Volt 2 Audio Interface

Volt 2 Audio Interface

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Volt 2

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A. Dehn

June 17, 2022

Rockin Interface

I love the simplicity of this device!
Easy to use and built to rock.

J. Larson

June 14, 2022

The best audio interface!

I liked everything from the design to the 610 preamp. Very clean and smooth sound. The best converters in their class!

W. Krieger

June 12, 2022

Awesome Equipment

I am just starting out and this interface is easy to use and creates incredible recordings!!

K. Spencer

June 6, 2022

you guys suck

NO drivers, works great... install drivers and welcome to a large amount of RF noise. USB isolator solves issue but then device no longer "visible" to PC. $80 USB cable made no positive difference. Same setup tested with multiple computers with volt2, same problem. Same setup tested with multiple computers and multiple other audio interfaces, no problems. you email me for a review then you provide a broken web page that doesn't save the state of how many stars i clicked on. you guys suck.

R. Vyas

May 20, 2022

Top of the line in the segment

Really good and clean vocals, instruments recording. A True character of the 'vintage' button helps to define your tone in seconds. Fantastic bundle of software along with.
Volume is above average. Overall, great buy for the price!

C. Schutte

May 18, 2022

Affordable, portable, powerful

Purchased the Volt 2 after upgrading my laptops and needing a new interface (previously used the Apollo.) And I love the simplicity and clarity of this desktop box. Everything I need to lay down tracks is quickly and easily accessible. Definitely enjoy the ability to use with my iPad as well.

I. Kolodkin

May 8, 2022

Замечательная карточка

Хороший звук, хорошие усилители, интересная функция эмуляции лампы.
Единственное но - плохая совместимость с FL Studio, драйвер просто не оптимизирован для работы в этой DAW, родной драйвер FL Studio работает более лучше, чем Вольтовский

M. Lacrosse

May 5, 2022

Perfect for quick grab and go/live situation

Working with a X4 ususally, the Volt 2 is the perfect quick solution when I need to get out there working on stuff, demoing...
I also use it as a live interface to get samples out and be a MIDI interface in the same time.

Sturdy and reliable for an very good price, preamps are good, the vintage circuit does the job more than nicely. So yeah as a travel unit it has no fuzz and all the good options. Really recommend !

R. Abbuhl

May 1, 2022

Compared the competition and choose the Volt 2

I looked at other interfaces and ended up choosing the Volt 2. I used it for the first time the other day and wow. It was easy to use and the results exceeded my expectations. Good luck to everyone making great music with your Volt 2!

M. Vaculík

April 30, 2022

Simple but perfect sound card

I use multiple sound cards from different manufacturers. Volt2 is great in my opinion and works perfectly - the recordings are perfect, I have no problem with the drivers yet I use DAW Studio One 5 Pro.

D. Partlo

April 30, 2022

Perfect for making demos and practice tracks

I use my Volt2 for making practice tracks. It lets me import instrument tracks from other sources (I use Band in a Box). I can then add my instrument and vocal tracks to send to band members.
I also use it to make demo tracks for marketing. A couple of demo tracks are a great marketing tool. And the effects (especially vibrato) give tracks a professional sound.
The Volt2 was easy to use from the start, works with all my other music software and gives me a portable studio using the Volt and my laptop.

R. Schrank

April 30, 2022

A quick fix

My Apollo x6 went down completely unexpectedly. I was stuck with projects pending, while UA and I troubleshooted the unit. It took several days of going thru the process. I couldn’t be without an interface. So, I bought a VOLT2 and had it FedEx shipped. Plug & play - absolutely. My Mac system recognized it and I continued back to work, while I awaited the replacement of my Apollo. The shortcoming is that I couldn’t use any of the ton of UA plug-ins that I already had purchased, while using the Volt. Later, while on a trip, I plugged the VOLT2 into my traveling rig - a MacBook Air. The volt worked great and I actually tried out recording a guitar to the direct in. Spiffy and stupid-cheap!

R. Jroliver

April 30, 2022


My volt two interface does not work when I plug my stratocaster to it. I turn off the headphone volume and I turn up the gain for the input jack I'm using. No dice,ouch !!!!!

A. López Rodas

April 29, 2022


Aún soy estudiante y soy principiante en este mundo de la producción pero esta interfaz es una maravilla, quedé muy a gusto con ella.

W. Khin

April 29, 2022

Perfect for my MacBook Pro

Use this for portable reason and it works perfectly. Added option with Satellite processors would have great.

j. morkos

April 29, 2022


Perfect service, perfect product, definitely recommending it to everyone! Thank you

j. gomes

April 29, 2022

perfect interface !!!

the best interface of all times , high quallity !!!!

S. Letourneau

April 29, 2022

Great quality at great price

I used a Focusrite in the past and when I saw the Volt on the store shelf I was like: nice finally a great build/solid build at the same price as cheap plastic stuff :) Couldn't help but buy it! I am delighted by the toughness of the thing. I often travel for recording or use it as an output for playback on my mac and it always serves me well! Thanks UA!

A. Chizh

April 29, 2022

Аналогов этому качеству пока не существует

Прекрасный аудиоинтерфейс для простой и быстрой работы с качественным звуком. Ничего лишнего - только самое необходимое. Для ди торов или людей, которые пишут голос - идеальное решение.

d. diaz

April 29, 2022

Excellent and works perfect

Is the best!!!! and the price is the absolutely fantastic

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