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Customer Reviews

AMS RMX16 Expanded Digital Reverb

Overall Rating

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R. Studio

July 13, 2023


Great for percussion.

M. Verblakt

July 5, 2023


Classic sounding FX. Sounds good on any track.

M. Verblakt

July 5, 2023


Classic sounding FX. Sounds good on any track.

J. Mateo

June 28, 2023

Brings you back in time

This thing sounds so old school and so classic that no matter what I do I can't just smile and remember all the records my parent's and I would listen to growing up when I put this on a track

G. Schwab

May 25, 2023

One of the best plugins for reverb/room

This plugin sounds fantastic! The control of the parameters is simple, clear and very effective. One of the best plugins for reverb! Highly recommended!

Z. Abresch

February 17, 2023

Lush reverb with an outdated interface

I love the sounds I get from this plugin but the interface is so hopelessly analog. Once you use it a bit it's actually pretty straightforward but it takes me a minute every time I insert it to get situated. A little goes a long way and I thought it was horrible until I figured out that "wet solo" is engaged on some presets.

M. Hunt

January 16, 2023


Aftyer trying to decide which verb to get between this and hitsville. I ultimately decided on thgis one. Great old school vibe that is still relevant today. Yeah it does that 80's thing which I love but it's much more than that. Great charachter verb for sure.


January 14, 2023


A dream come true to have this type of reverb at home. Sounds great!!! The nonlinear stuff is Gold!!! Thanks UA!!!

E. Ferrer

R. White

January 13, 2023


Amazing emulation!!

k. zarider

January 8, 2023

It sounds killer

So I’ve tried on snare and percussion so far and works like a charm. It’s the 80z vibe and the gated verb sounds insane

T. Parks

January 7, 2023

Very Musical Reverb

I tested this plugin and it sounds great. I own a lot of different types of reverb plugins and I must say, I think this is one of the best, if not the best one I've heard. I find it to be very musical.

M. Rutkowski

January 6, 2023

AMS reverb

Love the AMS Fx

V. German

January 4, 2023

Great reverb

A unique device. Very unusual sound. A good addition to the Lexicon reverb

V. Radočaj

December 27, 2022

AMS RMX16 Expanded Digital Reverb


M. Giordano

December 26, 2022

I like it!

Great Reverb, perfect to give the feeling of the 80s but useful in general

B. Hastings

December 25, 2022

Simply Perfect

This sounds amazing!

C. Romero

December 23, 2022


Awesome delay and nice reverb for drums!!

E. Stehelin

December 20, 2022

Straightforward beauty

Great reverb! Not a ton of options to fiddle with like the Lexicon stuff. Very lush sounding.

U. Audio Account

December 9, 2022

Magnifica unidad

Estupenda versión software de este icónico hardware.

R. Villafane

December 4, 2022

AMS RMX16 thumbs up

Have the real thing. A/Bd and there is a *very slight* difference, but not a better or worse difference - it might literally be down to the cabling used on the different units, the ADA converters or maybe slight tolerance differences on the analog components. Bottom line i find myself using the plug-in more than the hardware. You sit in the sweet spot, easier to tweak on the screen than going back to the rack, and recalls are automatic. I'm thinking of selling the hardware but i'll be sad when i do - anyway, it basically sits in rack gathering dust more times than not. Congrats UAD, great job.

1-20 of 315 Results

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