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Customer Reviews

SPL® Transient Designer

Overall Rating

121-140 of 246 Results

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M. Odby

December 20, 2016

Excellent plugin for drums

This plugin is awesome and can help you save problematic drums.

O. Lipskis

December 19, 2016

Better than others

Fantastic little tool. I've compared it to other transient plugins - SPL native, Schaak, NI, and must say that it does sound better. Attack adding is without nasty high frequencies, sustain removal does its thing very smoothly. No need for any other transient plugin.

d. beland

December 11, 2016

SPL® Transient Designer

Very good on drum


December 9, 2016

right tool to clean up drum overheads

I bought this especially because i needed more attack on ride cymbal and less sustain. Changed the drums from 'tshhh tshhh tshhhh' to 'tzig tzig tzig'. If you're into jazz, you might now what I mean:-) A small tool that should be in any producer's toolbox.

S. Sinclair

December 9, 2016

Best One Out There!

Having demoed nearly every transient reshaping plugin on the market , I must say that the UAD SPL Transient Designer is the best one. I can really get drastic with reshaping my drums and the end result always sounds quite natural. Can't mix without it!

K. Wirz

December 7, 2016


Need some punch? You'll get it! I use it on single drums like kick or snare to tighten it up, and even on the drum bus sometimes for putting the drums in their place without turning them too loud! At all a transient designer which does what it's there for. Five stars.


December 5, 2016

Great tool for punch

SPL Transient Designer is incredibly easy to use to add punch to close drum mics and smooth out transients on room mics. Great stuff!

P. Muinos

December 5, 2016

Does what it's supposed to do

Simple plug-in, very effective. Does exactly what it's supposed to do. Very easy to work with.

C. Huseyin

December 4, 2016


Great for Natural Acoustic sources.

G. Hout

December 4, 2016

Good tool

Don't use it often but it's good. Mostly used to cut down too prominent pick sounds of the guitar. But yes, you should have one. Doesn't affect the rest of the sound at all.


November 22, 2016

Great plugin

really makes a difference!!!
Very very easy to use but really makes a huge difference! I use it more than any other plugin! Very satisfied!

J. Scheunemann

November 19, 2016

Must-Have for real drums!

In digital recording environment drum transients are captured way more dominant compared to tape. This can sound pretty unpleasant and result in sharp attack 'clicks' or 'pops'. Recording to tape was much smoother with more natural sounding tamed drum transients. This is where the SPL Transient designer comes in for me. Simply lower the attack by a few db and if appropriate increase output accordingly. That's it! Even better – use the plugin during live tracking drums with Apollo.


October 30, 2016

You know what it does!

Just as great as the hardware version, it makes the drums sound exactly how you want!!

J. Seabrook

October 5, 2016

Subtle enhancements

I find the hardware easier to be subtle, and that's the main difference between hardware and software. Because I have to engage with my mouse and my eyes, I find it takes more concentration to be subtle with this plugin.

IF, your drums are well recorded, a subtle touch is magic.
IF, you're trying to fix shoddy recordings, even subtly used this can bring out the wrong things too easily.

Big knobs, simple layout. It does EXACTLY what it's supposed to do. Can't ask for more.

L. Aukrust

August 9, 2016

A genious of a tool

Extraordinary simple to use, but extraordinary useful. I was shocked when I used on my piano track. I could easily modify the tone, all along the keyboard. I could make it sting and enance the rythmic aspect of the piano by increasing the attack and pull back on sustain. On the other hand, by reducing the attack and increasing the sustain, the piano sound turned smooth, and warm, with a floating quality to it. The intensity of the effect goes all the way from suddle to pronounced, and it was eady to find the soft spot where the piano tone just sat perfectly in the context of the recording. Piano is challenging for amateur mixers like me. But from now on, I will rely on the Transient Dedigner to give me the perfect piano sound. Great stuff

R. Hartley

July 27, 2016


I’m not sure how I ever lived without this plug-in for guitars. Magic.

P. Marriott

July 27, 2016

My #1 Goto tool!!!

Best transient shaper ever!

j. couch

July 16, 2016

Effective and useful.

Tried a couple of transient shaping tools. This one is well balanced and effective. It's not a character plug-in, but it is very useful.

N. Kodonas

July 14, 2016

SPL is a must for every genre of mixing!

SPL Transient Designer is truly amazing at what it does. It can help change the sound of a percussive track, or lengthen the notes of a bass track and even remove some of the excessive attack noise of a guitar pick.

Try it out for yourselves!

B. Joseph

July 6, 2016

A MUST Have for Popular Music!

As a producer who mainly creates pop, soul, hiphop and indie rock, the transient designer is the ONLY plug I've ever used, that effectively and musically adds more punch to my drums. The Transient designer is one of those tools EVERY engineer should have.

121-140 of 246 Results