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Customer Reviews

Volt 1

Overall Rating

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May 3, 2024


The VOLT is absolute magic for recording vocals. Even before any processing, vocals sound crisp, full, and sparkly. And that's on a $50 mic!! UA did a heck of a job making a budget friendly interface!

H. Ogawa

May 2, 2024

Excellent value for money

Konkai watashi wa vu~oruto 1 o kaimashita. Manzoku shite imasu. Watashi wa sutainbāgu 12 o tsukatte DAW de orijinaru ongaku seisaku o hajimete 3-nen han ga sugimashita. Tokuni Steiberg 12 ni fuman wa nakatta nodesuga, yori UAD no tokuchō no aru oto ni shite mitakute vu~oruto seihin ni kyōmi o mochimashita. Watashi wa jibun hitori de ongaku seisaku o shite imasu. Uta wa koe no shitsu ga warukute utaimasen. Gitā wa GT - 1000 o choku setsu tsunagimasunode, vu~oruto 2 ya sarani jōkyū-ki ga hitsuyō arimasen. Watashi wa vu~oruto 1 no onshitsu ni manzoku shite imasu. Saisei-on ga yahari UADrashikute anarogu kiki no yōna hibiki o sukunakutomo watashi wa kanjimasu.
264 / 5,000
This time I bought VOLT1. I'm satisfied. It's been three and a half years since I started producing original music with a DAW using Steinberg 12. I wasn't particularly dissatisfied with the Steiberg 12, but I wanted to make the sound more characteristic of UAD, so I became interested in the VOLT product. I produce music by myself. I can't sing because the quality of my voice is bad. The guitar is directly connected to the GT-1000, so there is no need for VOLT2 or a higher-end device. I am satisfied with the sound quality of VOLT1. At least to me, the playback sound is very UAD-like and sounds like an analog device.The only improvement I would like for UAD is to increase the installation power between the desk and VOLT1 a little more. Sometimes when I turn the knob, VOLT1 also moves on the desk. Steinberg 12 had excellent installation power and did not move.

G. Henley

April 26, 2024

Grat little bedroom interface

This is a nice, easy-to-use interface for novice or first-time users. It sounds good and is relatively easy to set up in most DAWs. My only issue is the software. After loading a bunch of UAD plugins, I found they don't work with the Volt series. I think UA could do a better job of informing the user what plugins will work and list which ones won't right from the start. There should be an algorithm written that would prevent you from loading software you can't use on your particular device or a warning that the software you are loading will only work on these devices. As a newbie and first-time user, I loaded a bunch of UAD plugins that won't run on the Volt 1 chipset. Other than that; it would be 5 stars and I would definitely buy it again.

m. zallio

April 25, 2024

pristine sound

The Volt audio interface has superb sound clarity, the vintage preamplifier option offers a unique quality, and the plug-ins are fantastic. I specifically bought it to use live with the iPhone. La interfaz de audio Volt tiene una claridad estupenda de sonido, la opción del preamplificador vintage ofrece una calidad unica, los plug ins son barbaros. Yo la compre específicamente para utilizarla en vivo con el iPhone.

S. Ridge

April 2, 2024

If You’re Skeptical, Don’t Be

Let’s start off with the budget friendly pricing that is indeed something that adds to the inviting aura of the Volt 1, Volt 2, and so on. Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned vet when it comes to recording any type of audio - These interfaces are bundled together at the top five, somewhere in the middle. Of course the Apollo is #1 but the Volt series are basically the little brothers as far as the quality. From the look and feel even including the packaging, to the user friendly surface and quality of captured sound, UA is here to provide excellence. I love my Volt 1 which I use to record vocals. I also have it set up with my JBL 305 MKII’s. So it gets used daily whether I’m just producing and mixing, or recording for an hour, sometimes even the entire day. If you’re not sure about purchasing one of these interfaces- just do it, it’s beyond worth it and blows others out of the water.

A. Rakotoarinelina

April 1, 2024

Incredibly awesome

Can't believe an audio interface in this range of price is that good seriously. I'm loving it. The 4 stars is for the Ujam plug-ins that disappeared in the UA Connect after I took a little time (like one week) to redeem them. I can't see them anymore in the list

R. Rupert

March 28, 2024

The volt 1 is Fantastic

The Volt 1 has become a favorite of mine. It feels like a warmer tone than other interfaces. The free plug-ins are fantastic


March 23, 2024

installation impossible

Je ne comprend absolument pas cette carte. Je viens de prendre une Volt 1 mais impossible de procéder à l'enregistrement dans la liste il y a Apollo mais pas Volt 1 du coup impossible d'installer la carte. Si je ne trouve aucune solution d'ici lundi je renvoie le matériel. Du coup je note 1 juste pour l'envoie

c. alaniz

March 22, 2024

no regrets buying this interface

one of the best decisions i have made when purchasing a small interface unit. I have put it through the ringer for the last few weeks. have traveled with it, been in multiple trips. and still works like a tank.

A. Bordou

March 19, 2024

Great product! Definitely recommend!

Awesome! Smooth touch sensation, great performance!
In addition, it comes a a few gift from Universal Audio.
This is my first audio interface clearly can’t give much feedback yet it’s being working great so far very stable connection and quality.
Definitely a great suggestion as a first purchase by the associate at Guitar Center, the opportunity cost is definitely well worth it.

I’m extremely happy with my investment.

Thank you Universal Audio for bringing an amazing product to life.

V. Hulo

March 12, 2024

Volt 1

I like it

g. carter

March 2, 2024

Universal Audio Products

I have the Volt 476 and the Volt 1 and I can honestly say, these are the best interfaces that I have ever purchased. For the money you can't best the quality of these units.

g. carter

March 2, 2024

Universal Audio Products

I have the Volt 476 and the Volt 1 and I can honestly say, these are the best interfaces that I have ever purchased. For the money you can't best the quality of these units.

g. carter

March 2, 2024

Universal Audio Products

I have the Volt 476 and the Volt 1 and I can honestly say, these are the best interfaces that I have ever purchased. For the money you can't best the quality of these units.

P. Garcia Rodríguez

February 20, 2024

Fantastic team

I am impressed with this card. Fantastic sound for recording my guitars. Very good finish.

J. Nodarse

February 12, 2024


Sounds great, easy to use. Huge upgrade for me

V. Tibulca

January 16, 2024

Start volt 1

Easy integration with DAW. Good clear sound. Just a pity that there is no third output. I think it should be added even in basic versions. Otherwise you will have to buy volt 4, and it is much more expensive! Thanks!

V. Napolsky

December 21, 2023

Good Interface

Good sounding preamps, sufficient gain , very portable, ios compatible, plus you get a bunch of great software along with it. The Price was great too. All in all - great product ! Highly recommend. Well done UAD

M. Kowalczyk

December 21, 2023

Great product for the money!

I really only purchased the Volt 1 because I'm switching over from PC to Mac in my studio and this will have to hold me over until I decide on what gear to use. It connected to my Mac with zero issues and hasn't had any strange kind of dropouts during the few weeks I've been using it. It feels like a well build piece of gear and the plugins it comes with are worth the money alone. Can't recommend this interface enough!

y. y

December 15, 2023

About headphones output

Audio interfaces sold by other companies in this price range focus only on mic preamps, and typically have poor DAC and headphone outputs.
However, this product has first-class quality.
Thanks to this, DENON's DAC is no longer necessary.

1-20 of 76 Results

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