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Customer Reviews

UAD Mix Edition

Overall Rating

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A. Holbert

April 14, 2024

Must Have!

As a Guitar Player, This is the best sounding emulation I have heart so far and it you get it sale You might feel like you need UAD some additional Money. LOL. All Jokes Aside It's Incredible!
Thank You UAD TEAM!

E. Carvalho

April 14, 2024



j. david

April 7, 2024


muy buen sonido de emulacion me a sorprendido espetacular saludos desde peru

n. santander

April 4, 2024

love it

love each piece

W. Rice

April 3, 2024

Saturation of Analog tape to finish up a mix

Something extra for a in the box mixing.

R. Vosbury

April 2, 2024


I love this plugin. Ranges from very subtle to extreme, but simply adding it to the chain helps your track!

M. Lovakovic

April 1, 2024

Warm Beast

Lovin it!!! Works exactly like i want

G. Chen

April 1, 2024

Spark plugin is stack on demo mode no matter what I do

Only works in Apollo. Ua connect asking to start demo but nothing happens.

V. Kar

March 30, 2024

Must Have

In love with this classic sounding plugin <3

E. Fellah

March 22, 2024

des monstres

la meilleure emulation des pultec en plugin a ce jour
vaut peut etre meme mieux defois que certains clones et pour le prix y a pas photo

J. Bacon

March 20, 2024

It makes all the sounds and noises

I love the realism in this plugin. It really has a random physical presence that makes it sound so much like the real speaker cabinet. The rotation noise continues for a couple seconds after the playing stops which is so cool.

S. bagman

March 17, 2024

The best plagin

Thank you for the beautiful plugin Uad

E. Sedrick

March 16, 2024


This pulls off the organic plate reverb vibe very convincingly. It's very easy to seat into a mix, and seating reverb into a mix is often a challenge when working itb.

Protip: don't just use this for the classic vocal plate sound, but also try out the shortest or near-shortest reverb times on various sources. A little dab does a nice job of putting bone-dry recordings into a large studio space.

One thing is for sure, when eating dried fruits, and nuts, and other trail-mix fodder, if you then slap a mic on yourself, you now get to eat off of a classy virtual plate in your headphones.

E. Sedrick

March 15, 2024

UAD > competition

There are a million competing Pultec emulations out there. Most of them will get the job done as far as EQing things goes. But as far as using them like one uses the hardware, for their extra special sauce and gentle shaping, the UAD's are leader of the pack. You'll notice it within seconds of playing with it. They are also a pleasure to use, don't wreck the integrity of my signal, and the GUI is the best Pultec GUI out there. I use these all the time, for every mix.

Y. Sobrinho

March 14, 2024

Best api emulation

It's the best api 2500 emulation for me!

A. Niculescu

March 11, 2024

Great on everything!

I use this on almost all my buses (drums, bass, guitars, vox) and master bus to get the final touch!
Killer sound!

E. Sedrick

March 10, 2024

Close to the hardware original.

Pretty darn convincing. 4 stars is just because I don't personally have a lot of use for this kind of effect very often, but it's a classic, and heard on many thousands of albums back in the day.

D. Jackson

March 10, 2024


I upgraded from the legacy modelled version. It’s well worth the upgrade.

E. Sedrick

March 9, 2024

Still the best 1176 plugins!

These are almost as good as the hardware, and more authentic in the short attack time behavior than competing emulations. Great stuff!

E. Sedrick

March 9, 2024

Best ITB LA-2A

Unlike other plugins trying to emulate this hardware, the UAD version is very close. Very smooth. The 3 different revisions all have quite different attack times, meaning this collection is a lot more flexible than it seems with just the two knobs.

1-20 of 10192 Results

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
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  7. 510