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SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

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April 11, 2017

So good I had to buy another Octo

A massive DSP hog, now running 18 dsp chips. Worth every chip!!

A. Addario

April 10, 2017

It sounds great!

I was a big fan of the now legacy model, and this is a wonderful upgrade. Really sounds fantastic. Warm, punchy and with great dimension. Black eq all the way for me.

r. roth

April 6, 2017

Just Amazing

it sound wonderful , warm and punchy

R. Dreher

April 6, 2017

All the WOW without the cost !


M. Czernicki

April 6, 2017

good upgrade

very punchy dynamics section, cool micpre/transformer features, great ssl eq!
only thing that bothers me is the "click" you get with fast gate/expander enabled. doesn´t sound analog at all to me

D. Baker

April 5, 2017

Holy Crap!

We have a SSL 4000E channel in our studio B now! Booyah! Drops mic (a cheap one) - Walks back into the control room!


April 5, 2017

Excellent upgrade but a DSP/PGM hog!

Really love this upgrade. Sounds incredible. Much tighter overall but also a bit edgier in the upper mids too (must be the new tranny emulation they added?). I find that I have to occasionally revert back to the legacy SSL Channel on some sources because this new one really does put a thick "sound" on the source and can get a bit overkill if you use it as often as I assume most people used the old SSL channel.

It's a massive DSP hog. I mean compared to the legacy one. I have 12 DSP chips and I max them out with all these new UA plugs. I really hope they don't do that on purpose so we will keep buying more cards (I'm out of pcie card slots!) and that it's just required to have more authentic plugs.

Anyway, it's worth the cost to upgrade, which I know is annoying but it really is a different league.

A. Nguyen

April 5, 2017

Authentic sound!

Wow, the new update is authentic! It is my go to channel strip for all my mixes now.

j. york

April 5, 2017

ssl channel strip

I waited to get the ssl for a few years, figuring that they would eventually do a unison update. Now that they have I tried it out and fell in love. Generally I go for the Neve 88rs. Everything on that strip just works the way I want it to- from the super smooth gate to the intuitive and versatile EQ. I figured the SSL would be too similar to warrant buying, but I was immediately struck by its unique sound. While the Neve is fat, warm, smooth, etc., the SSL has this open, airy, bright, aggressive sound to it. I tried hard to match the sound with the 88rs but couldn't quite do it. What the SSL does for drums and mixes is amazing. It can really sculpt a drum buss or mix so that its clear, tight, punchy, aggressive, and bright. There's just this unbeatable clarity and punch to the sound. The gate really won me over too. Where the 88rs can sometimes be a little choppy, the SSL is just the most transparent thing I've ever heard. It's essentially invisible, yet will duck the hats out of a snare track with unreal precision. What a work horse! And a workhorse that will transform your mixes! Part of the deal here is the legacy plugin as well, which can be used more often and compliments the sound of the upgrade so that you can get that ssl eq and gate on enough tracks to get that console "sound" even more convincingly than with the legacy 88rs. Just awesome...

m. ferraro

April 5, 2017

unison SSL strip that kills!

bigtime improvment over the old E strip. Using this in unison mode is fantastic!

j. Hilaire

April 3, 2017

jean s hilaire

Best of the best channel strip plugins available!

j. Hilaire

April 3, 2017


Best of the best channel strip plugins available!

T. Fasano

April 3, 2017


This is such a great emulation of the SSL console. SSL consoles are the only modeled consoles I've ever really worked on and this is spot on. I want this plugin to be my child's godparent.

D. Delhaye

April 3, 2017

CPU heavy, but sounds even heavier

I had the previous version, loving the workflow of the SSL as a go to plugin to makes things fit (dynamics and eq in a few moves). As I have an apollo twin, preamp emulation made me buy the upgrade, totally worth it. Works wonders with Shure SM7b and Aston Origin. Clear and punchy. CPU hit is high but worth it.

M. Fanciullo

April 1, 2017

Great Plugin

Love this plugin! Sounds great! Wish I could use on more tracks, DSP vampire. :-(

K. Saint

April 1, 2017

SSL 4000 Boom Bap

90s Boom Bap Is the SSL 4000

M. Vila Nova

March 31, 2017

Finaly it is out!

This was a long waited upgrade to an already exceptional plugin! Now with UNISON it has got even better, with the extra detail on the mic-pre that allows you to play with the headroom and look for the right spot.
It is a tool I keep right on top drawer... recommended!

R. Williamson

March 31, 2017

Love it!

Does everything and more I hoped for ....

O. Hild

March 30, 2017

Push into it!

Haven't been able to make it sound bad yet. The unison adds a real flexibility to the sound. You can push it and it's really lovely. The output stage too!

P. Mius d'Entremont

March 30, 2017

Well worth the wait!!!

I was still waiting to choose my 3 plugins from my Octo satellite when this came out, glad I waited. Superbly done, even though it's a dsp hog, it's getting a lot of usage.

561-580 of 606 Results