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Customer Reviews

Sonnox® Oxford Inflator

Overall Rating

101-120 of 441 Results

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A. Santana

January 6, 2022


realmente es Espectacualar la presencia y calidad que nos entrega , vale la pena

M. Dziewulski

January 5, 2022

new drum buss go to plugin

very happy with this purchase. it gives that little extra on my drum buss that ive been missing. cant wait to test it on various other channels

B. Waller

January 5, 2022

Perception Loudness is Key

In today’s music standard you need to compete with loudness but still stay with the standards. The inflator is great with Perception loudness. It gives you the loudness you need without compromising the standards.


December 20, 2021

Must have makes anything Better

This is its own monster. You don't have to squash the life of the signal with a compressor. Very easy to use and very rich sounding tool!

T. Pinter

December 15, 2021

Perfect plugin!

Perfect plugin! It makes a very satisfying saturation for all acoustic instruments and vocals! I love it, it's well worth the amount!

D. Davis

December 7, 2021

One of my all time favs

I guess this plug in is a saturator/clipper to some respect. I don't really know all it does but it certainly sounds great. Makes mixes sound louder and fuller. I try to go conservative on it but it always adds a nice lift to things.

J. McLachlan

November 29, 2021

Go To

This plugin is magical! It brings vocals to life!

A. Fuchs

November 19, 2021

Great plugIn

Nice sound! I love this!

J. Johnson

November 18, 2021

Game changer!

This is a game changer for loudness! Can’t push it to hard but this and my Neve Portico II MBP really make a great time. Tip this works like a Soft clipper but has way more features and adds Saturation.

This works for whole bunch of ways but I use it when I finalize mastering or what to beef up a track in the end of mix session into master phase.

Again you can apply to any process though so have fun!

g. Enriquez

November 17, 2021

Amazing plugin

Lots of body and punch to ur vocal

K. Flisiak

November 17, 2021


My go-to plugin on master buss track! Amazing and simple use soundgoodizer ;)

D. Frey

November 13, 2021

Nothing to say, it is Universal Audio

Inflator top!
Easy to use, great finish!
It is very simple, nearly each plug-in from UA is the best quality I heard!
Waves etc are not so clear and effective like UA Plugins!!!!
I tested many plug-ins but the best are here at UA

I. Pallesen

November 12, 2021



K. Didvalis

November 3, 2021

Oxford Inflator


F. Beck

September 20, 2021

Mind Blowing On Vocals

Whatever magic this plugin does, it’s absolutely astonishing on vocals. Perhaps it was meant for something else, but I find it great for just that.

M. Horneman

September 1, 2021

Great Plugin

Recommmended as a master bus processor to add life and depth to mixes and it definitely does that and more.

J. Gilbert

August 19, 2021

I’m impressed

Powerful Plug in! its one of my go to's

R. Jankovics között

July 24, 2021


Nagy segitség mint vokál sávon vagy masters sávon

J. Leone

July 19, 2021

Great sound and value

I was personally really impressed with the clarity and loudness this plugin instills with ease. It's basically a LUFs knob but also so much more than that. Worth the price!

D. Dalfo Ferrer

July 13, 2021

Sounds rich

I don't know what it exactly does, but sounds good!

101-120 of 441 Results