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Customer Reviews

Waterfall B3 Organ

Overall Rating

41-60 of 126 Results

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S. Pereira

July 5, 2023

A charming instrument!

Waterfall sound has "something" I don't know in the sound that simply makes us believe we are in the presence of a true organ from the Chicago factories where the legend was created.
Congratulations Universal Audio, you've achieved something uncomplicated that makes us believe we're in front of the real thing.

e. giebelhausen

July 5, 2023


wonderfull sound, i would like if there are separat audio outputs for each midi chanel for upper, lower, and pedal etc. fantastic sound.

l. driesen

July 5, 2023

Top organ

Very good, but it eat all the cpu, and than Cubase shut down?

P. Brunetti

July 4, 2023


Really great tones... so accurate sounds. It cut through the mix like a razor!

K. Péter

June 30, 2023

Woo w the Best organ I've had ever

The Nord synth is a no need ín the studio anymore, with this plugin You can get a same very present, vibrating 3d sound but you can change the details 100 times through the mixing process. Actually I did recordings with Nord stage, electro etc many times, but for the organ Sound my midi keyboard will be enough ín the future.

W. Spencer

June 25, 2023

Great Sound. One missing feature…

Sounds great. Bought both the B3 plug-in and the Leslie. Again both sound really great.

I haven’t spent a whole lot of time digging into them because they just work right out the box. However I really wish there were a global switch in the B3 to turn off the internal Leslie. It’s annoying to have to turn it off every time you switch presets if you’ve got it routed through an external Leslie plug-in.

J. Lorber

June 22, 2023


wow!! love this. Best ever? maybe!

P. Searles

June 22, 2023


I just love it. I have great organ tones already but I've never had a Leslie emulation that captures that woody creaky air so beautifully.

V. German

June 21, 2023

Authentic sound!

Very cool organ, no soapy sound like the competition!

G. Rice

June 19, 2023


I didn't research the product. My fast laptop doesn't have USB-C.

W. Prosser

June 17, 2023

Very Good B3

This plugin really makes the grade, wonderful audio - you would have a hard time telling the real B3 from the Waterfall I think. Cheers!

K. Haritatos

June 13, 2023

The best B3

Useful and wonderful with its amazing sound!

K. Haritatos

June 13, 2023

The best B3!

It’s the best sounding B3 I ever used. Wonderful !

P. Messier

June 13, 2023

Super realistic

It is super realistic and I love to be able to use the sustain pedal or not

S. McKeever

June 12, 2023

Wow! Sounds tremendous.

I’m not a keyboard player, but I stood beside this rig 5 nights a week for several years, and this sounds good!

I route the pedals, upper and lower keys to their own tracks. Easy to play and mix.
100% recommended;)

A. Selzler

June 10, 2023


Best organ emulation I've heard. If you like organs, buy this

T. töteberg

May 28, 2023

sound great, but...cant play without internet????

no way...I didn't know that. really pissed I have to say

E. Daniels

April 11, 2023

Great organ except...

I actually love this organ and use it extensively. The biggest con for me is that It DOESN'T come with an iLok COMPUTER AUTHORIZTION. I have been on gigs and there's no internet or it goes out and there goes the organ...on the gig. My iLok is usually in my studio working on sessions. I ALWAYS HAVE TO have other plug-in organs in my performance laptop rig as backup. None of them require this silliness. Other than that huge thing, it's a great organ.

W. Kamel

April 5, 2023

UA Waterfall B3


R. Yuen

April 4, 2023

Quite nice

There are a lot of B3 plugins out there. Apple has a built-in one in Logic Pro, I also have Arturia's Hammond. I also used to play a real B3 with a Leslie 147. This waterfall B3 is a little different, not better but just different, in a nice way. Have to play with it more to learn more but so far I like it. Not the best out there but definitely usable.

41-60 of 126 Results