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SPL® Transient Designer

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T. Miller

January 1, 2008

I wrote a review once before, and now that I finally bought this plug after the demo ran out- my efforts to improve some old mixes have greatly improved.
This plug-in works well on live concert tracks, where bleed can be a real issue. Its smoother than a normal noise gate and I find it has done many great wonders
to the vocal and drum tracks. Isolating all of that vocal mic bleed, and hh in the snare mic bleed has been a blessing. I find its worth the price, its simple and does what
it says it does!!! Keep up the good work UAD!

A. Oberholz

December 27, 2007

In relation to SONNOX TransMod (Native) I only can give the Emulation of the SPL TD 3 Stars.
The Sonnox gives you more freedom in forming and creating transients.

I love 80% of the UAD Plug Ins!!!!!!!!

For me this one is not as good as the others and in my opinion a bit too expensive for what it does.

M. Olsen

December 25, 2007

A fracking magic wand! Just when I thought my club kicks couldn't kick any more ass, this plugin proved me wrong. It's amazing how much impact one of these can have on the overall feel and thickness of an entire mix. In a word: whoa!

T. Miller

December 18, 2007

This is a must have! I've finally been able to get that clean snare track to stand out, without all of that hi-hat bleed.

J. Fisher

December 14, 2007

Wow. On an audio-post project, this clever device helped reduce the reverb/room sound from the boom mic being too far away from the actors. It's a dialog mixer's dream. Very handy!

-- jpf

261-265 of 265 Results