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Volt 476p

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D. Put

March 8, 2023


Excellent headphone quality.
Easy to use.
The only interface existing with that many i/o and usb powered!
Compact, solid, fancy.

E. Mathews

February 21, 2023


I want to make music and gear is often a distraction . This piece of gear helped me focus on being a musician. I plugged in a couple of great mics and hooked it up to Logic and that was it. Hit record! My very first recording turned out great. Love it!

S. Stewart

February 8, 2023

476P Volt

Love the pre's and the comp! Free plugins were a definite plus!

a. ross

January 28, 2023


so far its okay

UAD User

December 29, 2022

Finally no noise!

I have finally found the perfect soundcard with no USB artefacts! So clean! Congratulations for a well designed product! Powerful headphone amps - GREAT!

L. Schiappacasse

December 22, 2022

Superb piece of hardware!

The whole ambience of my home studio improved with this superb piece of hardware: better sound during monitoring, both on my speakers and my reference headphones - with the advantage of being able to connect two at the same time - and much better recording quality using the compressor and vintage effect.
All this, together with an interesting selection of software make this purchase a great investment.

C. Ronnie

November 26, 2022


I would say it’s a good product but am not blown away by it, it works and am keeping it

J. Hall

October 27, 2022

1-Voice 2-Guitar 3-TC-Harmony 4-TC-Guitar > Ableton 11 Lite

If you want line level gain staging you don't need to adjust, use line outs 1 & 2

If you want I/O comparison use monitor outs, but it adds another level of attenuation requiring pre-amplification to your signal chain, unless you run the monitor dial to 100%.

I love the Volt 476P sound and now I've got TC Live-Acoustic stomp box selection of backup/harmony and guitar effects, into my Ableton DAW. Nice.

K. Györgyi

October 25, 2022

Excellent home studio gear

I made a very good decision choosing the Volt 476p as the main interface for my home-office studio. The hardware itself, the preamps, the compressor, the overall quality is great. I like the plugins as well. I use it for recording guitars and bass, using condenser and dynamic mics as well as IRs. I would recommend this product for all home musicans.

E. Coyne

October 13, 2022

Excellent Purchase

Great sound quality. Ease of setting up and use. Great features. Great product for the price.

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