UAD-2 Live Rack

UAD-2 Live Rack

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UAD-2 Live Rack

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l. wade

April 10, 2019

Dante and p.c.

why not make things for both platforms i got usb3 usbc and thunderbolt but cant switch from p.c to mac its a lot of money being spent on gear that wont interchange or please send me a link to fix this lol

t. xing

March 27, 2019

Hope to update the 9.8 new version driver as soon as possible

Drivers are not well updated and supported

Why can't you support PC?

N. Wood

March 13, 2019

Same great unit with a face lift!

Just as good as the ole Real Time Rack except needing a thunderbolt to USB-C adapter now. Can't wait for a more robust MK2

v. vemuri

December 26, 2018

why is UAD-2 Rack Live gadjet not for pc

are not loosing a big chunk of market by excluding PC music producers from using this gadget and denying them this privilege especially when windows 10 is the new favourite with music composers....!

v. vemuri

December 26, 2018

why is UAD-2 Rack Live gadjet not for pc

with music scene flourishing wonderfully with windows 10 OS....are you not loosing wide pc market by excluding them from this product...?

M. Fanuele

October 16, 2018

Works Great and Easy

UAD-2 Live rack has been working flawlessly for me on tour for the last 2 weeks. Very easy - plug in the MADI, turn the unit on, turn on the computer, and go. My only complaint *UAD please listen* why use MADI Optical? We have to add another $700 for a MADI conversion box to use on most professional touring desks.

C. Orth

September 28, 2018

Less latency + touchscreen = more sound + more fun

Its perfectly easy to use the Live Rack. Connecting it with MADi saves me two roundtrips of conversion and the use with a touch screen is a lot more comfortable than searching and clicking with the mouse.

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