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Customer Reviews

Volt 2

Overall Rating

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W. Boyd

May 19, 2024

Sounds Awesome!

Very clear and worth the upgrade!

Y. Deneth

May 13, 2024

Loved it

It's a good interface. There is a bit of noise but it's not that drastic for a home studio.

s. saidi

April 26, 2024


An experience that has added an extra touch of professionalism, very satisfying.

Z. Arechiga

April 4, 2024

Solved a long standing nightmare for me!

Since I already have an Apollo Twin USB as my main interface, I'm using the Volt 2 in a very unusual way. It is now serving as my default "soundcard". I like to keep my system sounds separate from my audio interface. The problem with my built-in soundcard was that it was NOISY. I'm not talking about noise floor. I mean that it was picking up dreadful noises as well as super fun whizzes and whirls when I moved my mouse! I would actually mute the output of that card on my monitor controller when I could. It was driving me insane! I even bought a fancy ground lift device from Rane. It didn't help. It wasn't a ground issue. Just a noisy-a$$ motherboard soundcard!

My life is grand now. My DAW runs solely from my Apollo, and everything else is outputted through the Volt 2... IN SILENCE. Now for the bad...

Installing this driver is WAY more difficult than it should be. Just put the driver out there UA! Some of us want to use this interface to simply capture sound on a laptop, for example. I'm not gonna mix there. I don't need Spark, etc. on every machine. Rant over.

J. Sheets

March 30, 2024

I love My Volt 2

I replaced my Focusrite with a Volt 2. I love my Volt! The only drawback is it has only 1 headphone out. I am used to 2. I

P. Saltmarsh

March 29, 2024

Solid Unit!

I had a Sc**let Solo and needed the extra balanced input. Running a split mono guitar rig. The VOLT 2 is great value and it was a super simple setup in Studio ONE and I am up and running in no time. Platform: Windows 11 PC. AMD R5, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD. M2 , NVidia 1050 Ti.

M. Hejl

March 24, 2024

Excellent choice

VOLT 2 is an excellent sound card. Vintage mod works great. The added package of plug-ins made the choice clear. I am extremely satisfied.

b. ceballos

March 12, 2024

awesome device

Excellent card because there is love in the sound. Most cards don't have this love. You can only find it in UA stuff! Thx UA! VOLT2 RULES! SWAG PLEASE!

d. pach

March 7, 2024



k. holtz

February 27, 2024

Ya sure

The volt 2 works fine but I use it on amplitude and over loud. The plugins were hard for me to set up and use especially with that ilok crap. So the licence part went through but by the time I almost figured I out how to use the plugins they were expired. The instruction videos were useless. the instructions on how to set it up only deals with each individual part .There was nothing I could find that puts the u.a download, the plugins from softube, and ableton all together so that people like myself (entry level at the best) can get everything configured correctly and actually try the trial plugins before the ilok crap shuts them down . Never again . And I bet this review doesn’t even get out there

J. McFall

February 24, 2024

Leaders in recording

Since I have been recording music I have always been a fan of UA’s top notch equipment. My Apollo was hands down the best audio interface I’ve ever used. I went through tough times and had to part ways with it unfortunately. Lucky for me UA had a great Black Friday deal which I got a still amazing sounding volt 2 free with my purchase of an amazing plug in package. I can finally record again and I am forever grateful for UA.

P. Widdicombe

February 22, 2024

Volt 2

After having problems with a previous interface after a failed firmware upgrade which the company has taken no responsibility for, I was directed to the Volt 2 by a salesman in a music shop. It has been easy to setup and has performed very well. A solid sounding machine that is well built and very fit for purpose. Very pleased.

J. Moody

February 14, 2024

Fantastic audio interface

After weeks of research I came to the conclusion that the volt 2 was the best all round audio interface for me and my home studio. The audio interface seems that of a great quality. Solid construction with good quality dials and knobs not to mention the fantastic bunch plug ins it came with. The preamps are good the headphone port works perfectly with a range of different ohm headphones. Also wasn’t sure if I’d use the vintage mode, but it seems to be that always on button.
Anyone who is thinking of purchasing this will not be disappointed. Saw some negative reviews saying the volt 2 is difficult to set up. I found it quite the opposite. Any of the interfaces with free plug ins will require you to sign up. It has been 1 month since I bought the volt 2 and it’s been a fantastic bit of kit. Was extremely happy with my purchase

C. Feeney

February 13, 2024

UA Volt 2

Nice little interface that works great with my iPad and iPhone. Quality so far is terrific. I am sure I will put it to good use! A little disappointed no built-in loop back capabilities.

k. holtz

February 13, 2024


I find this volt 2 very hard to get set up.,I have had nothing but problems since I bought it. the so called free programs don’t work. Always have to subscribe and constantly think of user names and passwords. I honestly think they are in the business of information gathering. And this ilok crap. That’s a joke. why didn’t it mention on the box about having to buy this $50 usb stick? After paying over $200 for this interface.!!I’ve never been so pissed

G. Dewsnip

February 8, 2024

Easy to use

This is my first audio interface and I have found it easy to use and set up. It has good sound quality, and I'm glad I got it. It came with the microphone and headphones. I have not used the headphones much but they are comfortable, and the microphone is good. I have so far used it for spoken word, and it has worked well.

B. Stiel

January 30, 2024



A. Shibumi

January 29, 2024

I Love it

I really love the preamps. I use it as my mobile unit to record overdubs of artist on location and it sounds sooo great.

d. st

January 27, 2024

VOLT 176

It's my first interface, the reason was this: I had already seen that they have models like the apollo that I've seen in home studios and with artists like Camilo, Grupo frontera recording vocals and as I see that UAD things are durable so I went for what I have today LA VOL 176 and it sounds very good, the compressor gives volume, it has a noise floor that can be reduced, it feels very solid

Es mi primera interfaz la razón fue esta : ya había visto que tienen modelos como la apollo que he visto en home studios y con artistas como Camilo, Grupo frontera grabando voces y como veo que son duraderas las cosas de UAD pues me fui por lo que tengo hoy LA VOL 176 y suena muy bien el compresor da volumen tiene piso de ruido que se puede reducir se siente muy solida

k. roten

January 22, 2024

This is great!

I recently got this as part of a free give away for the purchase of some software. And I must say it is way above what I was using. All I have to say is, if you are thinking about getting a Volt product---stop thinking and do it. I love mine and the software that comes with it.

1-20 of 113 Results

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