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Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

Overall Rating

561-580 of 656 Results

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G. Vsevolozhsky

June 3, 2017

My favorite unison plug

Love it. Sounds great. My favorite unison plug.


June 3, 2017



A. Lee

June 1, 2017


Talk about sheen on the top end, talk about clarity...just Wow!


May 31, 2017

great on kick drum sound

before and after using this baby and tried out a preset. the sound is unique and gave it... the oomph factor... b.@.l.l.s

P. Giacalone

May 30, 2017

Spectacular! A leap forward (again) from UA.

I had the legacy version of this plug which I liked but I had stopped using it over time. I've worked on real SSLs here and there, not an expert by any means but I have some knowledge of what the real deal sounds like. This plug-in is phenomenal. All the components sound great but the really indispensable one is the input transformer. I have....a LOT of plug-ins. I have nothing can do what this one does for low end material. Bass in particular. Slate was giving UA a real run for their money, particularly with their recent 1176 addition. This plug in another leap ahead of the pack for UA. I only wish I could run more of them, but at least I feel like I'm getting the commensurate quality for the amount of DSP it's taking up. Do yourself a favor, this one is definitely worth owning.

M. Iuliano

May 28, 2017

Cannot get much compression

To get some compression the threshold needs to be completely down...and sometimes is not even enough. Very weird nobody mentioned it.

d. longo

May 26, 2017

Love it!

The updated eq and compressor are fantastic!

k. Flowers

May 23, 2017


I've been using this mixer for years, and then I went all digital but something was always missing in my mixes. The first time I used this plugin I could not believe what I was hearing! My sound was back and better than ever!!!!!!!!!!

K. Vrijsen

May 23, 2017

SSL 4000 E

Nice preamp, close to the original

M. Vaz

May 22, 2017

Drum heaven

Loving the new SSL CS a lot! Doing new mixes with it at the drum channels and all sounds amazing and with a nice tone! Cheers for this UA team!

P. Jonsson

May 20, 2017



J. Caputo

May 16, 2017

This one really shines.

So much for preconceptions. I'd read enough about why, and for what purposes, people love the real unit to think this probably wouldn't be a great choice for the acoustic-based singer/songwriter stuff I do exclusively. I was dead wrong. This plugin really does a nice job. Guitar tracks have a lovely sheen with this and I really wasn't expecting that. Well done, UAD!!!

B. Hastings

May 14, 2017

I am All set!

Between this and the API Vision, I am all set! Do I need the Neve? No. Will I buy it? Hell yes! I have never regretted getting my Apollo Twin not for one second and this plug is amazing! Subtle, clean and every bit as great as the SSL boards I have used before!

S. Griffin

May 12, 2017

Great Plugin. Heavy on DSP though.

I love this channel strip, but it eats up a lot of DSP and is limited to how many tracks it can be used on.

R. Jacobi

May 12, 2017

Pure Tone and Character

The SSL 4000 E Channel Strip is a stunning piece of software. The tone carries the SSL legacy. The plugin adds that sought-after character and sharpness you get from working on a vintage E series console. For rock productions or anything that needs a certain bite this is exactly what you need. The option to switch between the brown and black knob EQs opens up even more options to achieve a beautiful tone. Personally, I love adding the channel strip just for coloration. By switching to mic input using the -20dB pad on line level sources you get beautiful coloration and tone during mixing. Without the pad engaged you get gnarly distortion tones. The SSL channel strip exceeds the options for tone and character compared to the API and Neve strips. I love this thing! Next, the VHD preamp from the SSL Duality please! The VHD is a godsend during mixing.

A. Hollman

May 11, 2017

Better than the Real thing

Universal Audio's recreation of the SSL 4000 E Channel Strip is perfect. All the warm, sheen and over-all response is what I was hoping for when I purchased this plugin and it came in Spades.

I know I am relatively new to the Universal Audio products but being work in my studio for the past 10+ years they are the very best thing to happen to my work flow.

Universal Audio, I give you a (*******) 7 star rating, keep up the excellent work.

m. hardy

May 10, 2017

So authentic!!!!

If you've ever worked on one you know what I mean.

D. Sokolov

May 8, 2017


I really loved the first version of the plugin, I was always sure that sooner or later there will be support for unison. 4000 E stunning plugin! Recommend.

A. Sims

May 2, 2017

Now the ability to build an SSL 4000 of my own!

To record, edit and mix with the SSL 4000 is a dream come true! Now to get two more Octo Cord Cards and I'll conquer the mix world one song at a time... LolLolLol

C. Bell

April 30, 2017

Best recreation of an SSL Channel Strip yet

I've mixed on SSL for over 20 years. This is by far the most realistic of all plugins replicating an SSL Channel Strip.

561-580 of 656 Results