Manley® VOXBOX Channel Strip

Manley® VOXBOX Channel Strip

Unison Enabled


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Track in real time with the ultimate all‑tube vocal processor.

The human voice is the first, most natural musical instrument. It’s also the most expressive. Like the voice itself, Manley’s VOXBOX channel strip is a beautiful and evolved system — a high-end blend of tube-driven preamp, dynamics and EQ circuits, designed specifically for your all-important vocals.

Featuring UA’s groundbreaking Unison technology, the Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip plug-in for Apollo and UAD-2 hardware is a stunningly faithful emulation of this premium vocal channel strip. One listen and you’ll hear why it’s the vocal choice of Beck, Rick Rubin, U2 and more.

Now You Can:

Track rich, luxurious vocals in real time through Manley’s high-fidelity, Class A tube mic preamp

Easily sculpt vocals with Manley’s Pultec-style passive EQ with 33 selectable frequencies

Expertly dial-in signals with transparent optical compressor with 25 Attack and Release combinations

Harness Class A EQ and compression for bass, acoustic guitars, vocals, voiceovers, and more

Organically tame sibilance with unmatched de-esser/limiter section

Control Apollo interface mic preamp gain staging and impedance directly from the VOXBOX plug-in with Unison technology

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
Manley VOXBOX 5-Minute Tip
Manley VOXBOX 5-Minute Tip

Manley VOXBOX 5-Minute Tip

Learn how to use this incredible channel strip on vocals, bass and drums.

Under the Hood

Under the Hood

Introduced in 1997, the Manley VOXBOX combines the best of Manley’s audio designs, including their high-fidelity tube mic preamp, vactrol optical compressor, Pultec-style passive EQ, and de-esser/limiter into a formidable 3U package. Featuring Manley’s legendary boutique build quality, including in-house wound transformers, the VOXBOX stands alone as a premium tube-driven toolbox for outstanding vocal tracks.

Track Vocals through a Coveted Mic Preamp — with Unison Technology

Track Vocals through a Coveted Mic Preamp — with Unison Technology

Chock full of Class A vacuum tube tone, the Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip plug-in expertly emulates the hardware’s rich, feedback-style mic preamp. Harnessing UA’s groundbreaking Unison technology, the VOXBOX plug-in perfectly captures the impedance, gain staging, and the circuit behaviors that have made the hardware famous. The secret is Unison’s bi-directional control and communication — from the plug-in to the digitally controlled mic preamps in Apollo audio interfaces.

Compress Sources Before the Preamp

Compress Sources Before the Preamp

Just like the hardware, the Manley VOXBOX plug-in lets you tame transients before the preamp with its flexible optical compressor. This innovative topology, as well as the compressor’s 25 interactive Attack and Release combinations, assure exceptionally clean, smooth-sounding tracks.

Unmatched Passive EQ Sculpting

Unmatched Passive EQ Sculpting

The Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip plug-in’s three-band, passive EQ is based on the classic Pultec MEQ-5. With two peak bands, one dip band, and greatly expanded and overlapping frequency selections, this broad-stroke EQ keeps the top end sweet, and the lows defined, yet natural sounding — even with extreme boosts and cuts.

Ultra Transparent De-Essing and More

Ultra Transparent De-Essing and More

At the center of the Manley VOXBOX is its sublime, natural sounding de-esser. With two knobs, you’re afforded complete control of not only vocals, but shrill electric guitars, or overly bright overheads. You can also turn off the de-esser frequency control and use this section as an aggressive and colorful limiter.

Not Just for Vocals

Not Just for Vocals

For years, the Manley VOXBOX has been a secret weapon for bassists looking to harness its high-end tube signal path and slick EQ and compression appointments. Engineers have also called on the Manley VOXBOX for clean electric guitars, strings, and drums as it’s always-musical results can elevate any source way beyond the ordinary.

Key Features

Exclusively licensed by Manley Laboratories, modeled by Universal Audio
World's only channel strip custom-designed for the ultimate vocal performance and production experience
Best of Manley's designs: Tube mic preamp, optical compressor, limiter/de-esser, and three band passive EQ
Feedback-style 60 dB tube mic preamp with Mic, Line, or Hi-Z input with Unison technology
Models entire VOXBOX circuit path, including transformers, tube amplifiers, passive inductor based filters, and optical gain reduction
Sidechain Unlink/Link, Output transformer bypass, plus final clean makeup gain or attenuation
Physical input impedance and front panel control of Gain staging and other preamp parameters via Unison
Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

Customer Reviews

Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip

Overall Rating

L. Angulo

October 5, 2016

allright though i need more time with it

after about 20 minutes trying it out i must say that i am not that impressed as with some of the other plugins,but perhaps i need to give it another go since it takes more experimenting with some of these than others

j. earp

August 30, 2016


I think this is a decent plugin but needs to be used carefully. I think the "analog" sound is just the smearing this plugin does to your audio. It may be useful on soft synths or certain instruments but on vocals (ironically) I think once you get past the initial "wow, it sounds really warm" factor, you begin to realise it's just smearing the sound a bit. The punchiness and clarity goes and you're left with a recording that's awkward to fit into the mix. Might be good for harsh vocalists/mics but do be a bit careful that the 'warmth' isn't just a loss in tone and clarity. Probably useful on a good few things but for, I'm slightly underwhelmed.

J. Ducornet

August 25, 2016


I've been using the real VoxBox everyday for 20 years. I've been asking UA for this for at least 10, and it finally came, yes!!! I just had the opportunity to test it on my laptop in a Paris session, and I was completely blown away. It sounds THE SAME!!!

Now my studio and travel setup match perfectly.

Now if my original Voxbox dies, I'll have a backup, and now it's in my travel template.

Amazing job yet again!!!

P. Moshay

August 19, 2016

Better than i imagined!

I never bought the hardware unit over the years and only briefly used one on a session one time, but i tried this again and am hooked on its very unique ability to make a vocal sound like a million bucks!
Thanks so much for bringing this one to the stable.....Incredible.

N. Wilkes

August 18, 2016

Believe the Hype - magnificent!

This is simply superb. Not only is the compressor perfect on vocals (do not worry about the fixed 3:1 ratio as it is spot on), the DeEsser does exactly what it should with no lisping artifacts and the Pultec inspired EQ is a touch of pure glitter on an already stunning channel strip that is simply a joy to use. Getting the vocals sounding and sitting properly in the mix has never been as simple (unless you had the original hardware unit of course)

S. Giordano

August 9, 2016

Manley Quality at a UA Price

I used to own the Manley Core hardware. No lie, this pre sounds as good as the hardware. Definitely a worthwhile investment. Another homerun for the UA team. These plug-ins are worse than a crack addiction - not that I know, but just take my word... AND my money LOL

M. Hoomans

August 9, 2016

Another amazing Manley plugin

The Vari-Mu and Massive Passive plugins are my favorite plugins during mastering, the new VOXBOX plugin, after testing it extensively, has become my favorite plugin on lead vocals. It's basically all you need to make a vocal sit perfectly in the mix. The compressor is smooth and versatile, as it has a lot of attack/release options. The gain, when pushed, adds some extra character, just perfect! The de-esser is smooth and very effective in my experience, I have not found a de-esser plugin that sounds as natural as this one. The EQ section is smooth and can shape a vocal to taste. UA and Manley did it again, what an amazing plugin!

F. Pilz

August 8, 2016

Wonderful Channelstrip

Until now i used the API Channelstrip for my voiceover jobs. But i have to say the Manley Voxbox ist now my everyday-Strip.
I like the colour that it adds and i like the eq very much. Especially the middle-section to cut out - very subtile - the mud.
All in all it sounds very warm and brings my voice to another level - great job UA!!!

E. Cephas

August 7, 2016

Excited About This!

This has it all; tone, character, and ease of use. Oh Yeah, did I mention it sounds stunning. 14 day trial is simply not long enough, so how would you like my money...Cash, Credit, or Debit? Either way you're gonna take this money, cause I can't go on living without my Manley Voxbox. Manley is Great, but Universal Audio is Awesome! I'm serious...Take my money!!!!

B. Hoener

August 6, 2016

OMG More UA Crack!

OMG Best describes demoing this incredible piece of gear (Plugin)! Why do I Demo these plugins? Oh well here I go again on another UA Crack Bender. The De Esser is crazy good. The Unison Pre, The Opto Comp, The EQ, The filters.... This thing is just Wonderful. Well back to rehab after the VoxBox and Ampeg purchase!

K. Nelson

August 6, 2016

Producer, Musician, Engineer

The Manley VOXBOX PLUGIN...I never heard the physical piece, but one word for the plugin, Dammmmmm. I mean this has to be one of the best if not the best plugin ever made. Vocals,bass,keyboards all had overly excellent results. I even tried it on my mix bus, It knocks it out the park. I've been mixing for 2 years,so I'm still amateur. But I swear to you this plugin has finally graduated my music to a professional sound that I longed to accomplish. I just sat here smiling to myself from the results I was getting. And I don't work for universal audio..They just got it goin on. Thank you tho universal audio. And thanks for the 50 dollar voucher. Keep em coming, I still need the Chandler Curve Bender.

B. Hoener

August 6, 2016

OMG more UA Crack

1 Day Ago #10
Hoenerbr Hoenerbr is online now
OMG Best describes demoing this incredible piece of gear (Plugin)! Why do I Demo these plugins? Oh well here I go again on another UA Crack Bender. The De Esser is crazy good. The Unison Pre, The Opto Comp, The EQ, The filters.... This thing is just Wonderful. Well back to rehab after the VoxBox and Ampeg purchase!

M. Molina

August 2, 2016

Oh how far we have come

The preamp section of this thing is insane. Instant tone. I kid you not, It feels and sounds like a real tube pre!!! This makes me so excited to see UAD's new releases coming up!!!

M. Olsen

August 2, 2016

The channel strip game is getting extremely competitive these days...

Haven't used the hardware, so this is a virgin opinion. In short, the unit sounds nice. You get a definite sense of audio quality when it is flipped on. I hear a definite emphasis on the upper bands in the compressor. Pushed hard, the effect can be fatiguing and becomes an issue that I'd usually be compelled to compensate for. The emphasis can be cool if that's what you're after for a particular application, but if you are looking for something more even in its dynamic response, this isn't would I'd personally go for. In a shootout with bx_console (far and away my preferred channel strip presently), VoxBox could not keep up. But I imagine this makes a hell of a Unison-mode mic pre that cuts through, which is what it was designed for.

h. YU

August 2, 2016

I love it

wonderful, Really plugs sign in and I want. great sound, very good & coupon please^^

H. Barnard

August 2, 2016

5 Stars

The Manley VOXBOX plug-in is as wonderful as many fans testify to the original hardware... great sounding emulation!

H. Barnard

August 1, 2016


The Manley VOXBOX plug-in is as wonderful as many fans testify to the original hardware... great sounding emulation!

A. Walker

August 5, 2016

Looked forward to this one, but not getting it yet

Great, a unison channel strip with built-in de-esser, I've been thinking this was wanting.

However, I find the de-esser is not very effective. In fact, I may not be a hardware engineer, but isn't placing the EQ before the de-esser poor thinking? I'm not about to boost the high end and enhance the esses going into the de-esser. I'm probably naive, but it just doesn't seem right.

This plugin doesn't solve my esses, I still have to use an insert for that purpose.

Still waiting for the unison channel strip with de-essing.

D. Fornes Berenguer

September 4, 2019

Definitivo en Voces!!

Una pasada, insertado en los tracks de voz solo con los presets, se hace indispensable!!

E. Blake

September 1, 2019

Brilliant vocal EQ / Compressor

I,like many powerful yet high tenor vocalists,need to occasionally reign in my midrange.VoxBox does it nicely.Cheers