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Unison Enabled

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SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

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J. Lardinois

January 17, 2023

The whole plugin is great, but it shines with the gate.

I've mixed on these desks. I've mixed on this plugin. I want to skip reviewing everything else and just say, the expander / gate section is just lovely. It's really, REALLY easy to set up properly, and sounds great. It's flexible, too.

A. Kostasenko

January 13, 2023

Details exactly how I want

Using on bus channel for my vocals, easy to set up how I want


January 9, 2023

Un must !

L'outil ultime pour un son vintage et dynamique, des possibilités incroyables à la prise comme au mixage.

M. Franco

December 31, 2022

Love it! Best SSL Emulation

I really like how this SSL Emulation sounds, in my library this is now my go to.

J. Cortelyou

December 28, 2022

Sounds fine, but out of nowhere will stop passing audio.

This plug sounds like an SSL, so that's good. The bad is that it will randomly stop passing audio. If you crank the level on the line amp, you'll see the overload light work, but it gets no further. This will happen in the middle of a session, so a track that you have been eq'ing and working on earlier in the day, will stop at print. The only workaround that I've found is to import that track from an earlier session or session file backup. Taking the plugin off and putting it back on does not work, nor does creating a new track and copying the data from the one not passing audio. This is a HUGE bug and can really cause issues if it goes unnoticed.

Y. Albañil

December 26, 2022


the ssl sound is the winner. the unison is all i need


December 23, 2022


If this one is real good then imagine the hardware …. Really a Swiss Army knife ….just get it n learn to use it later.

K. Rose

December 1, 2022

Hands down the BEST EQ!

I've never been the kind of producer to buy a ton of plugins, I prefer the motto of "Learn how to use what you have before buying anything else". However, after watching many Youtube videos where countless producers were all reaching for this channel strip, I figured there must be something truly magical about it...I wasn't wrong. What this does to drums is astonishing. There is a preset called "Make Anything Better", and it REALLY does. All components in the channel strip are incredible, but the EQ reminds me of the Pultec as far as you really can't mess it up. DEFINITELY worth the money.

M. Kozlov

November 30, 2022

sounds the best

For me it's a go-to console especially for vocals. Color is great. L

P. Diaz

November 26, 2022


Got this in a bundle for the gate. Regret not getting the Neve but it’s still good.

J. ter Borg

November 7, 2022

Warm, easy to use and some excellent presets!

Especially the Stuart Price presets were helpful! Recommended.


October 11, 2022

Excellent plugins

Excellent plugins

C. Long

September 16, 2022

SSL 4000 E Channel Strip

This plugin is a killer plugin, was using waves ssl and decided to try out UAD version of the plugin and was blown away in the results I was getting from the UAD SSL channel plugin. Recommend anyone using the waves ssl to at least give the UAD SSL channel plugin a try.

N. Coelho

September 14, 2022

Great plugin

Great sound and tone, It's my channel strip for VoiceOver. I love it.

O. Seiffert

September 14, 2022

a bettermaker

just a good, grainy basic sound. And not unpleasantly rough. In my opinion the best sounding UAD strip.

C. George

August 31, 2022

My Favorite EQ

This is without question my favorite eq to use on almost all of my tracks in my mixing template. I love that you can just crank this eq to find what helps enhance the mix. Or crank the gain to find a pain frequency and then crank it the opposite way to remove it. The included compressor and gate are nice to use lightly on some sources and the ability to have the eq first then the compressor is how I usually use it. All in all if CLA can get Grammys using an ssl plugin then you know it’s the right eq to use to get fast radio ready mixes. The UA SSL 4000 E is a Killer plugin I just can’t mix without.

M. Pearson

August 31, 2022


Cannot go wrong with SSL, smooth and tight, especially as a unison for recording thru.

M. Espinosa

July 13, 2022

Color lindo

Le da un color muy lindo a mi voz , lo uso en unison para grabar con mi micrófono e imprimir . Es recomendable !

T. Laja

July 13, 2022

SSL quality

Very good

M. Perez

July 12, 2022

Best SSL Plugin I've Used

I have worked on a few real SSL consoles, This plugin just feels right. It does exactly what I expect it to do.

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