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Customer Reviews

UAD Mix Edition

Overall Rating

61-80 of 10039 Results

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L. Marchetti

November 22, 2023


Tape magic you get!

F. Antonio

November 19, 2023

Really good plate sound!!!

THE plate sound. I would love to see this guy with a little bit more control.

J. R

November 19, 2023

Good, but could be great

Right off the bat, you can only record on this using the opened back of the Leslie. This is fine for rock, I guess. But Don Leslie invented this cabinet to be heard from the front, through the louvres that he intentionally carved into the wood. Not offering this very BASIC option is tantamount to malpractice. Recording through the open back gives you a very phasey, thwocky, open-wood-hole sound that is not what you want for jazz, gospel and blues- which -guess what?- the Hammond organ tends to do a lot of. It almost seems like no real Hammond Organ players were consulted on this plugin at all, but "rockers" who want to run their guitars through a swirly effect got tons of say.

Gain staging can be a nightmare too. It seems to be best when you give it a very faint signal input. The output meter is utterly useless. It indicates nothing. At all. Ignore it.

All that said, it does sound remarkably like my real, vintage 122 when I remove the back panels, and that's exactly why i don't remove the back panels. Ever.

This could easily be a 5 star plugin if UA simply gave you the basic option of hearing the speaker the way it's inventor intended for it to be heard. (And don't give me any flack about being able to record through the louvres on the sides...that is NOT the same thing.) This is like meticulously emulating every aspect of a Fender Bassman amp, but only letting you mic it from above. It is a needless, staggering, unforced error.

I'm not withholding stars due to the fact that it's only native, since they tell you that upfront. But for Pete's sake, the Leslie is an incredibly important part of the hammond sound that shapes and changes your performance as an organ player. You are constantly relying on the sound of your leslie when performing. Pushing it harder or backing off based on how the Leslie responds. Since I cannot use this plugin in a unison slot, I am forced to GUESS how much to gain it as I perform, then apply the Leslie after the fact to see whether I GUESSED correctly. Far from ideal.

This is a decent plugin that could so, so ,so easily be an -invaluable- plugin. I hope UA listens.

D. Durham

November 19, 2023

Love this plugin!

I’ve always been a big fan of API so finding this plugin was a game changer for me! I use it on almost everything, especially acoustic instruments. It’s magic on guitars and drums.

W. Elliott

November 17, 2023

I Prefer This Over Pultec EQ

Love it. In general, I get better results compared to the Pultec options.

D. Taite

November 16, 2023

Great plugins

I love these plugins, they are so easy to use and have a clear sound. But... the ilok license is the worst thing on planet earth, I hate it

d. castaneda

November 16, 2023

Buss Comp

One of the best buss comps for drums

J. Romero

November 16, 2023

Very classic

I love the depth and dimensionality that its chorus effect produces.

Very analogous and very classic.

J. Meza

November 16, 2023

The best for my job.

I’m in love with the silver one, really smooth out all the vocals and feels more presents, it’s really my favorite.

m. sosa

November 16, 2023

es muy bueno ....!!

hola .. me encantan sus productos son los mejores del mercado .
vivo en argentina y mi moneda esta muy devaluada ojala en algún momento ,universal audio pueda darle acceso a sus productos a personas de paises latinos que no están a la altura económica de otras partes del mundo, a si todo podríamos obtener desde hardware y plugin desde ya un saludo cordial para todos bendiciones..

Š. Kominko

November 15, 2023

Wau, wau, wau

Pre mňa top emulácia pásky.

J. Donovan

November 15, 2023

Five Star Worthy

I've owned many effects over the years, both plug-in and hardware pieces. Waterfall is easily one of the most lush, ear pleasing, of them all. You'll find it's surprisingly useful on guitars, keyboards, and more. Try it sparingly to add uniqueness to your modern recordings, or apply it more heavily to teleport your sound back to the 1960s.

V. Vasiliev

November 14, 2023


Great plugin! Good for vocals etc.

O. Pedersen

November 13, 2023

Instant tape magic

Like duct tape for sound. Instant glue!

O. Pedersen

November 13, 2023


Great emulation of a studio classic!

R. Tulloch

November 13, 2023

Not too over powering and not too gentle

This Chorus has to be the best I've tried others but the UAD S audio D chorus does wonders

G. Berry

November 13, 2023

The Collection

I purchased the collection a little while back.
Love all 3 of them.
Cheers UAD.

P. Toth

November 13, 2023

Classic color!

It's quite amazing, so far the best recreation of this hardware, hands down. Lots of times I just put on any of the track to have that fine coloration and saturation, even without limiting.

H. Nagayoshi

November 12, 2023

It's the best plugin!!

I have many 1176 compressor plugins. But UAD's one is the best 1176 compressor in our 1176 compressor plugins I owns.

p. rabinovich

November 12, 2023

If you are looking for a great voice sound, nothing better than an LA2A

I have been a Teletronix LA2A (hardware) user for many years, and I can assure you that the UAD modeling has impressive realism! Congratulations on this masterpiece!

61-80 of 10039 Results