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Customer Reviews

Volt 2

Overall Rating

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l. louvion

November 27, 2023

Great gear

Beautiful, useful, very qualitative !

E. Chen

November 27, 2023

make me Happy

very easy use for me,and sound good

E. Muganaua

November 26, 2023

Best for My IPad Pro 11

I’m blown away by the preamps.I’m currently using it with my iPad Pro 11 to record my music ideas while traveling around the world..

M. Maatta

September 28, 2023

Just Perfect.

Easy installation and the included software are top quality. I use this for my laptop. A quality product from UAD. Thanks alot.

b. cheung

September 28, 2023

Amazing interface!

Got this for when I'm on the run with my laptop and its great! Good design and low latency! Very happy.

E. Hayden

September 25, 2023

Volt 2 is all I need at the moment

Chose it over SSL & Audient cause of midi I/o and the free AU plugins and I’m happy with all. Volt is as transparent and quiet as I need with low enough latency to happily rehearse through Ableton as a mixer. The plugins alone are worth way more than the price of admission. One of my better purchases thankfully.

C. Quintero Barbosa

September 23, 2023

Beautiful sound

Nice preamps, well build, clear sound. It's actually my second volt and I eventually upgrade to the 476.

C. Quintero Barbosa

September 23, 2023

Beautiful sound

Nice preamps, well build, clear sound. It's actually my second volt and I eventually upgrade to the 476.

S. Crewe

September 22, 2023

So far, exceeding expectations!

Recently picked up the Volt 2 for remote recording and audio capture for streaming. The preamps are clean with loads of headroom. The vintage setting is subtle but lovely. Can't wait to really put it through more paces.

J. Cuesta

August 24, 2023

Good Audio interface. Poor software

I ended up buying the Volt 2 because of the UA plugins. Till this day I HAVEN'T been able to download ANY of them. UA Connect (the program you need to download DRIVERS and plugins) stoped working the day I bought the Volt 2. Apparently this is a common problem and won't work in any PC or Mac I tested. UA Connect needs fixes ! Support is not giving me a solution.
The audio is great and has better "glue" in the mix compared to other interfaces, that's it.

U. Sabiniewicz

July 23, 2023

Volt is the new standard in this price range

As 40 years experienced audio engineer, I got nearly all devices in the $200 range in the studio. The sound quality of the Volt2 is outstanding. UA gave me a LUNA for Mac for free and I'm in sound-engineering heaven. Full transparent sound and not the muffy mid range like in a Focusrite.

L. Catalano

July 15, 2023

Volt 2

Build quality is top notch. Smooth knobs and switches. Box has a 'timeless look'. No issues with Win10 computer, MIDI keyboard, Mic or DAWs recognizing and working flawlessly. For a first timer setting-up a small 'studio' this was all very much appreciated.

M. Cusano

June 3, 2023

Sounds Great

I recorded guitars mixed with software instruments and some plugins and the final mix sound really great, warm, with nice lows and great midrange.
Great for the price and versatility.

C. Larijn

May 29, 2023

Classy looks, great machine!

This is a fine machine! It feels great knobs turn smooth with a good resistance, inputs aswell. Push buttons light up nice and is equiped with 48v phantom power countdown.
I am using it for my bassguitar and XLR Mic, rhe first takes where so easy to make and it gives a lot of output db's!

You get lots of softwate to use with Ableton live lite and thats great to test out this awsome DAW. If i have to say what a downside is, it must be the price especialy when you have to choose between more in/outputs or a nice visual db meter on the topview versions.

Overall this is a good buy! I recomend it to all beginners and next level/step musicians and producers.

c. harbin

May 25, 2023


This has been a terrific experience so far. What had happened was that my "used to be" reliable Audient iD4 was having an issue where it would revert to the 512 buffer for the output only. That was annoying.

So Guitar Center had this and I gave it a try. The drivers seem to be solid and it's a little bit better latency @ 128 than the Audient. It's stable and has done exactly what I've wanted it to. Easy interface controls, easy to get levels right (make sure you hit that INST button for guitar) and the Vintage mode seems to do some kinda "voodoo" as well.

Now, I'm using the old all USB C cable instead of the one that comes with the unit. Not sure if there is a difference. The sound quality seems to be a bit more clear imo than the Audient.

Two things I either don't like or wish they would change:
-Why are soundcards designed for left handed people? Headphones should be on the left and inputs should be on the right. Having those cables criss-crossed is annoying. Left handed people rejoyce!
-I wish there was a GUI for the computer. It's totally doable for gain staging, but a graphic representation would be nice.

R. Fontolan

May 21, 2023

driver win64

I encountered some latency problems and intense work with the drivers for win 64. My pc is not very powerful but with drivers from other companies I've never had problems.

G. Cox

May 16, 2023

Good for beginners, but…

I purchased this for use with IOS for social media work, for shorts using direct audio straight into the camera app for the convenience of minimal editing work in post. Upon evaluating it against other interfaces I own, the accuracy and frequency detail of the VOLT is way out of balance and has little headroom. The character was immediately noticeable even through just the phone speakers—even worse on monitors. Many argue that these days converter technology is so good there’s no point spending extra $$ as there isn’t any difference. Well, certainly not the case here. I had high hopes for this and sadly can’t say much more positives about it, perhaps it has good build quality and didn’t give me any connectivity issues… but while comparing audio transparency to even a digital mixer I own that’s little over twice the cost, doesn’t come close.

E. Circiumaru

May 9, 2023

Very quiet, doesnt drive the monitors at all.

I had many interfaces so far and I also have an Apollo Twin X. The Volt 2 is useless. It is very quiet, doesnt provide enough output to the monitors. It gets to the normal listening level only if the volume knob is on max. The volume knob travel is also off, it barely increses the volume and as soon as you reach near max, it becomes very sensitive and incresease the volume by more that 100% although the max volume is the corresponded of having the output volume knob at noon on Apollo or any other interfaces, included the cheap ones. Very disappointed in the Volt 2. Beware and do not buy it!

Q. Vandermerwe

May 2, 2023

Works well, software needs attention

I bought the Volt 2 to replace a Focusrite 2i2, which kept crashing Windows 11. Much to my disappointment, I could initially get no sound from the unit in Windows 11, though it worked fine under Windows 10. After uninstalling and re-installing the drivers three times, it suddenly started working.

The noise floor is a bit higher than I expected, but it is workable. The 'Vintage' function does not sound as good as Focusrite's version, but the built-in compressor is nice to have.

The included software and plugins are hampered by poor feature descriptions, bloat, poor quality and the need to register and license multiple items.

M. Etchepareborda

May 2, 2023

Great audio interface, but please allow volume mute/change from Mac keyboard

I recently purchased this device for my small home studio and am very happy with it. For the price, it's an excellent interface.

Only issue I have is that it's not recognizing Mac volume controls. I am quite used to constantly adjusting the level of my audio playback through my keyboard, and it's annoying to now having to do that through the monitor knob. Please release a driver update that allows for volume changes on Mac.

1-20 of 80 Results

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