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Customer Reviews

SPL® Transient Designer

Overall Rating

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M. Deason

October 8, 2012

Great on Snare Tracks

I use this a lot now to tighten up my snare tracks. It instantly it gives me more punch through the mix and leaves me with more room in the freq range that would normally be gobbled up.

R. Burke

September 29, 2012

Owner/Sound Engineer

Built a new studio and adjusted the acoustics to what I wanted. Used the SPL Transient Designer to adjust where the sound fits into my reference. Back out to the sound rooms and control to make adjustments to please me. Not only fixes the track but can help fix the room with effort.

P. Sillaro

September 27, 2012

SPL Transient Designer plug in

I have found this plug in to be very usefull in guitar tracks. When set up properly it helps the track sit better in the mix and sound great. It also does a great job to bring virtual tracks to life. I have also found it to be a first class bass plug in.

A. Debicki

September 6, 2012

Best value per parameter

This plugin must have the most uses per parameter of any plugin I own. It can fix bad sounds, enhance good sounds, reduce ambience, give instruments more body, make instruments fit better in the mix (in many ways) and so much more. The Transient Designer has on multiple occasions fixed a problem with either a bad recording or a good recording of a bad instrument where other ways of processing just couldn't fix it.
The only slight downside to the Transient Designer is that it doesn't always handle attacks the way I expect it to, but that might be due to unrealistic expectations.

P. Shikata

August 3, 2012

so far ..... so good. sooooo good. i haven't even tried it on instruments YET ....... as i am a musician, and a sound designer / editor .......... i just used it on my last edit, for an episode of the tv series 'copper' ....... in which there was a bare knuckle boxing match, and horse and carriage shoot out.

i can't tell you how easy it was to use this plug to QUICKLY design sounds ...... and yes, i asked our lead mixer about the SPL .... which he also uses to suck out ambience on dialog ......

i just immediately started using it and loving it ..... very simple, very effective .....

looking forward to using this and the IBP on drums !!!!!

paul shikata

M. Pace

July 12, 2012

Quite a responsive product indeed. I've never came across a piece of software so versatile towards using midi signals and getting that 'human' feel using various samples.

SPL Transient Designer really displays that feel of tone and warmth via the impact used from its predecessors.

The Presets on the SPL Designer are suitable for most types of waves that are being processed thru midi.

I would recommend this product to DJ's and producers who deal with heaps of Dance music.

Myself personally. I use it for all types of music.

Thanks UAD for making such brilliant software!

241-246 of 246 Results

  1. 1
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