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Helios® Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection

Helios® Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection

Unison Enabled

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Regular Price: $299.00


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The hallowed Helios Type 69, totally re-modeled with Unison technology.

Whether it was housed at Olympic in London, Musicland in Munich, or in the famed Rolling Stones’ mobile studio, the Helios Type 69 console was at the center of hundreds of iconic albums from rock’s “Golden Age.” From must-own albums by Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Pink Floyd, to Bob Marley and the Wailers, David Bowie, Black Sabbath, and AC/DC, the Type 69 delivered fat, unmistakable attitude, with a punchy midrange and an assertive growl.

The all-new Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQ plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and UA Audio Interfaces is a masterful, end-to-end circuit emulation of the rare hardware, going well beyond UA’s original Helios Type 69 plug-in.

Track and mix through a stunning emulation of the Helios Type 69 vintage analog channel

Get the full character of the original hardware’s Lustraphone transformer-based mic preamp with Unison technology

Sculpt your sources with a colorful inductor-based three-band EQ

Shape guitars, vocals, and more with legendary Type 69 midrange aggression

Tweak low-end character with uniquely voiced low-frequency boost and cut filters

Mix with artist presets from J.J. Blair (Johnny Cash, George Benson), Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio), Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, Tom Waits), and more

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
5-Min UAD Tip
5-Min UAD Tip

5-Min UAD Tip

In this video, learn how to shape drums using Helios’ colorful inductor-based three-band EQ and uniquely voiced low-frequency boost and cut filters.

Turn Your DAW into a Classic Helios Type 69 Console

Turn Your DAW into a Classic Helios Type 69 Console

In crafting the new Helios Type 69 plug-in, UA’s team of engineers dug deep into two original Type 69 Olympic-era “golden units,” faithfully modeling their custom-made, feedback-style, 70 dB input section — along with a complete emulation of the coveted Lustraphone mic input transformer. This end-to-end circuit capture is the only "triple amp" preamp on the UAD platform, giving you complex, colorful flavors that will make any source come to life.

Unison Technology for UA Audio Interfaces

Unison Technology for UA Audio Interfaces

Harnessing UA’s groundbreaking Unison technology, the new Helios Type 69 plug-in gives you the hardware’s line/mic preamp impedance, gain stage “sweet spots,” and exact circuit behaviors. Just insert the plug-in into the Console app’s Unison preamp slot to track in real time through a spot-on Helios Type 69 modeled preamp.

Passive, Aggressive EQ

Passive, Aggressive EQ

The new Helios Type 69 also offers a ground-up redesign of the original hardware’s famously bold passive three-band EQ. For the first time, the Helios Type 69 plug-in perfectly emulates the rich sounding inductor saturation behaviors that keep radical EQ moves sounding ultra musical, even at extreme settings.

The Low End Theory

The Low End Theory

With four uniquely voiced low frequency bell-shape boost filters, the Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection imparts the same solid and wide bass foundation found on seminal rock, pop, and reggae recordings. You can also clean up sources like overheads and room mics by switching the Bass band into a fixed 50 Hz low cut mode, with stepped gain control.

Add Tough Type 69 Attitude with any UAD Hardware

Add Tough Type 69 Attitude with any UAD Hardware

Of course, the Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection isn’t just for UA Audio Interface owners. UAD hardware owners can use the Collection on any mix, for bold, intense colors, without going outside the box. With the Helios Type 69 complete console channel emulation, plus the included DSP-lite Helios Type 69 Legacy plug-in, you can craft your projects with the same bold flavor found on the biggest records ever made.

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      Key Features

      Complete end-to-end circuit emulation of the original Helios "Olympic"-era Type 69 channel design

      Coveted Lustraphone mic input transformer and famously colorful passive inductor based EQ

      Feedback-style 70 dB preamp and Unison technology with mic, line, and Hi-Z inputs

      High Shelf, Mid Bell, and Bass Bell/Shelf EQ with bypass for DSP savings

      Includes Helios Type 69 Legacy EQ plug-in for DSP savings

      Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Card or UA Audio Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

      Customer Reviews

      Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection

      Overall Rating

      E. Shacham

      May 16, 2022

      best preamp in the collection

      This is probably the best preamp we got from UAD in a bundl.e, Iv'e been pleased with the color and eq and will definitely use it again.

      I. Voevodin

      February 3, 2022

      The best

      I tried all the preamps, it was very suitable for my vocals, I will definitely use it in my mixes.

      L. Brown

      January 20, 2022

      Really good for electric guitar.

      I use this in the Unison position to record electric guitar tracks. I run straight electric guitar into it, as well as multi-pedaled, effected guitar into it. It works and sounds great either way. I'll probably reach for this first the next time I use mic's.

      C. Knight

      January 18, 2022

      Get it!!!

      One of the best Preamp/EQ's you can get, the bass gets pumped fast!

      D. Dauphin

      January 3, 2022

      My favorite unison preamp for vocals

      When I bought the apollo twin I wanted it for the Neve unison plugin on my vocals. I decided to test them all before I make my final decision and the helios was the clear winner for me on vocals. But what I didn't know is that I would use this baby almost on anything. Use it on your acoustic guitars tracking, on your DI bass or with the Ampeg plugin and even try to put it on your electric guitars this plugin is simply fantastic. I would be using the apollo twin for this plugin alone!!

      A. EMIXPRO

      December 28, 2021

      Great on everything!

      I own all the unison preamps but this one gets the most use. Love it in combo with all my mics, but especially with the Townsend Labs L22. Great on guitars and bass. Can thicken just about anything up and the distortion is fabulous.

      D. Stekachev

      December 6, 2021

      Mr Awesomeness Type 69

      I really like this preamp. Will I get another $50 discount code for my best review ever? :)

      J. Bacon

      December 2, 2021

      Superb, use it all the time

      I haven't used the original hardware, so I cannot write a comparative review.

      I'll just say this: Helios Type 69 has proved invaluable, and it has been a pleasure to use since I purchased it a few months ago.

      I have used it mainly on DI bass, ahead of an instance of LA-2, then into Ampeg SVTVR; with that recording chain, I'm achieving some of the most satisfying recorded bass sounds I have ever managed in 30 years of studio work, and with very little effort. That's important; I don't want to spend time playing with dials when the creative mood strikes... everything needs to be fast and intuitive, and in service of the process.

      From Helios, I hear warmth, vitality, dimension. It's pretty easy to use if you spend a few minutes with the manual first.

      It really helps electric bass sit in the mix. The other rave reviews here don't surprise me at all. Treat yourself; this one sounds special.

      S. Walker

      November 28, 2021


      Haven’t really had much time with the Type 69 but I did get some very thick and juicy flavours with a simple valve mic and my old 80s Taka acoustic and it didn’t take much mucking around either. Lots of colour lots of growl. I can see many sessions in my new Helios virtual studio!

      V. De Puydt

      October 29, 2021

      Warmth and shine

      One of my first choices for recording voices. Adds warmth, grain but still clear and precise. I love it.

      V. Basyul

      September 7, 2021


      It’s awesome !

      L. Rocha

      August 3, 2021

      Great Unison

      one of the best unison pre amplifiers

      I. Bandera

      July 15, 2021

      Molto interessante

      Ottimo su molte sorgenti ma sulle chitarre è veramente fantastico, anche la versione legacy rende molto bene. Consigliato.

      A. Miyamoto

      July 7, 2021

      great saturation

      For me, this plug-in is an essential part of an electric guitar track.

      c. An

      July 3, 2021



      D. Murphy

      July 1, 2021

      Easy to use.

      Sounds great with little work.

      R. KMIEC

      June 27, 2021

      The best guitar preamp

      I record my electric guitars by plugging my Fender Deluxe reverb tonemaster directly from its line out to the Hi-Z of the Apollo.
      It already sounds great, but with The Helios in Unison the tone gets really professional. Adds grain and character to every guitar and allows to cut unwanted frequencies and boost what needs to be boosted. A must have !

      h. kim

      June 16, 2021



      L. Tian Siung

      May 29, 2021

      Simple and nice

      Use it with guitar recording, sounds great!

      UAD User

      May 18, 2021

      Guitar magic.

      As soon as I turn this preamp on in unison it brings the guitars and pretty much everything to another level.