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Volt 1

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J. Ng

November 17, 2022

Transparent Sound

At this price range with this analog sound quality. Unbeatable in this market. Highly recommended :)

J. Kim

November 1, 2022

Cheap, Good!

I use it for outside works. Portable, no-power need, light weight, cool design!
There is nothing lacking anywhere!

J. Montoya

October 14, 2022

Bang for your Buck

I am an Apollo user, and let me tell you if you cannot afford the apollo, this right here is pretty damn close for less then half the cost of the lowest priced Apollo. The headphone out put works great with my Beywrdynamic headphones! The mic pre is also amazing and the vintage option is amazeballs! I will stand by UA regardless of bad reviews I have been producing for 10 years and UA quality from ther pres to A/D coversion is so close to analog sound that I will never buy others. The volt is the best in my opinion for mobile producers, mixers etc… if you don't have one…get one!

M. Hill

October 8, 2022

Excellent! Great sound quality and value.

Love this little box. Although the grey plastic knobs look cheap and feel cheap; and the outward appearance isn't so great, the sound quality and options offered by this box are outstanding. The generous inclusion of the Universal Audio 610 tube preamp and midi give it the edge over other interfaces in this price range. It has rapidly become my go-to portable interface instead of the Focusrite Scarlett. Great work UAD!

E. Zavala

October 6, 2022

Perfect for what I need

I use this for when I'm on the road. It's perfect for capturing the signal to my guitar tracks or ideas to bring back home. I know it's capable of much more, but it's great for what I need.

A. Smith

October 6, 2022

Great product

Great product, looks nice with my UAD2 Satellite and the extra plugins that are on offer I will put to good use.

R. Sortwell

September 29, 2022

Amazing little box

Bus powered, sounds great with some great plugins included

M. Brandäo

September 16, 2022


Excellent, standard Uad audio quality and seamless connectivity. easy operation and low latency

R. Pires

September 9, 2022

Good Quality for the Price

I really liked Volt 1.
It offers good quality for the price.
The pres are good and the headphone output has a good volume.

C. Roberts

August 23, 2022

A nice, affordable upgrade

For a voiceover actor like me, a simple, uncomplicated 1-in/2-out interface is all that's usually required. I had one with a red case, if that's a clue, but opted to replace it with the UA Volt 1. Even though there wasn't anything actually wrong with the existing piece, I'm glad I did. With its easier to manipulate controls, excellent build quality and performance as good as any, it's just, y'know, nicer!

UAD User

August 22, 2022

No comparison

I had to replace my last interface as it was torched in a house fire. Rest in piece all my gear.

Anyways, was shopping for a new one interface for a simple set up and saw the volt. I'm very familiar with UA products so I was sure it was solid, and I was right. The noise floor is low and the gain doesn't nuke the signal at higher levels.

I use it to drive an AT BP40 mic with a fethead and the audio is simply fantastic. The combo makes for an incredible recording while doing VO work. For the price, there is no interface better.

F. Rachmat

August 21, 2022

Better Quality

I recently swapped my old audio interface Komplete 1 with Volt 1, it was the best decision as Volt 1 is definitely better

L. Romanainen

August 20, 2022

Excellent compact interface

Really good quality outputs and input in a well built enclosure. Highly recommended!


August 14, 2022


amazing gear thanks uad

D. Hipwell

July 16, 2022


Very affordable, no issues, I use it on my PC or iMac with no issues, sounds better than anything in it's price range. Great build quality. I live for gear like this! It had been ten years since going to the music store but my brother recommended UA and said it was the best. I'm in.


July 9, 2022

It's robust

I would have liked it to integrate the 76 compressor but you can't ask for more if that's what they wanted to give.

UAD User

July 7, 2022

Amazing quality for the Price

After hearing the Apollo I immediately switch from focusrite to universal audio and when I seen the volt line get released I knew this interface would be a good mobile hardware I can take with me on the go and get that quality that universal audio always delivers looking for a budget interface at a affordable price then the volt does not disappoint

S. Baillie

June 26, 2022

Excellent low latency USB Type C Interface

I love the Volt 1 because it has low enough latency to play guitar through amp sims.
Also, the Volt 1 works with Linux so its great for using Reaper on Linux.

UAD User

June 25, 2022

very good

I. Silva de Lima

June 15, 2022

Amazing for guitar players

As a guitar player, I find this interface excellent. The round trip latency is very low, the preamp quality is impressive, the vintage mode is very charming. Direct monitoring gives a good reference of how much latency can be delayed as the buffer size increases. In addition, it is very robust for everyday use.

1-20 of 34 Results

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