Manley Tube Preamp

Manley Tube Preamp


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Get clear, smooth Manley tube sound for your vocals, bass, and more.

Manley® tube mic preamps are a modern classic, adding unmistakable clarity and detail to any signal that passes through them. Now, you can easily get the harmonically "alive" Class‑A sound in a simple Unison-equipped plug-in, perfect for Apollo audio interface users.

Now You Can:

Give vocals and other instruments the smooth, clear sound of Manley's Class‑A tube mic preamp

Record "through" the iconic Manley preamp in real time using Apollo audio interfaces

Add tube detail and rich complex circuit behaviors to make your tracks come alive

Control Apollo mic preamp gain staging and impedance from the Manley Preamplifier plug‑in via Unison technology

Capturing a Modern Classic with Unison

Capturing a Modern Classic with Unison

The UAD Manley Tube Preamp plug-in gives you all the clarity and sheen of a Manley hardware preamp, faithfully modeling every stage of its overbuilt circuit with accuracy. Harnessing UA’s Unison technology, this plug-in blurs the lines between analog and digital, giving you all of the hardware’s impedance, gain staging “sweet spots,” and sonic DNA.

Give Your Tracks High‑End Gloss

Give Your Tracks High‑End Gloss

Like the hardware, the Manley Tube Preamp plug-in adds smooth "hi‑fi" texture. Just drop it into the Unison slot of your Apollo interface’s Console or LUNA software to inject instant life to vocals and bass, punch up acoustic guitars and drums, or add forwardness to synths.

Add Clarity and Weight to Any Source

Add Clarity and Weight to Any Source

Of course, the Manley Tube Preamp plug‑in isn’t just for Apollo owners. UAD hardware owners can employ the Manley Preamplifier plug‑in for mixing and tone shaping in their DAW of choice — without ever leaving the box — bathing your tracks in pure Manley tube goodness.

Customer Reviews

Manley Tube Preamp

Overall Rating

(70 reviews)

P. Radivojevic

January 18, 2022

Less DSP for authentic Manley Sound

I have Manley Voxbox already, but this has same great Manley vibe to it. Great for tracking in real time, only less DSP usage if you don't need EQ and Compression modules. Sounds great on vocals - well worth having it!

M. Hechler

January 16, 2022

not just for vox

I purchased this plugin exclusively for my guitar pedals. I have tried several different ways to use my guitars effect pedals going into my UAD Arrow, but nothing sounded right. The Manley Tube Preamp has brought out what the effect pedals are supposed to sound like.( sounds live through a amp) The rich tube sound without all the frills, was the answer I had been looking for. The guitar effect pedals now have both volume and a fullness they were lacking . Seems simple, yet very effective :)

E. Young

January 15, 2022

Sounds great with my SM7B

I’m a ManleyVoxBox owner as well, what I like about the Manley preamp is the minimalist feel and simplicity. I use it to obtain a lot of clean gain that’s needed for my SM7B. I usually use it as a channel input and not unison.

D. Lee

January 14, 2022


Best unison option available right now for me. I use it on voice over, and it pairs really well with the Distressor and a pultec.

M. Filowitz

January 14, 2022

Manley tube preamp

I’m using an older OS that’s not supported by UA so I can’t upgrade the UA software or use the plugin.

P. Nortey

January 14, 2022

Nice to have

This plugins is very nice to work with

A. Guth-Rosenstock

January 9, 2022

Manley Preamp Is great!

A smooth, creamy tube preamp with high headroom.
We put the Manley preamp before our Api Vision Channel strip when we a wanted a smoother, creamy tube effect going into the punchy API for further processing for a more sophisticated, ballad-style, vocal chain.
It also is very useful to add clean to mildly saturated sound as an additional amplifying gain stage following a different preamp in the Unison slot in the vocal chain for powering a Sm-7b without a cloud lifter. It has a large VU helpful to set levels going into the next plug even set to a clean boost. Very useful for example for raising levels to go into a Studer tape plug-in to or higher levels to go into a Fairchild at the sweet spots.

m. slavtcheff

January 9, 2022

Favorite Preamp

I own the neve preamp, the Avalon and a bunch of others. I’ve taken the time twice to A/B all of them and this one stands out to my ears. I am specifically working with pop for what it’s worth. It provides lots of gain for quiet vocals and is clear as a bell. It is now my go-to.

F. Al-Basha

January 8, 2022


MANLEY has minimum dsp usage, different flavour and color that’s different from any other plug-in. Hope to be free for Manaly VOX or bus ..

B. Byc

January 8, 2022

Nice Voc

Like the hardware

M. Velásquez Pérez

January 7, 2022


The best way to save dsp

A. Ogarev

January 6, 2022



J. Manning

January 3, 2022

Nice pre

Nice to have it outside the Voxbox!

D. Montoya

January 3, 2022

Warm, fat and modern tube mic pre

The interaction between gain and input is where this pre really shines. I own the VOXBOX as well, so I was sceptical at first, but this channel has a voice all its own. From pristine to fat, this pre has a way of a making things sound better.

J. Slavin

January 1, 2022

Got the Vox Box liked the pre

To me different pre amps are like different flavours, minimum dsp usage, different flavour

Y. Hofmann

December 22, 2021

Owner of VoxBox

I am not willing to pay twice!

D. Tan

December 21, 2021

Great preamp!

I already have the Manley Voxbox, but grabbed this baby while it was on sale. Great complement to the Voxbox!

R. Souza

December 19, 2021

Superb Pre amp. Voxbox owner.

I have Voxbox and other Manleys plugins, and I have to say that I have used Voxbox just a few times, for mixing bass and eq (excellent) but i have a lot of options for that propouse. I tested the new pre and was amazed how analog, detailed and real it sound. Make my main vocal mic (violet globe) sound like never before (Vocals: Manley pre (unison slot) -> C-VOX -> API Vision (filters, expander, EQ, gain stage) -> Distressor All printed way in. RMX and DMX in parallel for monitoring). Best UAD vocal chain since 2013. Like others reviews says, smooth and silky highs, with lots of detail. I using it a lot for mixing bass, gtrs, drums and mix bus. The relationchip between gain and imput controls change the color and impact. Using in by the end of signal chain. by this aproach I notice I'm using less plugins. I can assure you that worth the money (U$25 for Manleys owners) and the pre amp is very different that Voxbox plugin. Try it and judge it for yourself. Merry Christmas!

M. Hagan

December 18, 2021

Worth it!

I own the Voxbox but decided to grab this just to have the most recent Manley preamp emulation. Glad I did, the warm, rich sound is incredible.

S. Ajay

December 18, 2021

Make it free for voxbox owners pleaseeeee

It's not listed in plugins to try a demo, very surprised! Btw I'm using Apollo solo