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Tube-Tech EQ Collection

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M. Oehmke

January 15, 2023


Great piece of gear <3

c. rosario

January 5, 2023

Old school feel

Love the sound

E. Blake

February 10, 2022


Danish version of Pultec. Lovely colour n dynamic you’re looking for. I have hardware TubeTech comp, EQ, n the plug-in is spot on.Hello it’s TubeTech.Cheers

E. Blake

January 21, 2022

TubeTech is primo

Am I the only lover of the most important piece of gear in studio or live…I set it then go back after sorting out the sound n set it last.Yes there are many EQs n they’re all important.I LOVE TubeTech gear.Thx UAD.Cheers

E. Jegu

December 16, 2021

Be careful MK1 version !

I write this in 2021 and no MK2 version yet ! It's skinny in retina mode but not the price... :-( No free update in the future like Autotune and the tube tech CL1B mkII ????

L. Brown

January 14, 2021



K. Kajiya

May 14, 2020

Great sound

UAD Plug-in in exactly the same way as hardware!

F. Lockwood

April 27, 2020


Excellent Plug in ajoute une belle chaleur !

F. Lockwood

April 27, 2020


Excellent plug in qui amène une belle couleur !

B. Schumacher

December 27, 2019

MK II = native only

Why is the UAD version still the old MK I while the MK II is available as a native plugin already since 1,5 years?

s. sinclair

August 2, 2019

Quality plugin

Great sounding my new go too. ;)

M. Łuczak

December 15, 2018

Tube-Tech EQ

Sound great and do the job perfectly. Warm, nice, with nice top.

D. Wilson

November 14, 2018


I think everyone knows about Tube-Tech.

x. zuniga

June 20, 2018



圭. 久藤

June 1, 2017

I use it for electric bass.

I use this EQ for electric bass.
It fits well with the electric bass and boosts or attenuates delicious parts of the electric bass.

UAD User

November 9, 2016



T. Liljegren

June 1, 2016


... a bit cleaner and less muddy than the pultec.
Not a "must buy", but a very nice sounding unit.
If you already own the Pultec collection I recommend you to go for the Millennia EQ instead.

S. Renius

September 9, 2015

My new favorite

The Sound is very great, from the deep til the high frequency. Super Super Super !!!

18 Item(s)