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Customer Reviews

Volt 476p

Overall Rating

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J. Waldo

February 16, 2024

Good sounds but lacking function

Device sounded good but no mix knob and not being able to turn phantom power on/off for each channel separately was a deal breaker for me. Sound was clear (not quite as good as my Motu M4). Compression worked ok. Didn't care for vintage mode. Sold after 24 hours of owning .

r. shoolbraid

January 19, 2024


Great little unit . With so much flexibility and wonderful sound . I was set up in no time, tracking my new album. Thanks for everything

J. Monterrubio camacho

January 8, 2024

Descubrimiento !!

Para mí ha sido un descubrimiento las interfaces Universal Audio. No las conocía y por un amigo supe de ellas. Cómo había tenido tanto tiempo sin saberlo???
Es una autentica maravilla con todas sus posibilidades de grabación, además de sus plugins. Gracias Universal Audio !!!!

N. Michelin

January 7, 2024

Fantastically Functional Upgrade!

I got this interface as an upgrade from the Native Instruments Komplete Audio 2 and it has proven well worth it. Not only does it have all the inputs needed for a small band or recording drums, it has the fantastic processing effects which work flawlessly. The design is timeless and it has a functional but flush and sturdy build. Would completely recommend this for a small group of musicians or someone looking to mic drums and upgrade from a smaller interface.

P. Bossio

December 21, 2023

In a Class by itself

This interface needs to be understood in order to to give an accurate opinion. With that said, the quality of sound and function is unmatched in its class. This interface is a Gem for Pro Composers, which is something UA should note and market. No problem whatsoever with the bundled plug-ins, they work and sound as they should. I use this interface to work with some of my clients at their home, portable set up.
Overall, a fantastic product for the money.

R. Jerez

November 26, 2023

Angry and Disappointed

It sounds and records well...but the poor control software is unpresentable (it's useless) and it doesn't have loopback...I haven't been able to do my online classes because of this real problem, which for a brand like UA is unforgivable.

W. Arndt

November 20, 2023

Volt 476 P

Excellent sounding device...for recordings ,but also for mixing and mastering purposes...

W. Arndt

November 20, 2023

Volt 476 P

Excellent sounding device...for recordings ,but also for mixing and mastering purposes...

D. Wimpari

November 16, 2023

Quality Unit That Packs a Punch

I recently purchased a Volt 476P, after having already owned a Volt 476. The 4 front XLR inputs with vintage style preamps and built-in 76 compressor are killer! Great sound is only a button-click away. It's hard to imagine that such professional quality sound can come from such a small unit at a reasonable price. With a sleek and timeless design that incorporates real wood accents and highly visible input/output meters - it looks great on my desk. Combine that with the powerful suite of UAD plugins that are included, and you have a mini recording powerhouse!

D. Wimpari

November 15, 2023


I purchased a Volt 476 in early October and installed the bundled plugins - everything was great. I realized I needed 4 phantom front XLR inputs with compressors - so I returned the 476 and purchased a Volt 476P. Now all the plugins disappeared from my initial install, and it won't let me associate them or reinstall them for my new Volt 476P. It now installs demo versions of the included/bundled plugins and displays buttons to PURCHASE them all individually... Contacted UA support multiple times and submitted multiple tickets - with NO RESPONSE.

P. Liska

November 6, 2023

WOW Klasse Sound 1A

DANKE für dieses erstklassiges INTERFACE .Sound ist kristallklar und sehr viel Headroom mit meinem Kopfhörern .An den Monitoren hört sichs auch Mega an.
Die Verarbeitung sehr Wertig..Kann ich nur Empfehlen

P. Liska

November 6, 2023

WOW Klasse Sound 1A

DANKE für dieses erstklassiges INTERFACE .Sound ist kristallklar und sehr viel Headroom mit meinem Kopfhörern .An den Monitoren hört sichs auch Mega an.
Die Verarbeitung sehr Wertig..Kann ich nur Empfehlen

d. munoz

October 24, 2023

Increíble interfaz

La mejor interfaz q he usado hasta el momento, si jumpea las salidas y las vuelves a ingresar por las entradas de instrumentos/Mic y le aplicas el 1176 de verdad le da un impulso espectacular a los sonidos.
Los conversores de audio también son joya.
Las guitarras y bajos suenan increíbles.
La uso para ensayar con banda, conectamos guitarra, bajo, batería, voz y la calidad de los sonidos logrados es 10/10

R. Alicea

October 11, 2023

Love it

Great quality! Great Sound

D. Hillebrandt

September 22, 2023

Excellent way to get into UA at a reasonable price

I have been a happy owner of the UA Volt 476P for a couple months now and though not perfect, it is certainly an audio interface that is very musical sounding and great preamps. I also love the fact that it has two headphone outs which have been super helpful. I'd say the only slight downfall would be the built-in compressor, which works fairly well but does produce a slight bit of hiss. Since these are just automatic settings, perhaps they could be tweeked for a little quieter effect but still works well for many mixes where hiss is not heard. Also, I didn't realize that not all UA plugins will work on this unit which is unfortunate, but UA has lots of good plugins that will work with it. Well worth the money and I'd buy it again in a heart beat. Unfortunately, now it only makes me want to save up for an Apollo.

B. Munyon

July 3, 2023

great sounding box at a really good price

Stellar in comparison the the sound going in and the sound going out of Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6. Pre amps sound excellent on instruments DI, microphones and vocals. The added compressor and vintage emulations are wonderful and I have no problem printing as is. Inspiring for the talent. USB-C known issues of latency and buffer usage are annoying no matter who makes the box. I would love it more if it spoke with UAD Apollo Mixer functionality but perhaps that is not possible. Still for sound on the go, excellent. Just need to be aware of latency and if recording 4 inputs and trying to do some MIDI input on the fly, well, I may need a larger CPU. Just to mention it, though, 192KHZ on a USB-C port. Excellent! I work with lower sample rates because the sound degradation during monitoring is too distracting, but if computers are up to the task (I'm on intel i7, 32gig RAM atm and is not enough juice), it would be even better.

C. Hassel

June 19, 2023

Shadow & Light

To me this interface has it's big pros and some cons. Most important - the sound is good. Everything is clear and transparent, the pre-amps are good and the 76 compressor adds a nice tone.
Cons are to me firstly all things related to software. The installation on windows is full of issues and UAD knows, cause there are tons of troubleshooting help sites. Redeeming the plugins is not working properly. These things take some nerves. Second least to me some knobs are misleading. "Mono" is not making the output signal mono (but the inputs, which makes sense in some scenarios), Out 1-2 / Out 3-4 is not letting you switch between monitor pairs - I guess most producers would assume that. You can run one pair of Monitors.

J. Gooch

June 10, 2023

Great quality interface with analog sound

It’s been great so far. Had a little bit of a learning curve when switching from my old interface, an SSL 2+ (which I still love and use for travel now), but am really starting to prefer the Volt. The quality feels one step higher, and the 76 compressor and vintage mode buttons save a lot of time and energy by getting you closer to “that sound” right out of the gate. Very useful for smoothing out the creative process with these buttons and I’m very excited to play around with the different 76 compressor presets. The vintage mode definitely gives it more of a “console” feeling to recordings which I’m a fan of. Overall, great quality purchase to give me a home studio a step up so to speak

L. Ooley

June 1, 2023

Nice Sound, Clean interface, Does Not integrate well with Apollo...

I chose the Volt 476p primarily as a mobile interface to use with Luna. For the price the sound, features, and UI are awesome. Clean, simple, and quick. I'd hoped to also use the Volt to expand my Apollo setup - unfortunately, when everything is linked via Core Audio, there's noticeable latency and the Unison features of the Apollo aren't available. It would have been nice if Volt was designed so that it could be hosted as additional inputs while retaining Apollo's full functionality. It's still great as an on-the-go AD, but I don't see myself using it for serious recording.

s. gardner

May 30, 2023


The preamps sound very good. The comp and the vintage mode add an unusable amount of noise. I really wanted to like this Interface. It’s a very solid build. It looks great. The design and layout are very nice. But I bought specifically for the quick use of the comp and vintage 610 modeling. I would not waste time putting my recordings through with the comp and vintage mode on. They actually sound good. Great idea for quick simple use. BUT GET RID of the NOISE. This is a flaw. Others have pointed it out. It’s not the nature of adding compression or a vintage mode mode to add this much noise. Especially, when adding small amounts of comp. I bought it after reading negative reviews hoping it wouldn’t be an issue. I have returned the unit. I’m happier with a Scarlett 18i20. More channels. The preamps alone in the UA sound a bit better than a Scarlett. But the UA is more money. I get more channels with the Scarlett. The air mode works and sounds very good, and it doesn’t add noise. Seriously, the UA comp and vintage mode, along with the quality preamps were my reason for purchasing it. With those introducing an unacceptable amount of noise, it’s a NO Go for me. I hope UA fixes this flaw. I also hope they expand to 8 channels in the volt line. I only wrote this review in response to UA sending me emails to write one. Hopefully my experience along with the warnings of others will save some inconvenience for others.

1-20 of 36 Results

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