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Customer Reviews

SPL® Transient Designer

Overall Rating

181-200 of 245 Results

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D. Keldie

December 12, 2014

SPL Transient Designer

I LOVE this plugin!! I have already found many great creative ways to use the SPL Transient Designer, and it's so easy to use -- I just used it to make a bass line less legato and more punchy. A great "secret weapon" tool !

C. Ledbetter

December 6, 2014

Drums a god

By adjusting attack and sustain you can give ur kick smack and thump. Really just two controls combined together to make dead toms ring out longer. Used on bass guitar it can give u a more aggressive sound.
A must have plugin

P. Geiser

November 8, 2014

incredibly useful

i was sent a session with the ugliest sounding kick drum ring- i completely fixed the sound using this plug-in. very useful for shaping sounds and in that particular case- fixing unpleasant drum sounds

T. Bulwer

October 31, 2014

unlike anything else

When you're working with odd source material to shape sound this is beauty of a tool. It shapes transient unlike anything else. Couldn't think of anything else to use for sound design shaping.

J. Battle

September 17, 2014


This plug works just like you would hope it would! lol Love it

L. Oconnor

July 18, 2014

Very effective in shaping and controlling emotion

Comparing this plugin to other emulations made by other companies it is the best sounding emulation I have. It is very effective on drums as well as bass. I use it to control the decay of snares and rhythmic elements and let the decay increase as the song reaches more emotional peaks. This is an easy way to do this with one too after the drums have already been programmed. You can get a lot of variations in character from your source material with just this plugin. Awesome.

L. Mah

July 16, 2014

Nothing else quite like it

I love this plugin! I can shape the ADSR envelope of elements during the mix. Sure would've come in handy many times in the past.

C. Weingarten

July 16, 2014

the punchiest

this is the best TD I've ever used. It sounds so punchy and does an amazing job of reimagining your drums or putting the bite into a picked guitar. Great Tool!

C. Saltz

July 10, 2014

Problem Solver

SPL Transient Designer is a powerful problem solver and a major time saver.

S. Shaghasi

June 26, 2014


Does the job. There are different versions out there but I went ahead to UAD because I have trust in the company that they can and always will deliver great results.

R. Weissauer

June 18, 2014

Great plug-in

as an owner of two hardware transient designers I can only say:
I will probably never use the hardware version again. Very useful plug-in,
for many purposes; for drums and/or to compensate or modify compressors
used on any instrument bus.

C. Borneo

May 15, 2014

great on drums!

I really like using this plug in to shape my drums while I record in Real time with the Apollo, you can change sustain and attack... so you can change the character of your kit just with a few tweaks....totally awesome!

A. Leonardi

May 12, 2014

SPL T.D. lethal weapon

SPL T.D. is AWAYS inserted in my DAWs channel drums strips. I don't even need to play too much with sampler envelopes. Hard or smooth I always find the perfect impact for my rhythm section.
UAD is forever!

M. Smith

May 7, 2014

Great tool to have!

I have used this plug in subtle and extreme ways with great results! Nothing else really does what this thing does!
It can fix "some" bad recordings, bad performances, add sustain (dead toms), tame sustain (ringing toms), has saved me more than a few times!

It is also great in a sound design context esp. in extreme settings!

H. Lemke

April 13, 2014

Very Nice

Ein sehr interessantes Plug-in, absolute Empfehlung für die Drums!

O. Johannessen

April 7, 2014

A drummers friend.

This is my first UAD plug-In, and definately not the last. It is so simple to use, and very efficient on the right sources. My drums are recorded in an extremely small room, and this thing really helps me to pull out the best of them. By changing attack and sustain I can manipulate the most important tracks to get the right sound. And some of the presets are very useful, like the fierce click on the kick drum, and gentle snap on cybals. Worked also well on a bass-track , to shorten the notes.

D. Ferreira

March 15, 2014

Simple and efficient

This is the lethal weapon if you have some transient issues or want to reshape your track. Absolutely indispensable.

J. Cheek

March 11, 2014


I seriously do not know what I've ever do now on kick drum without the Transient Designer, and don't know how I ever got along without it. I guess ignorance is bliss...! But soon as you try this on kick (as well as other drums etc) there is no way you'll ever turn back!

C. Bower

March 1, 2014

unique and effective mixing tool

This plugin helps to effectively situate your instruments in the mix without using compression or eq! Great for defining articulations.

J. Cummins

February 12, 2014


Ok, this is a great tool, make it bigger or trim it tight. Snare needs more it will do it, snare to big, need it tight and short, done. Bass to much, trim it in tight even vocals. You now how great this tool is when you mix. So till you get one you just don't know, get one and you will know. You know magic when you got it!

181-200 of 245 Results