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Unison Enabled

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SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

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J. De La Cruz

January 26, 2018

Be warned...

A demo of this upgrade caused me to upgrade my Twin Duo to an 8p.

N. Nowottny

January 22, 2018

>> l<3ve <<

The preamp harnesses harshness and adds an amazing quality, just like the real thing.
Eq is "punchy", gate is amazing, the comp makes everything pop through. Simply an amazing sound-sculpting plug in. Different modes work for me. Mixing drums is amazing through this, although I do love the api channelstrip for this too. gate works better for me on this though. Voiceovers u87 > ssl = spot on.
Only thing that drives me nuts is the unnecessary dsp limitiations through the external processing. I like mixing with all options, right till the end. Also slows down bouncing and sometimes creates havoc with latency.
Still, thanks again for making mixing extremely enjoyable, UA!

J. De La Cruz

January 21, 2018

Unison for Neve 1073 vs SSL Channel Strip

The gate and expander has a nice sizzle once combined with the transformer in the Unison preamp. The DSP utilization of the Unison feature has rendered the Apollo’s inputs, essentially, into live SSL hardware preamps.

A. Oseghale

January 18, 2018

Mix Job getting what it really needs with the new SSL 4000 E

For people like me who have not had the opportunity to use the real hardware of this plugin,I now get a sense of what it really is with SSL. I had to up my dsp by adding another Quad satellite just to get enough of what it does to a full mix. Am lost for words. This thing is really good, so good that I am now using it on every thing and any thing. I use the API vision prior to purchasing the New SSL E 4000 and even though am still glued to the API for some mix, this one is just so tempting that when I don't have it my channels the track just feel incomplete. Thanks to universal audio for bringing this and now am waiting patiently to get the Buss com.
What is so different with this is what the Mic Pre section does to my base, my kicks ,vocal just that tilt on the pre , o boy.. any way this was money well spent.

-. Trips

January 15, 2018

My Go-To channel strip

Sounds outstanding. This has replaced my 610s in the Unison slots. Easy to tweak and get the sound you are after quickly, (like all UA plugins IMO) although it IS a big DSP hog, so be mindful of how many you instantiate, especially if you only have a Duo or a Quad.

N. Roberts

January 15, 2018


I simply don't record without it! Use it on every instrumental basically. Although I confess I'm still learning how to get the best out of it, the feel and the quality it adds is very apparent.

T. Isebjer

January 14, 2018

This channel strip alone is worth getting a UAD system

This is my Dessert-Island Plugin. I use it as a Unison preamp 100% of the time when recording guitars, bass and vocals and on every Mix Bus and the Master Bus. It adds warmth like no other channel strip. The EQ is Amazing, so is the compressor and gate. I've been using the Waves version since its release and haven't used it since I went UAD. This channel strip alone is worth getting a UAD system.

s. Ha

January 14, 2018


This is real!

G. Kassimov

January 14, 2018

Game Changer!

This is a true game changer for me, I feel like I’m cheating life. I throw it at the end of every track and instantly you can hear the difference.
SSL4000 Console is famous for a reason, now I understand!

H. Engelke

January 14, 2018

Due to a certain lack of

SSL 4000 E series boards in my cellar, paired with fading memories of analog desks in general, it is rather hard for me to say if the thingy does what the promo says it does. Eq works, compressor works, knobs in the input section change the sound a bit. Switching from brown to black is a somewhat homeopathic experience. Eats a lot of dsp. Let's face it, after all we buy it because of the "legendwowhitthing". Buying the original has infinetl more style, this is a bit less expensive and doesn't heat the room as much.

D. Gonçalves

January 14, 2018


Awsome and fantastic!
Sometimes I just need to pass the sound through the plugin and some magic happens.

D. Gonçalves

January 14, 2018


Awsome and fantastic!
Sometimes I just need to pass the sound through the plugin and some magic happens.

UAD User

January 13, 2018

Sounds great and Easy to Use!

Love using this as a Unison preamp. Having the full channel strip makes capturing everything going in much easier. Highly recommend!

E. Halterman

January 13, 2018

SSL 4000 an exceptional console!

This is by far the best console plugin ever made! Best use is the first spot on the mix bus! Transformers and EQ are exceptional. THe only negative is CPU use.... it's the hog of hogs, but I don't care, I cannot live without it on my mix bus. If you record everything right from the start, there is no need for a million plugins!

A. Towns

January 13, 2018


Haven’t had a bad Solid Slate plug-in yet! Got put on to this via waves a year ago and a handy go to for sound eq compression and gate

r. leblanc

January 12, 2018

exceptional - this really takes the Appollo to a new level

This channel strip is unbelievable - the EQ is fantastic and the Compressor is so smooth. I use this for tracking and it really takes the Apollo to a new level. It's a remarkable plugin and I consider it a must-have. Arguably the best channel strip out there now.

G. Baert

January 11, 2018

Le Ying et le Yang !

savoir si l'émulation esr rigoureusement parfaite n est pas finalement si important.
En effet , le plus important pour moi est d'avoir à ma disposition à la fois des outils
modernes ( SSL channel strip - master bus ) et des outils vintages ( 1176,cla 2a,pultec etc ..) pour developper un savoir faire en terme de mixage qu il m aurait ete impossible d'acquerir dans la réalite au vue des couts exorbitants ! Une pensée émue aux pauvres musiciens des années analogiques qui devaient travailler à toute vitesse et donc accepter tous les compromis ! Les bons comme les mauvais !
Finalement nous avons la chance aujourd hui de pouvoir etre à la fois musicien compositeur arrangeur et producteur ! Ouf que de travail !!!!!

C. Fröberg

January 9, 2018

Amazing sounding

This channelstrip is all you need, great EQ, compression. Put it on your channels across the mix and all of a sudden the mix feels more cohesive and "glued" together.
Excellent work UAD

R. Patel

January 2, 2018

How it should have sounded the first time round!

This new SSL E-Channel MK-2 is the closest SSL sound I’ve heard ITB. The EQ is very close sounding to my SSL X-Rack 4000 E Series EQ module, pretty much spot on. The legacy version didn’t quite do it for me, but this new and improved version sounds amazing. Love the gate / expander and compressor sections, as well as the sweet filters. The Jensen transformer modelling sounds great too, really adds some life to sterile audio tracks. Overall an excellent SSL Channel inside my Mac. Not a big fan of paying for upgrades, but as long as UA keep it real and make it worth it, it’s all good!

D. Crawford

December 15, 2017

Awesome - Must buy

This channel strip is a must buy. It has blown me away and I have used/tried Waves, Duende and Console 1 in the past. The only issue is the high DSP but of course you can freeze tracks and move on from there, which seemed to work a treat for me. I will need to get another Octo Satellite now :)

401-420 of 589 Results