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UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

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UAD-2 PCIe Cards

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R. Appleton

July 15, 2022

User Friendly

The install and activation process of the UAD PCIe cards is so easy and user friendly. I'm a musician, not a tech, and it was such a stress free experience to get up and running. And obviously, the plug ins are top of the range in sound, look and usability. I'm a very happy member of the Universal Audio family!

A. Nelson

June 7, 2022

Very nice

I dont use a lot of plugins and the ones I do use are either stock ones for surgical things or plugins by Acustica. Mainly GOLD.
I found everything about installing this pcie card extremely easy, even either than trying to install one Waves plugin.
If I can afford to buy more UAD plugins in the future (ie. The Precion Limiter) then I will. Wink wink nudge nudge
I like the stock plugins it came with. I dont understand why the input on the 1176 is turned up so far to start this, that is slightly annoying because i never start there with the real 1176LN that I own, but it works great. Love the Pultecs but I need to get the mid range unit too.

Q. Phùng

May 12, 2022


Fits my job

B. Bartholomew

May 7, 2022

A very good sound with a little annoyance.

Early days. Initial impression sound wise is very, very good and I am pleased (check out numerous online audio examples). I was tickled by the subtle rounding in a lush way a Neve pre amp worked on a guitar input. Lovely, it's the little things. Studer tape sim does the trick wonderfully, thank you UAD. However: UAD software has crashed a couple of times which I was surprised by. I am looking into the cause but this was surprising, hence the 4 stars. If just on tone 5 out of 5.

D. Baker

April 17, 2022

UAD 2 Pcie card Bought used from Reverb

Been using the Softube Console 1 / Fader system and have been really wanting to get into UAD plugins as they integrate into that ecosystem . Finally picked up a UAD -2 Quad Card and am really happy . The sound of the plugins are amazing, and the reduction of load on my computers CPU makes a huge difference in the way my system runs. I was a first skeptical abought buying a used piece of computer hardware but UAD made transfer of ownership seamless.

P. Cavanaugh

March 23, 2022

Expanded Power

Mixing is faster, smoother, easier! I don't have to worry about my cpu load as much, and my plugins sound amazing! My mixes are big and often times contain many virtual instruments. UAD has really helped save me time and CPU load, allowing me to just focus on mixing.

D. Corco

March 21, 2022

Solo Laptop failure

Second card with a failure. Goodbye

J. Rouse

March 15, 2022

Great hardware, and good software deals-if you pay attention.

I have had Octo cards before in a different system, so to buy two more to run UAD-2 plugins was a no-brainer.

It is rare that anyone claims that another vender's plugin is better than a specific UAD plugin. In most cases, I don't agree with them.

The caveat I would add to this is that when you are purchasing plugins (whether individually, in bundles, on sale or whatever) be sure that you are buying a plugin that is offered in a bundle or collection. It's easy to buy something without checking it out first just to discover that you were a few dollars away from additional items. Been there, done that.

Other than that, UAD has jam up hardware and their plugins are first rate.

J. Van Diest&Duchesne

March 7, 2022

UAD Quad

I can Not say enough about the Quad and Octo cards.. I added the Quad to My X4 interface/setup instant on track effects adding additional power You ... cant beat it !

b. chamberland

January 25, 2022


Shure and i wanna get more pcie processor

K. Wu

January 12, 2022

Good Value

Bought solo card at about $100. It enable me to buy UAD-2 plugins during holiday sales!

t. an

January 9, 2022


Very good

B. Sokolovic

December 24, 2021

8 more chips

Install was simple and functions as advertised. Plays just fine in the ecosystem.

M. Perno

December 22, 2021


J'utilise Reaper et c'est pratique et facile d'intégrer les plugins uad dans mes sessions et de garder l'interface libre pour track'er en même temps.

R. Stokes

December 16, 2021

Great starter card

Great starter card to get yourself into the uad package. I would of got the octo if I could do it over.

A. Wilkinson

November 11, 2021

Recording at 96kHz

No more issues with UA plugins being limited or shut off when mixing at 96KHz using the Octo PCIe card.

c. Harris

November 11, 2021

Broke After 1 Year

Purchased on 12 April 2020 as of 11 Nov 2021 no longer work. Worked fine yesterday. Turned on the computer today and all LED go red. No change made to computer. No identifiable variable(s) changed from one day ago. All Online help articles followed step by step. Old songs that used UAD plugins must now be abandoned. I feel disappointed and scammed.

K. Reid

November 11, 2021


All plugins and equipment are crazy good have not been disappointed yet legggooo !!!

A. Salganik

November 6, 2021

Stable better than thunderbolt

Stable better than thunderbolt

c. Harris

October 31, 2021

Prepare for Lag

If you want to use this card to the full potential, forget about it. Loading up a few plugins will give you 100+ms latency and if you want to use all the processing power on the card and fill up the effects/processing rack your going to get 700+ms latency. The plugins sound good, but the latency ruins everything good about the card.

UAD really needs to come out with a new card that allows for a lot less latency so the new generation will actually use this. Otherwise UAD will die with the boomers. I don't recommend this product. The only reason I give it 2 stars is that this is the only way you get get certain special effects like reverb or chorus or other special processor for a vocal. Only if you are working with a top artist and you absolutely need that exact tone on their vocal you know they are going to demand would you ever need this. But at that point if you are working with that kind of artist, you should use the real hardware and rent a studio that has it so you can get that iconic sound.

But for 99.9% of the time you cant use this, I recommend plugin alliance as they have all the same plugins and they run off your CPU and not these 20 year old sharc ships. You will have fractions of a millisecond per plugin instance with plugin alliance and you get just as good of sound.

1-20 of 763 Results

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