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Customer Reviews

UAD-2 PCIe Cards

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June 30, 2024

UAD-2 PCIe Octo

I recently bought a second UAD2-Quad Sat (FireWire 800 on PC) and it was great to enjoy doubled plug-ins capacity. BUT for some reason my system has been crashing (once), each time I rename my Cubase files (weird). Then I just bought a PCIe OCTO (-50% from Thomann) and no more issues… It works perfectly !!

M. Schneider

June 24, 2024

Octo Cards are simply the best

After many problems with all other UAD hardware solutions, eg. thunderbolt, Firewire, PCI-E Quad, are the Octo PCI-E simply the best available solution.

o. berglund

June 7, 2024

Think twice before comitting...

UA told me the Quad is not a current product anymore and wont help with any support even though it's still mentioned on their UAD page on their site. (this was 4 months ago.)
Beware if you think of buying a Quad system.
Otherwise a great environment and good plugins, but with everything now going native and sold cheap I wonder how long this will last... Already spent way to much money on UA and by the looks of it they are abandoning their loyal customers. Not a happy camper here.

R. Robertson

May 15, 2024

Second - UAD-2 DSP Quad Accelerator Card Added

Was happy with Apollo Twin USB and then I bought the DSP QUAD Card.
OK that was good but then I found a second Quad DSP card that was used and
it works very well.
Now I can build the mixes I have wanted to do with-out resource concerns.
Happy recording!

R. Crane

March 20, 2024

PCIe cards still have a use,

This is about the third UAD 2 Quad card I just bought. Some people don't think the cards have any value anymore, due to UAD going Native, but for people who don't own a computer strong enough to process these plugs, that's just not true. Im running a 2012
12 core Mac Pro with Pro Tools 2019.6 ( by the way, theres an app that disables Hyper Threading and it made a HUGE difference in processing errors/crashing for PT on this machine) with 64G Ram and I have no interest in upgrading from here. Im not alone. My system is stable, it handles all the VIs I use AND with 12 processors, I can run a ton of my 61 UAD plugs without issue. Im set!

M. Sesek

March 7, 2024

Oldie But Goodie

Bought it secondhand for cheap. It's my second one. I don't know why, but plugins powered by sharc dsp sounds better to my ears. And my i7 cpu is happier than ever.

C. Livingston

February 26, 2024

UAD-2 PCIe Octo

Easy install. Works flawlessly!!! A+++++

R. Rockenschaub

February 7, 2024

UAD-2 PCIe - funktioniert einwandfrei

Alles Gut! Karte rein in den Computer und neue DSP Power am Start!

D. Lo

January 26, 2024

Problems with apollo X4 and pcie

It seems that there is an imcompatibility with these two units. When the pcie is plugged in I can’t see my apollo X4. When I unplugged the pcie I see it. I’m using windows 11pro on a motherboard asus Rog Maximus XIII Hero with Thunderbolt 4.

R. Gallow

January 16, 2024

Upgraded my 4 core to 8 core

I've been using UAD-2 cards, Apollo interfaces, and UAD plug-ins for over 10 years and love them. I originally bought a Quad card, then another... I'm upgrading the card from 4 core to 8 card for some of my massive mixes so I don't have to render. I'll be replacing another 4 core card in the near future,

d. yang

December 3, 2023

It's an excellent product.

UAD DSP-powered plugins have a more transparent and textured sound, which I really love

R. Maurat

December 1, 2023

Must Have

Extra DSP power with easy installation and the best plugins.

R. Fred

August 20, 2023



G. Christiansen

August 18, 2023

Badly needed!

I already have the Apollo 8 quad, and I really love the dsp plugins both for realtime proscessing and for mixing. Got the quad card to increase the horsepowers for more perverse usage of realtime effects. Especially for using the marshall and Diezel plugins as Impulse response plugins on post mixes then the dsp amount is badly needed! Thnx again Universal Audio for making my creative realm even bigger!

Using it with a Asys Egpu chassis connected to my Apple silicone setup and works flawlessly

M. Cook

July 28, 2023

Great Card

Great card,. Although I’m having a slight issue as I have to boot the computer twice for it to load drivers. I haven’t contacted support as yet as maybe something simple. Excellent bandwidth and better than my previous FireWire satellites . So far so good , would recommend .

M. Ackert

June 17, 2023

The extra portion power during the mix session

The PCIe Quad Accelorator delivers the extra amount of DSP power for mixing and mastering songs. Very happy with that!

U. Juhl

May 24, 2023

Love it!

My second Pci card. Just doubled my production power. Now I can have a eq on all my channels, without using my cpu.

M. Sesek

May 15, 2023

UAD-2 Pcie Duo

Just bought this card secondhand, so I can use my non UADx plugins. It is my third one. So far, excellent✌️

J. Verdol

March 19, 2023

Uad 2 Quad.

Super système sans failles.

A. cantone

February 24, 2023



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