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Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

Overall Rating

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J. Huling

December 17, 2019

5 Reasons why I chose the SSL 4000 E Channel Strip | "Swiss Army Knife" Input Channel

After trying out several different Plugin Channel Strips I decided on this one, Here's why...
1) Clear Transparent with little coloration unless I want it.
2) Fast and intuitive for me to dial in what I need at the moment
3) I Liked the addition of the Jensen Transformer
4) Compressor works when lightly applied I still add an 1176 or LA2A when needed
5) The EQ section is readable and usable

Most important just sounds good to me.

d. paulraj

December 16, 2019


I am ready proud have SSL Channel strip plugin for my recording.

T. Heidelman

December 14, 2019

Punchy, Clear, and A Worthy Addition!

Wow!!! This channel strip is great on drums. Really great plugin. Legacy version sounds nice as well.

t. yu

December 14, 2019

so gooooooood

love it so much

B. Sullivan

December 14, 2019

Nothing but pure, audio UTOPIA!!!

As if the legacy version wasn't good enough, Universal Audio went ahead and created this beast of a plugin! If you ever had doubts about purchasing this plugin, then leave your doubts at the door. I own the SSL collection by Waves, and I can tell you that the UAD version miles away from the Waves version. And the black/brown combo is an awesome feature! I feel like Dr. Dre when he got his SSL console for the first time! Great job Universal Audio!

J. Kim

December 14, 2019

good EQ and Comp

very functional

K. Prior

December 14, 2019

One of the best.

It almost feels real.

S. Egbert

December 14, 2019

Cause "If it sounds good..."

I recently plugged this into my 2-year-old Apollo Twin Quad MKII and embraced the hype of those who know what they paid for. Taking the DSP LoadLock off and doing the math on my session specs for small project tracking & mixing went a long way to getting more out of it.

Having limited experience on a couple of SSLs, knowing that sound is like knowing that chicken tastes like chicken, and not like fish. But if I had access to something like this when I was just getting started, I could teach myself how to fish for a lifetime and make anything I want, taste like chicken.


December 12, 2019

The game changer.

I just don’t know how I processed tracks before this one.
Not only does it emulates perfectly it’s hardware counterpart, but it also adds a little je-ne-sais-quoi to any input.
And, with the Unison tech inside, it transforms about any input source. I already tried it on a Fender Telecaster -it gave body to the sound like no other plugin-, on a JazzMaster bass -and it helped bring beautiful, colorful harmonics to both ends of the spectrum -, on an Alesis Strike Multipad -and every kit, every sample came to life on a whole different level- and vocals -and it just warmed up the source-.
It’s one of my go-to Unison plugin.
And mixed with the SSL glue compressor, it just makes for an every-type-of-situation tool that will add analogue feel and warmth to your productions.

S. Charrier

December 11, 2019

Best channel strip

I was struggling to find my favorite channel strips lately, SSL-4000 is the answer for my prayers, Also loving the compression and gate. I can now plug in a toaster or a tooth brush and it will sound GREAT ! Thank you UAD keep up the good work!

a. lindsey

December 9, 2019

SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

I like it's user friendly UI. Like on drums very much. Vox is good too. It's all good..LOL

P. Rodrigues

December 6, 2019

A classic to have!

The EQ section is amazing! It had helped me a lot shape the important elements in my mixes (vocals for exemple)!

But it's a shame that its CPU consumption is significant!

M. Hill

November 30, 2019

All purpose channel strip

So I pulled the plug on this with the 12 day of Xmas sell. Pulled up a bass drum guitar session and started tweaking the drum track. It is awsome! I ended up adding it to the bass and guitar. This may become my go to plugin. It does it all!

J. Miller

November 18, 2019


Can't describe how much better this is than the Waves version, which I always wanted to use but always provided mushy disappointing sound. This thing is crisp and gorgeous, and the added functionality of the preamp section (as an insert, not even talking unison) and the combo black/brown in the same plugin is just great. Love it.

崇. 嚴

November 12, 2019


UA的品質 還要說什麼

F. Rothmann

October 28, 2019

Good channel strip

I have never worked with a real SSL, so my opinion is based on "What I Get", and not a comparison.
So far I have used the strip on recorded drums, a clone-wheel B3, Kawai grand, and vocals.
Using presets as starting point for drums made it real easy to get an excellent kinda 3D sound, perfect for pop, rock and country. It also makes the B3 shine, giving it a subtle bite, and it was easy to get excellent sounds from the piano, both lively acoustic sound, but also a more pop'ish shiny sound.
For vocal, I only used it once until now, and the strip was adding exactly what I expected to that performance. But I did no experiments on vocal tracks.
I have a feeling that 'this must be like using an SSL' - under all circumstances Iam very pleased with this strip.
Beware though, that you most likely will spend more money on DSPs shortly after ;)

J. von Matt

October 21, 2019

One, two, one, two.

Hard to say how good is this. Very good. :D

One of my favourites.

Strongly recommended!

G. Salvenmoser

October 20, 2019


Despite high dsp usage, my faf. strip!

j. ancillon

October 20, 2019

SSL 4000 E plus quality ...

I bought my first UAD plugs, it's more 10 years old...
the legacy channel strip version was a tool that I used a lot...and then I tested this new SSL channel strip !!!!!!! Whoo! A big slap in my ears. In a few years the quality of the emulations has become impressive, in fact, I confess that I have put all these old versions to bed... - And here is my problem / the price too high to reinvest in all these new versions
EVEN THE PROMOTIONS PROPOSED are too expensive for me ( I am not a professional musician)... So I use other plug-ins like those of ........( no advertising) that have been purchased more recently . Too bad for UA my budget is not really important. Thanks also for the nevechannel strip 88RS which is also more than excellent.

Translated with


October 5, 2019

Best preamp and EQ hands down

Use the mic preamp w/ Unison and your mind will be blown. Exceptional EQ too.

221-240 of 636 Results