UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator Cards

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UAD-2 PCIe Cards

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P. Shedden

June 11, 2012

Think twice before buying a UAD card. I have been a supporter for many many years and purchased the original UAD 1 extreme card which came with 32 plug-ins and cost a reasonable sum of money. UAD decided not to support this any further and offered $200 trade in (for a card that cost $1200 +) and had to purchase a new UAD Solo card for an additional $330. To add insult to injury, in the process I also lost 12 plug-ins that were on the UAD 1 and now are not supported. It also cost me time and money (round trip to my music store). I pointed this out to UAD and asked for extra plug- in compensation- they simply avoided the subject matter in their return correspondence 3 times. So I can't fault the plug-ins but be aware, this could happen to you

E. Bella

June 1, 2012

I love UAD plugins from years..
the quad card is great..
so i used the "trade in" giving you back my 2 old uad 1..

i choose the pci express card because i use win 7 x64..
and at now there are no windows drivers for Satellite..

i wish in the future to have 1 apollo and 3 Satellite all Quad ..

i would like to have all the plugins licences.. but to much money for now..

Now i need some months collecting cash ..
and i'm plannig to buy:

Ampex ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder
Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder
Roland® RE-201 Space Echo Tape Delay
Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb
Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay
FATSO™ Jr./Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

Maybe...Can I have one years demo Time?

Many thanks

L. Richard

May 21, 2012



E. Colas

May 16, 2012

We are having problems with this device.

1.) Using PT HD2 8.1.1 windows - we have a latency issue. Great sounding plugs but massive latency. If we knew about this in advance, we may have not bought this board (yet).

2.) We have a problem with DEMOS EXPIRING. This has cause errors in the middle of our Protools sessions. One of these errors actually shut down the PT session while we were trying to bounce final mix!

We can easily see that this is a great product but it does not work well for windows machines. We are in the process of obtaining a Mac computer and will try this and our 2 other SOLOs in that machine.

Paradise Sound Art, LLC

I. Babayoff

June 19, 2011

generally i really like your products. i think your products excellent.
everything im writing here come with deep concern to the future of your company since i honestley think your company is the audio software crown jewl in so many aspects.

generally, music/recording/mixing is just a hobby for me (30 years some hobby...)
as u can see i spent lot of money on your cards + plugins + just bought a quad.

but.... i begin to wonder if it was a good decision.
the cards are very expensive + the plugins as well. now days computer/hardware got stronger, market flooded with very good plugins. decision much harder now.

it is my opinion UA have to cut the prices of one of the two : cards or plugins.

my job in "real" life is a manager for software/hardware company. i know the price for planing, testing + manufacturing and distrabuting cards and the price on the cards are expropriated.

so my first wish.. lower prices for cards.

my favorites plugins : 1) lexicon 2) manley 3) fatso.

my wish list (order by priority) :

1) dynamic eq like glissEq (where u can see the waveform structure and changes)
can be expantion to cambridge

2) more presets, please! a function within your website to exchange preserts. naming preset with what they good for, not meaningless name

3) more mastering tools.


G. Schram

June 17, 2011

The sound quality of UAD plugins certainly is great. However, I have been waiting for native RTAS plug-ins ever since I invested my first dollar into UAD plugins. I am not asking for TDM, RTAS will already work for me. ProTools is industry standard and as long as UAD plug-ins are wrapped VST plug-ins (and thus have technical limitations) they can never be high end top of the line go to plug-ins. For the mainstay of my work, I will stay with Waves.

H. Ananda

June 17, 2011

I would have liked to know that new developments and models of plugins are going to release in the future.

F. Bloch

June 17, 2011

Brilliant emulations bugged down totally by completely redundant hardware 'accelerators' that introduce a bunch of problems and nuissances for the end user. Very big, unnecessary, latency-mared CP dongles. I stopped using my UAD cards altogether three years ago, and even though I really do miss them, I wont ever go back as long as your plugs aren't native. It's just too much trouble, and there's no point at all. I realixe that tc gave up on the porting, but SSL pulled it off quite easily (took one guy 6 months I believe).

Personally, I'd be back on the buying-UA-plugins rollercoaster from day one of native UAD. A lot of the plugs that've come out since I stopped using the cards look really interesting. Luckily, other software vendors have started making their own versions too – I'm a big Waves and Softube fan nowadays. Plug an iLok in whichever computer I'm working on, and bam I'm off. No chunky, silly hardware, no latency that makes it impossible to do anything but mixing with the plugs, no nonsense.

Please? Please please please?


PS: I've gotten a couple of LA610mk2s last year, they're GREAT. Haven't registered them yet, and now they're stuck in the rack so that will have to wait. Loving them, though :-)

M. Carr

June 16, 2011

I know what this could do with pro tools, but I've had such a battle over the past year trying to get it to operate flawlessly with a 003... and fighting the lag....It just wore me out. I only use it at the very end of my workflow, when I am damned sure I've saved.

M. Jones

August 21, 2019

Easy install, lots of power

Bought this a few weeks ago, and it's been a powerful addition to my studio. Lots of extra dsp to power great plugins. Highly recommended to anyone who routinely uses UAD plugins.

UAD User

July 16, 2019

Unusable due to errors

I purchased this card two weeks ago and it has been unstable since the first install. I've followed the instructions on the website and from the UA techs and nothing is working properly. I would like to keep the card but it's not doing me any good since it won't go more than 2 minutes without an error or crashing.


June 19, 2019

it's like driving in a luxury sedan

I hesitated for a very long time to buy this card because on the one hand I am not a pro, it is a hobby and then many Internet users said that it was no longer necessary because of the power of PCs now.
Puremix subscriber I thought that even if tenors were using them it was because there was a reason, so why not me?

And then, it was without counting on the intrinsic quality of the UAD emulations, even if I have no experience of using hardware references, I must admit that I regret having spent the last 5 years spending money on something other than this card and its plugins !!! it's beautiful, it's powerful, it sounds !!

The negative and frustrating point for a non-professional is the possible non-transfer at a minimum with a special price and agreements with brainworx and Softube.

With almost a month of use I realize that the core quad is a little too low in power for what I do and I intend to take a second one.

Thank you UAD!

P. Procman

May 22, 2019

For PC: don't buy

Even the plug-ins are goods, the management of the Cards for Windows 10 are not "professional". The obligation to RE-Install ALL the plugs with a simple driver is not "pro". The detection of the cards in the PCI (1.1 or 16) are not reliable. If you want to loos much time to de-install / re-install each morning ... go with UAD-2. I'm very angry about the incapacity of UA to find a REAL solution.

D. Johnson

April 16, 2019

Great Solution to a Common Problem

Problem 1: I want to spend more on hardware gear to "upgrade" my mixes and sound designs. My business is not ready for the price of those expensive/bulky hardware items.

Problem 2: My computer is a bit older without the usb 3.0 native slot. But i have a free PCIe slot.

Solution 1: Mixes, sonically have improved, (especially in the tracking phases). The rest is on me obviously, but bravo to the UAD family for bringing a big studio tool to the bedrooms of the world. The prices are justifiable considering, and should aid in further success. (Ive broke even on my cost to date from date of purchase)

Solution 2: The PCI version works like a charm. A little loud but good to know the processors are working. Ive reached max dsp a few times to test limits and im excited about upgrading when the time is right.

Issue 1: Not certain it matters, or is warranted, but I was told Console came with the PCI version? It seems complicated, but i was looking forward to learning how it works. Plus someone on from your IG told me it was included.

Issue 2: When searching through my DAW for UAD plugins, id like to filter only the ones available for use, not a pop up to try/buy. "Yoogly" (Hugely) annoying. I wont state more obvious.

Thanks. Hope to hear back. And good email marketing. Are you hiring for testers of these fine plugins? Lol.

S. Jacobsen

April 6, 2019

My first step into the UAD world and I'm hooked.

Super simple to set up/install and use! The power is great and seamless in my ProTools sessions. I was up and running in no time with this card. If you have PCIe slots, you can't go wrong with this set up!!! The included plug ins are top notch!

R. Priori

March 25, 2019

More power to the people!

Added this card to my already owned Quad so to reach 12 dsp. I always maxed out with four so it was inevitable. The system works great so I'm happy, 5 stars!

J. Woolcott

March 20, 2019


The card was very easy to install, was picked up instantly by my Apollo and was registered without any hassle at all (pc, Windows 7, Apollo twin USB). The added DSP horsepower is fantastic, the more UAD plugs I use per session, the better my mixes sound.

D. Gianesello

March 19, 2019

Simply the best

My favourite plugins, and my favourite hardware emulations. With Uad-2 hardware and plugins I can obtain the sound I want. Great!

A. Fusini

March 15, 2019

Una mina

Gogo, sti plugins spaccano il culo!

R. O'Brien

March 9, 2019

More Analog Plugins

I love the power I now have in my mixes, sound design and everything
And Octo card in my Mac means more Pultecs, Neves, Fairchild’s etc. and no problems
Love it.
Thanks UA

21-40 of 649 Results