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Neve Preamp

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m. toniolo

August 16, 2018

a little monster!

I try it with a tube condenser mic and I really love the sound.

s. thomas

August 15, 2018

add warmth for sure

this unit may look simple but it works to add warmth in your tracks and mixes ....a little piece of magic

智. 竹内

August 13, 2018


Middlerange is very cool!!!

D. Schroader

August 13, 2018

Nice little Harmonic Mangler

More than just a "mic pre" this is actually a good all around harmonic changer especially for bass and drums related material, it does something interesting to the low end and when it's right it's super right . I wish this was the pre in the 1073eq plugin.

D. Guillemette

August 12, 2018

Neve color

You get the Neve color in your mixes without loading up your DSP chips.

s. barazani

August 12, 2018

finally the sound i've been looking for!!

load it as unison started to lay with the dials and then like a magic it sounds big, in your face, crisp and loud
now I want to record everything through it!

O. Taronasi

August 10, 2018

Best preamp

I use This plugin on union when recording voice. Sound perfect with l22.

S. Burns

August 8, 2018

Not bad at all!

The high end shimmer seems more violent than the actual neve to me, but the breakup and the depth is awesome. I’ve been enjoying the low DSP of this plugin, and I can hear the emulated transformer, for sure. Great for biting hit hop vox and to create some depth out of an otherwise flat mix. Can add some punch and “bigness” to about anything. 4 stars because it’s still not as nice as the real ones (very close). That being said, it’s by far better than any other neve plugin I’ve used, including slate and Waves NLS...

T. Käfert

August 1, 2018

So in Love

Its the best emulation ever.

a. wyszkowski

July 29, 2018

Nice default channel.

Wish it had level meters in the UI, but otherwise a great option for a go-to Unison input.

J. Stuart

July 27, 2018

Sounds great

Highly recommended, adds bite and edge when pushed. Adds warmth when used gently.

K. Gilroy

July 20, 2018

Adam & Neve in the Garden

Now this is amazing. I really love this one. Makes everything sound better. It's a must have. Thanks UAD! Amazing!!!

A. Daniel

July 16, 2018

Really Good

Definely a nice sounding plug. Gives vocals a nice presence. Would use on anything. Never used a real neve so I can’t say how accurate, but it sounds good none the less.

G. Hall

July 12, 2018

Another fine result from THE leader in audio plugins

Not only am I thrilled by the sound of this incredible plugin, but once again I'm reminded that my choice to invest in the UAD2 platform is one of the best decisions I have made for my music. World leaders in audio tools and heads and shoulders above all others for seamless integration and outstanding customer service. Thank you Universal Audio for always surpassing my expectations.

E. Oooka

July 8, 2018

It is compatible with my voice quality!

It is compatible with my voice quality. Harmonics feel much more wonderful than other comp. I also have a softtube version. UAD is more natural to feel compressed. This also wants an actual machine.

A. Darling

July 6, 2018

Blown Away

For a long time I ignored all the talk about UAD plugins and how great they are. I was content with my waves bundle and other plugins from 3rd party developers, even some stock plugins from my DAWS (Logic, Reason, Protools etc..) I convinced, with a little tweaking here and there I could achieve the best sounding top quality studio mixes on my tracks with what plugins I already had, boy was I wrong.
After being enlighten by a friend of mine who first took the dive to invest in a UAD audio interface and plugins, I was blown away after hearing a few of his mixes in which he used nothing but UAD plugins on his master bus. I was hooked, cooked, and done. I had to get into the big boy league of music production. I brought my first Apollo Twin and since then I never looked back!!

G. Venkataraman

July 3, 2018


This preamp gives the legendary sound and character of neve. Makes any instrument or vocal instantly like-able! It adds punch to the track and unison integration works like a charm in your recordings. My go to plugin when everything else fails! Loving it!!

C. M

June 30, 2018

Neve Preamp!

Yes UAD do it again. Sounds good and clear, with high output levels.

UAD User

June 29, 2018

The real preamp

The sound I was looking for. I have a Neumann TLM 102. Perfect combination. Amazing!


June 27, 2018



1-20 of 172 Results

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