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Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

Overall Rating

381-400 of 656 Results

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M. Szynkowski

August 20, 2018

SSL 4000 E Channel Strip

This is amazing, love it on the vocals.

J. Bekyarovich

August 14, 2018


Love this plugin. The EQ section is out of this world. Great for finding problem frequencies, doing minimal cuts and boots, as well as extreme eq shaping. This thing seems to handle everything I throw at it really well!

L. Romano

August 13, 2018

Favourite channel strip but very high usage on dsp

I really like the EQ and mic pre from this plugin, but is very heavy with the dsp usage

R. Woitowitsch

July 24, 2018

4 out of 5

I like the color of the SSL 4000 E channel strip, it adds that commercial sound we're all used to. The EQ is fantastic, but the Gate is a little disappointing.

L. Bennett

July 14, 2018

Everything a Channel strip should be

Love what this does to a stem, only gripe is that it used a lot of resources, so you cant use it on every track :-(

f. orti salvador

July 13, 2018

The sound

This is the sound I was looking for...


July 13, 2018

SSL 4000 E et c'est tout!

Une excellente émulation de la tranche de console SSL désormais disponible sous la version E-4000 qui, me semble t-il, s'adresse à un public relativement avertit. Les fonctions disponibles ne sont pas facilement assimilables et méritent d'être attentivement étudiées. Une fois cette étape franchie, on se jette sur les boutons et on part à la découverte des possibilités presque illimitées offertes par ce Plugin. Des pré-reglages permettent de comprendre comment fonctionnent les différentes parties (compresseur, Eq, filtres de coupure...). Les boutons Pré-Dyn permettent de réorganiser l'ordre du traitement du signal (signal chain). Un autre, le Dyn-SC permet également de modifier l'ordre du sidechain entre l'EQ et les Cut-Filters.
Bref, on est très vite tenté d'en mettre sur chaque BUS. Une tuerie...

M. Daniel

July 12, 2018


The sound is fantastic from this plugin. It really sounds very close to a real SSL 4000. The pre-amp is great. This has really helped to transform my sounds in the box.

m. lloyd

July 11, 2018


30 years ago I produced and mixed I've Had the Time of My Life on an SSL 40 input console. It was a 72 track (3 machines) project. We used every input, every little fader and had a sub mixed added. AND - obviously only a little bit was automated. The SSL strip from UA is fantastic. Takes me back sonically to that mix! Sound even better! Oh - - and EVERYTHING is automated...!!! I appreciate UA.


July 7, 2018

Workhorse plugin

I've been trying to do more with each plugin on a single track, get the most out of each element of the chain, and this strip sounds great and helps me achieve the simplicity i'm craving. Learn your tools, find the limits, use em on every session. Another great emu from UA

J. Brierre

July 5, 2018

Super good

In love with that uad version of the SSL 4000 E

J. Jordanov

July 2, 2018

Great and punchy preamp emulation! Better than any other emulation out there! Will be back for more!

Great and punchy preamp emulation! Better than any other emulation out there! Will be back for more!

G. Venkataraman

June 30, 2018

Mind blowing!!

This is simply the best preamp plugin out there! I found this to be very musical and pleasing to use with vocals, guitars, acoustic instruments and even percussions! I have been on a roll since I demo'd it a few weeks back and I knew this would be the first one on my Custom 6 bundle! So happy to have bought it and feels wonderful to be a part of the elite club of UAD SSL channel strip owners! Thanks UAD!

E. Goulard

June 26, 2018

I like the sound and the integrated options

This is really a great plugin. To make it sounds as i like, i have plugged my mic into a Warm audio pre-amp (WA-12), connected on my Apollo Twin USB, and i load the SSL 4000E in the pre-amp area (Line). This makes a great warm sound, with the cool and nice feature of the SSL.

P. Battaglia

June 24, 2018


Best of both world

F. Nunez

June 21, 2018


Funciona muy bien

N. Gonzalez Cabrera

June 17, 2018

The best Sll Plugin trully

Incredible emulation achieved in universal audio of the great console ssl one of the best purchases I could do recommended for vocals and drums a plugin that has everything from a gate to the best control of eq have to buy it recommended full very similar to the real console a strong sound clean and controlled by just applying it on the channel used as unison my microphone achieved the sound I was looking for heard on the best albums in the world

C. Mays

June 15, 2018

A Top Shelf Channel Strip

Everything about this channel strip is as advertised. Unless you are sitting at an actual SSL this as close to those features and unique specifications as you are going to get. The Unison technology makes this a 5 star tool. In my opinion, currently, this is the best all around offering from UA, and that says alot because this company delivers some amazing audio products.

B. Whalen

June 15, 2018

Nice Character

Sounds great even without running the EQ. Feels a lot more tactile than other channel strip plugins and adds nice harmonics.

A. Grotberg

June 15, 2018

My wife isn’t rolling her eyes now

My wife reluctantly let me purchase this plugin at a discount rate. After showing her yet another mix but this time tracked with the SSL, she was impressed at the noticeable change and the clarity and definition of the high gain guitar. I’m no pro. This is just a hobby... for now, but it definitely makes my projects sound presentable. Using it on a twin duo, so I max out dsp pretty quick. But if you’re tracking with it, you don’t need a lot of adjustment in mixing anyway. Maybe the BF76 comp and AIR EQ that comes with protools and run SSL on drum and master bus and your golden.

381-400 of 656 Results