UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

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UAD-2 PCIe Cards

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February 23, 2021


A unique way to get full power with these amazing plugins

S. Raymond

February 22, 2021

UAD-2 Octo PCIe Card

Just added an Octo UAD-2 PCIe card to my system that already has a Duo PCIe card so now I have all the power I need for my needs to run my all favourite plugins.
Can't say enough about what I get from UAD Plugins.. The sound quality and inspiration and ease of use, I will never produce with out them.. Smoke blown intended, can't recommend them enough, especially for someone like myself that wants to harness all the different options but can't afford the Hardware. Have fun!! Cheers Sam

G. Porrino

February 10, 2021


Works like a charm. Faultless in operation. All plugins I have purchased so far have been of exceptional quality.

J. Kim

February 10, 2021

기분 좋은 사운드, 쾌적한 작업환경을 위한 최고의 선택

AMD CPU를 탑재한 윈도우 시스템에서 사용중입니다.
믹싱시 최대한 시그널 체인의 간소화를 염두하는지라 걸기만 해도 좋은 효과를 보여주는 UAD 플러그인들을 선호하는 편입니다. 사용중인 Apollo X8의 헥사코어 DSP로는 부족한 부분이 있어 아무래도 윈도우 시스템에서 안정적으로 사용할 수 있을 법한 PCIe 버전을 구입했습니다. 새틀라이트와 다르게 딱히 외부전원에 대해 신경쓰지 않아도 되어 좋고 역시나 목적에 맞게 더 쾌적한 작업을 할 수 있게 되어 기쁩니다!

J. King

February 9, 2021

Great for the money

Being able to use UAD plugins for the mix now helps bring hardware that was financially out of reach within our studio. Nothing will ever completely beat hardware, but this is about as close as you can get.

p. sciola

February 6, 2021


E mejorado el nivel de audio de las mesclas notablemente

T. Nash

February 3, 2021

essential part of the system

more cards have really helped my mixes, letting me get the plugins I need working in the mix!

R. Jasman Jr

January 30, 2021


Simple install, easy software enabling, tons of power. No brainer if you have the $$.


January 28, 2021

Gives the opportunity to use uad plugins

Of course it s great but you need more then a duo to use in a flexible way these amazing plugins

S. El Hammami

January 23, 2021

Great but...

Got to find and configure the right pcie slot on pc. Did not worked on my pcie 1 slot. Only on my pcie 16. Maybe due to my bios configuration. But I've expected it to be easier to connect

J. Singra

January 21, 2021

Easy installation

It was easy installation for my newly built pc.

D. Rohde

January 15, 2021

Very useful Card

Easy to install, great Software, immediately bought an Apollo to get the System bigger
Great entry Card

J. Anaka

January 4, 2021

pcie Quad Great processing at an affordable price

Bought these for an older Macpro 5.1 system and they work great . Both a quad and a duo . FYI these will not work with a Macpro 6.1 Trash can as they have different Pcie architecture . Great pieces.

M. Wurzbacher

December 30, 2020

UAD 4x PCIe Karte

endlich genug Power für alle PlugIns die ich benutze..

K. Wilson

December 23, 2020

OCTO PCIe not disappoint

To anyone considering the purchase of the UAD-2 OCTO, I have a few regrets!
1. I didn't purchase it sooner. I waited far too long. I also invested too much in other software.
2. I can not go back and re-mix the mastered music for my new work to be released in 2021.
The card is awesome. I have it housed within a Sonnet Echo Express SE 1. I hear that the Satellite is just the same. The card gives flexibility if you are planning to move up to the new Mac Pro. If you are new to the UA system, be sure to carefully observe the collections' bundles. All of those products sound amazing. It is more than just the "official looking' gorgeous graphics, the plugs sound amazing and the card is a beast; allowing to run a considerable amount of plugs in a session, as long as you know how to mix and bus properly. For example, I don't need or attempt to place an SSL on EACH channel or instrument; simply unnecessary. I believe there's a 30 day policy. At least try before you make any other purchase. Merry Christmas everybody :)

A. Schutte

December 18, 2020


This card works like a charm (after I put it in the right slot in the old Mac Pro 2010 tower). I bought the "Custom" card so when I registered it I got to select 3 + 1 free plugins because of their holiday sales. Nice!

Great to have so much processing power added to this old system, to be able to throw in the great sounding plugins. I haven't tested them all (obviously) but for now the UA preamps, 1176 compressors and Ampex tape have added that nice little extra to my current projects.

F. Arruda

December 15, 2020

uad-2 pcie cards top

fiquei muito feliz com a placa consigo rodar vários plugins simultâneos. top top.

M. Wurzbacher

December 11, 2020

UAD PCIe mal 4

endlich genug Power um alle meine PlugIn zu nutzen

M. Wurzbacher

December 11, 2020

das ist um Längen besser als ein VST PlugIn

das ist um Längen besser als ein VST PlugIn und die CPU hat nix mehr zu werkeln.

c. marsac

December 11, 2020

Easy to install, lots of power

The card was recognised as soon as I installed it and it gives me a plenty of muscle so I don't run out of processing power when using the UAD plugins. I was having issues of stability with my firewire satellite Duo, but since installing this quad card along with an Apollo x8, my system is rock solid. Good stuff!

1-20 of 704 Results

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