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Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip

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A. Little

September 30, 2023

love it

Very Useful Plugin its my goto for vocals when im on the go using my thunderbolt apollo solo .

E. Yeung

September 29, 2023

This is what Class A sounds like

I've only tried this plugin one time, but that was enough to convince me to buy it immediately (on Native; I only have a Volt). It has a really, really smooth sound. I would definitely recommend.

J. Singh

September 29, 2023

wow it adds analog warm to my vocals

manley VOXBOX is my first UA plugin when ua released native version and i'm demo the plugin and use on client vocal and compare doing A/B i'm really amazed wow it adds weight and warm the signal and now its part of my vocal chain

b. cheung

September 27, 2023

Love this thing

oh wow, i thought this thing was meant for vocals but for my synths it was great!

C. Panetta

September 27, 2023

Convenient, warm and clean

The compressor before the pre is a cool touch, is enjoy the de esser, very clean, the eq is great for tone shaping. This doesn't need more than 4 to 7 db of compression to level out a vocal well. It has a nice tone and it's own sound, when you learn how all the different components interact with eachother, you can make something incredible with this while tracking vocals.

k. yahya

September 27, 2023


Plugin incroyable

W. Tang

August 31, 2023

Nice quality

use it very well goodjob

J. Keen

August 30, 2023

Incredibly versatile and transparent channel strip!

Like the title of this review says, the Manley Voxbox is incredibly versatile, and quite transparent until you hit the input hard and slam the compressor to silly levels, then you can "hear" the effect. It can and does add some warmth around a signal source. But overall it's really great for leveling out a dynamic vocal or other source. The de-esser in this plug in is BOSS!


August 28, 2023

Amazing warmth

It really helps you get that easy going warm sound. Easy UI, amazing sound. Just pull the trigger

P. Vesic

August 28, 2023

Always good with UAD

With UAD there is no bad surprise , always good... Except maybe high CPU for some products but it s not native so...

But like it a lot

E. Lopes

August 26, 2023

Um canivete suiço ao alcance.

Tenho usado o VOXBOX em diversos casos. Obviamente que ele cai como luva nos vocais, da um calor aveludado e profundo nos canais de voz, comprime sem esmagar, sem sugar a energia, mesmo com uma compressão pesada. Mas gostei do comportamento do VOXBOX no baixo e no violão. Nos violões em particular me surpreendeu muito, essa característica de comprimir sem esmagar ajudou os violões ficarem presentes na mix ter de comprimir muito, com alguns dBs de gain reduction o violão já ganhou uma vida a mais. Parabéns a UA pelos excelentes plugins.

j. gouin

August 26, 2023

Clean the voice

Rend la voix plus transparente , bon EQ, j’adore


August 23, 2023

Very Useful Plugin

Very smooth. Great on vocals!

A. Buynicki

August 22, 2023

Great plug in!

Really adds the beef behind vocals!

M. Cordray

August 22, 2023


Love this so much a monster on vocals and bass. Pretty slick on drums too. The DeEsser is so amazing.

M. Cook

July 30, 2023

Manley Voxbox

A great vocal channel strip, easy to get an excellent vocal sound up n running quickly . Good on bass too. Nice

E. bartlett

July 18, 2023

just GET IT!

I'm so glad I got this plugin. it sounds so good. its the next best thing.

S. Park

July 5, 2023

Amazing Plug-in

I am extremely satisfied with the majority of UAD plugins that I recently purchased and have been using. In particular, the Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip provides me with great satisfaction when setting up vocals, especially during the preamp stage. I highly recommend it. Thank you, UAD.

D. Groulx

June 26, 2023

Every good thing said about this channel strip is true!

Just absolutely amazing! I thought it would be a very good ''one trick poney'' but I was wrong. This CS is incredibly versatile. Love how the gain button gives me different character for different types of songs.

R. Hoertner

June 25, 2023

Still waiting

I am still waiting for the download of the UA software to my system. It has been almost 2weeks! I’ve spent much time trying to get assistance from UA to no avail. The $$$ was taken from my account on day one. Quite disappointed. May not be buying anymore UA plugins, which is unfortunate I like the ones I’ve bought so far…

1-20 of 646 Results

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