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Customer Reviews

Sonnox® Oxford Inflator

Overall Rating

321-340 of 445 Results

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d. danieli

February 13, 2017

Sonny Oxford Inflator

I use this plugin on every track.
Very useful in many applications, it's easy to use
simply amazing !!!!!

D. Hest

February 11, 2017

It Does What It Says

Sonny Oxford "Inflator" : It's hard for me not to use this plugin on every track. It makes small sounds big, big sounds more dominant and its easy to use...

r. infante romero

February 7, 2017


simply amazing!

J. Robert

January 26, 2017

Thought I couldn't use any more plug ins.

I do believe I have more EQ, compression, analog warmth, reverb and special processing plug-ins than I can possibly use. I'm not usually into plug-ins that I can't nail down exactly what they do. I have limiter plug-ins, transient designers, saturators and character type effects. This plug-in is different. It has a way of refining the essence of your signal and making it stand out. It softens and enhances at the same time. Or better said, emphasizes without adding harshness. Kudos for simplicity. I'm thinking it's going to be one of my staples .

J. Copeland

January 16, 2017


This is a unique plug. It's something between a maximizer and a enhancer I guess. What ever it is it definitely adds a nice touch and can be used on anything

I. Duarte

January 14, 2017

I like it, but not that much

I agree that Sonnox things rock, but I really don't see anything special about this one. Ok, it sounds good, but I can achieve it's results very fast and many times I think things sound better without it. Maybe I am doing something wrong, or maybe I don't know how to use it. Anyways, it may be my fault.
Good that I have it, bad that I will use who knows when...

T. Herman

January 14, 2017

Works like it should....

Nice filler.....
I recommend it :)

t. lala

January 12, 2017

great tool for all tracks

great tool for all tracks, i love it!

n. sonmez

January 2, 2017


well,been using the cracked one for a while,but when i heard the uad oxford inflator there was no option.then i downloaded the demo from sonnox again there was no option exellent plugin.well done uad

R. Bowling

December 30, 2016


Its a great way to tweak & do little things or bigger things

B. Bell

December 28, 2016

This is my GO TO maximizer for a reason

If you master your own tracks for clients at the end of mix sessions look no further. All you have to do is Gain control the mix for -14VU and keep the input/output of this plugin stationary. Next, work with the controls for Effect and Curve. Third, make sure to adjust output for a solid A/B comparison. Trust me you will want it in your chain from now on.

N. Zande

December 28, 2016


This plugin is one of the best plugins I Own at the moment

D. Roberts

December 21, 2016


I bought this plug as it's one I've had my eye for some time now, since demoing it and when it came up with the discount I pounced on it. Hell am I glad that I did, it's incredibly easy to use and I insert it without a thought on my mixbus for all my sessions, as it gives a wonderful lift in clarity, not to mention volume when I'm at the "mastering" point of the mix. I genuinely feel I can deliver at a volume to the customer that it real broadcast Level with it, while at the same time knowing I'm not compromising the integrity of the audio content:). BBBOOOOOOMMMM!!! ✋️

K. Gilroy

December 15, 2016


It truly is. I did extensive research and testing and there’s no doubt that, not only is the Inflator the best at what it does, it’s a secret weapon used for many years. There’s nothing that can replace it.
If you want anything to sound better and louder with very little gain on the meters, this is your gold!
You will use this plugin on everything…ALL THE TIME. TOP 10! Go search the Web. – GILROY

A. Navarro

December 14, 2016


Si grabas voces que luego mezclas con música, como es mi caso, este plugin dará el toque final a tu grabación, que marcará la diferencia con el resto. Es justo lo que buscaba desde hacia tiempo para nivelar mis grabaciones. Gracias a Universal Audio!!!.

If you record voices that you then mix with music, as is my case, this plugin will give the final touch to your recording, which will make a difference with the rest. It's just what I've been looking for since time to level my recordings. Thanks to Universal Audio !!!


December 13, 2016

Sonnox Oxford Inflators

Plugin truly adds a special touch to my mixes that eq'ing alone cannot complete. It does what it says in the discription and simply makes my mixes sound professional. JC Music

J. Viretto

December 13, 2016

Awesomeness in any way

Busses, mix bus, solo intrument... works great in any situation! Helps giving consistance to any source, glues elements together (drums or mix bus), adds puch ad definition. One of my go-to plug-in for mixing and mastering

M. Yam Moller

December 12, 2016

Unique plugin

Does one thing that nothing else can do.

L. Alban

December 8, 2016


Fabulous !


December 4, 2016

Extreme Sound Design

I'm using this awesome plugin for sound design combined with extreme eq and distortion!

321-340 of 445 Results