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SPL® Transient Designer

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M. Routledge

January 30, 2019

Over the top!

This is one of the best plug-ins I’ve purchased in a while. It has just the right stuff to get your kick, snare, acoustic guitar etc... over the top of the mix without forcing its way in.

P. Etherington

January 29, 2019



r. loyola Perez

January 16, 2019

Lo mejor de lo mejor!!

Si buscas manipular un archivo de audio hasta su límite este es tu compra
Podrás dar el color y la solides que quieras en sonidos que apenas tenían presencia o atacar una parte en específico de un sonido
!!!!Es espectacular probarlo!!!!

J. Poole

January 4, 2019

Thank God

I have been mixing a 'white whale' guitar track longer than I care to admit. It had nasty transients which caused me to stack three compressors to level out the attack which killed the image. If transients are PROBLEM CHILDREN, this is the PADDLE. This unit doesn't stop at the 'blue jeans', it goes all the way to the 'bone' bypassing the peaks. Now I only need one compressor. You could fade in every note manually, or get this...

S. Sundin

January 2, 2019

The sound in the front?

You need this.

R. Jacobs

December 17, 2018


I used to see engineers pull this baby up and wondered what it was. And it does much more than you could imagine with two knobs! 10 stars

泰. 正谷

December 14, 2018

perfect tool

make perfect drum with this amazing plug in!


December 10, 2018

Nice and easy

Just love simple plugins that do the job

j. Blanchard

October 5, 2018


This works great. Adds punch and sustain as needed.

T. Dimomeletis

October 3, 2018

Use it in everythig

Im just using it in everything, you can make all crispy sounds

C. Kaliampakas

August 2, 2018

It has a biiig difference between UADs version and SPLs

Its a must on kicks, snares, drum bus, but its really usefull on other instruments as well

D. Osberg

July 19, 2018

Sounds awesome!

Great for adding punch and sustain to transient heavy material! I’ve been using it on every mix, a must have in your plugin locker.

A. Evtimov

June 26, 2018


Amazing tool! Bravo!

A. Evtimov

June 26, 2018


Amazing tool! Bravo!

G. Hampton

June 22, 2018

I feel like I am cheating!

This is my new go to for use on about everything. Very easy to use and does its job really well. What can I say that the tutorials and other reviews didn't already say? I feel as if I am cheating to get the results I used to have to work harder to achieve! Thanks UAD!

M. Patey

June 18, 2018

So far so good

So far I'm using this plugin for an odd purpose... to roll off trailing ambience/room reflections in a recording space that is currently quite reflective, due to being renovated. It's not magical for this purpose, but it's working surprisingly well! I've used the 4-channel hardware unit to tighten up drums, and if you demo this plugin in that context, you'll find it's pretty close to the original for that purpose. Best advice is to record it right the first time, but this is very nice tool to have when you need it.

J. Ager

June 12, 2018

Designs Transients

Found this really useful for changing the transient of sounds. Favourite feature is the “Output Gain” knob, makes everything sound better! 5 stars from me

D. Perini

June 11, 2018

A very helpful plugi...

A very helpful plugi...

M. Thies

May 28, 2018

Very useful

Almost acts like a gate, and can really give drums more punch.

F. Bindig

May 17, 2018

simple but unbelievable rich for mixes

Mostly used on drums ,every time I fingered a bit , every signal gets more punch but definition, thats what everyone needs:-) . Like in the old days on good racks, for your in the box productions , this one is a must have.

61-80 of 272 Results