July 8, 2019


Como siempre, todo lo que hacen está bien! Suena increíble, el agregado Justo y preciso de color NEVE para mis guitarras y voces. Gracias por la magia!

w. shenck

July 6, 2019

Just as you would think

Great on bass, low end punch, bite, growl, whatever description you want to get for solid low end .

O. Lamas

July 5, 2019

Simple and Effective

OK so, I have most of the UAD Preamp models and pushed myself away from one more Neve emulation. I came across a situation where I was recording on location in Costa Rica and had an 8 Channel Mic preamp with ADAT pipe into my Apollo twin.
I could not just load 10 channels of my Neve or even my UA LA 610s because the twin could not handle it. So I got my 14 day trial of these and BAMMMM!!!
10 channels of neve preamps. No problems at all and my sessions were spot-on what I needed to make this trip an amazing trip. Got home and immediately bough the plugin.
Truly a happy ending.

B. Simon

July 5, 2019


This plugin gives that little spice for your signal what it deservs!
I’ve use it with an SM7B.
Thanks UAD! :)

M. O'Shea

July 3, 2019

Really good.

Bought this and the API vision strip together. Great sounding unison emulation, much better than the 610. I still favour the API for most sources but this is a close second!

B. Bang

July 2, 2019

Next level

Went from Apogee to Apollo, and more importantly the unison/neve 1073 combo a while back. This is really next level. I don't have any studio experience from way back when or any comparison with the real thing. But it sounds greats and makes me really happy. Really

D. Ghan

June 28, 2019

Neve :-)

I purchased a UAD interface just for this plugin. My guitars and vocals have never
sounded better.

j. merturi

June 27, 2019


Sounds so good

F. Bindig

June 27, 2019

a new world

a new world for every vocal or Instrument , it gives only a bit of everything and it surprisingly sounds way better than before - not only louder - the new studio item for everything- in daily change with all the other UAD Plug Ins for mix AND recording

c. dean

June 27, 2019

Neve 1073

This preamp offers an old school feel that one only gets from experiencing first hand. I can make music in past, present and future

C. Barazarte Lobo

June 26, 2019


EQ super espectacular , claridad y presencia. Tremendo trabajo UA.

M. Duarte

June 25, 2019

Just like the real thing!

For 6 years I worked for a studio that has a rack filled with 1073. It had other fancy toys but those were always my favorite. I left that life behind and missed the ever since...not anymore.

B. Cauti

June 24, 2019

Great, Simple Pre-Amp

Simple and clean. Sounds awesome on just about everything!

F. Goes

June 24, 2019

Great sound

Great sound! Lacks a bit os more presets.

B. Busch

June 23, 2019

Keep the "NEW" versions coming! Please work on that DSP.

I don't have any experience with this as a unison preamp, only as an insert on mixes. It's a wonderful sonic mojo upgrade from the older Neve strips. I have the Waves version, which is great, and different, (maybe a bit darker / chunkier) but this one has another level of dimension, clarity and punch that feels very real. This thing on snare is stupid good. Like a lot of the newer stuff, the DSP is getting pretty high, but reasonable.

...I keep waiting to see the 33609 come along in one of these refresh product updates. So far all of them (Pultec, 1176, LA's, Neve, etc) have been fantastic. Did you guys hear that? A 33609 update would be DOPE! You could include a few of the historic iterations for fun, like you did with the UA comps. But don't forget to include that all important headroom control -AND- great discount for current owners! OK, thanks!

K. Kessler

June 22, 2019


Amazing, big, clear and very open sound! Can't recommend enough!

1401-1420 of 3274 Results