AMS Neve® DFC Channel Strip

AMS Neve® DFC Channel Strip

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An exact replica of the world's top post‑production tool.

The AMS Neve® DFC (Digital Film Console) is the ultimate, purpose-built console for multi-format film dubbing and TV post production at the highest level. Used to mix Oscar-winning soundtracks and countless hit TV shows, the AMS Neve DFC resides in the world’s leading post-production houses, most notably Skywalker Sound and Warner Bros. facilities.

Available exclusively for UAD hardware and UA Audio Interfaces, the AMS Neve DFC Channel Strip plug-in offers unprecedented access to the exact same DSP algorithms from the leading modern post production console.

Now You Can:

Mix with an exact, plug-in replication of the channel strip from the industry-standard digital film console

Access the same tools and workflow used by today's top re-recording mixers and post-production engineers

Intuitively dial in powerful dynamics processing and EQ with the unique Chan‑Quad Panel

Use the innovative TFT Meters for informative visual feedback and easy graphical editing

An Exact Replicate

An Exact Replicate

The UAD AMS Neve DFC Channel Strip is not a modeled version of the console's channel strip — it is the channel strip. Because the DFC uses the same floating-point architecture as the UAD platform, the developers at AMS Neve were able to map the console’s DSP, instruction for instruction, providing the plug-in with the identical algorithms, features, and sound as the original.

Oscar-Winning Workflow

Oscar-Winning Workflow

The AMS Neve DFC Channel Strip plug-in includes all 74 of the controls on the DFC console’s channel strip, providing you with the same fast and flexible workflow that post-production engineers have used on over 70% of international blockbusters. And unlike other channel strips, the signal flow of the channel strip’s multiple modules can be reorganized on the fly, with intuitive “drag & drop” rearrangement of processing modules.

Dynamics and More

Dynamics and More

The AMS Neve DFC Channel Strip plug-in features an impressive array of DSP processing. For frequency manipulation, you get four bands of fully parametric EQ and two bands of fourth-order filtering. A full suite of dynamics processors includes a compressor, limiter, expander, gate, and a dynamic EQ. You even get phase and width controls.

Comprehensive Toolset

Comprehensive Toolset

The AMS Neve DFC console is revered by film and TV engineers worldwide for its ability to process a wide range of audio material. From quiet footsteps to multi-person dialog to battle scene explosions, the AMS Neve DFC Channel Strip plug-in is a must-have for modern post‑production creatives.

Key Features

Access the sound of the AMS Neve Digital Film Console channel strip, the same used in the world's premier motion picture facilities

Features the exact same DSP algorithms as the hardware, in plug-in format

Four Bands of fully parametric EQ

Two Bands of 4th-order filtering

Compressor, Limiter, Expander, Gate, and Dynamics EQ

Customer Reviews

AMS Neve DFC Channel Strip

Overall Rating

(40 reviews)

N. Wilkes

April 6, 2020

Not just for film work

I know this is the DFC, but it could equally be the DMC as well because it works beautifully with a large music production too. The sound quality is everything I expect from Neve and I have come to rely on UAD tools for every mix I do. How did Tina Turner put it..oh yes:
You're Simply The Best!

J. Rios

March 6, 2020

Image is nothing. Sound is everything. Music is the best.

Therefore, this is it. The best UAD plugin with the worst advertising campaign by the company. There's not a single video or review anywhere. But ... now it's our little professional secret.

L. Alin Gabriel

February 9, 2020

Absolute best

The tone of this unit is second to none.

B. Agra

January 5, 2020

Neve Skywalker

Post must have. Dialogue champ.

R. Roque

December 26, 2019

great tool

one of the bests plugins of UAD

T. Martin

November 14, 2019


As a full time professional voice actor, I record with my Manley Ref C into a Great River pre. I use this plug in post to lightly shape (doesn't require much) and tidy up the raw VO before sending it out. I can't believe I futzed around with so many other plugs before I discovered this one. It is the ideal tool for dialogue work.

M. Wirth

October 15, 2019

Pros and cons

Cons: Only four eq bands and the workflow isn't ideal.
Pros: A quality product. Everything module sounds good.
Summary: A competent plugin, but I tend to use it less and less because of the limitations.

D. Rifé

September 28, 2019

Amazing for audio post production

Ideal for all types of TV or movie related work. Also podcast or radio productions.

Z. Ou

June 25, 2019

Real thing

This is a real thing. Best filter in UAD, best EQ to playback movie and playing game, sound very "theatre", DFC name right.

P. Coffin

June 20, 2019

Surprised the hell out of me!

I can't understand how this isn't getting more attention. I didn't get why a plugin version of a digital console strip would be appealing. But I was wrong. Just slapping this onto a channel adds a focus that is difficult to achieve otherwise. The EQ is great transparent and its a joy to boost with, and the compression is one of the most transparent I've ever heard in a plugin. I love color and analog gear, no doubt there... but sometimes you need clean/clear - and this is a wonderful way to get it without venturing into bland/sterile territory. This really stands out as must have for me. When describing it to my wife I told her to take her glasses off... and then put them back on. Seriously.


June 17, 2019

Learning more

I bought this plug in to reaserch and learn more about the AMS NEVE.

S. Smith

June 12, 2019

As clean and open as--and with all the great utility of--the real deal

We all know that Neve was proud of low-distortion and low-noise analog specs and super-fast VCA compression (which isn't always the first choice for everything, but GREAT with peaky sources), and clean, surgical EQ with some phase complexities that defy easy description, but contribute to a signature sound that helped define so many great recordings. While I wouldn't want to be limited to this palette as my only signal path and dynamics processing in the digital era (with so many great analog channel models), many certainly have who owned the hardware. And that most certainly never held anybody back from making a hit record!

M. Hunter

June 4, 2019

Brought this to complete my bundle on a whim!

I brought a bundle and this was not on my mind to purchase, I did so at the last moment. I was very surprised, I love the EQ and the limiter, I use this as the final step in mastering. just a little EQ to smooth everything out. wow....very nice indeed.

m. costa

April 3, 2019

Best Channel Strip for audio post

This is the best Channel strip to use in audio post. Simple sounds big and clear

I. Lundberg

February 13, 2019

Needs a better programming

Excellent sounding! Reminds me of the good old days of Logic-3. Sound is there... But why is the direction of my mouse not relevant and why do parameters go hey wire when I click on them???? So lets just slow down mouse and scroll at least by 50% and make the direction up/down not crazy like hell (easy programing) .... = Sound is there UI not!

M. Di’iilha

January 31, 2019

Just mind blowing

I loved it even before the 14 days trail was over. What an tools for producers. And studios overall.

A. Bretillard

January 31, 2019

Ams Neve.. Enfin un superbe outil de post-production

Je ne peux plus m'en passer, ce plug est incroyable.
J'utilisais les plug "waves" avant, mais ça c'était avant car il y a une telle différence de qualité entre les deux que je ne peux plus me passer de ce plug.
La compression est magnifique, met parfaitement les voix en valeur dans le mix tout en laissant de la dynamique, les voix respirent, elles ne sont pas écrasées.
Le gate est super et l'eq très précis. J'aurais aimé que ce plug soit un peu plus esthétique, moins jouer le coté "numerique", mais bon, tant que le son est là...!
Avant je mettais beaucoup de plug à la chaine pour arriver à ce que je désirais, maintenant, juste avec ce plug, le son est parfait.
Un grand Bravo, vive Neve, vive Uad.

K. Marrett

January 29, 2019

Love it

Make my mixes sounds like a pro.

C. Slaughter

January 25, 2019


I've worked on a Neve and this plugin is as close as you can get. Its looks like my studio is turning into an UA workshop. Every product that i have purchased has been nothing but pure quality. Thank UA!

M. G.

January 22, 2019


Suena genial. Todavía estoy adaptándome a él pero es fantástico. Sigo aprendiendo del Plug-In