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  • 4.5/5

An elegant addition to the Precision Series
mixing tool set.

Featuring four modern, high-fidelity plug-ins for recording and mixing, the Precision Mix Rack Collection for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces gives you powerful and intuitive tools for creative tone shaping.

Included in all versions of the Analog Classics and Realtime Analog Classics plug-in bundles, the Precision Channel Strip, Precision Reflection Engine, and Precision Delay Modulation plug-ins offer an impressive tool set — perfect for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

Get started right out of the box with included plug-ins from UA's premier Precision Mix and Mastering Series

Track or mix with the Precision Channel Strip's powerful five-band EQ and dynamics modules

Add shimmer and movement with Precision Delay Modulation’s chorus, flanger and delay effects

Create small space atmosphere and depth using Precision Reflection Engine on buses or individual sources

Key Features

UA's award-winning algorithmic craftsmanship from UAD Precision Mix and Mastering Series' designs
Four tools included: Precision Channel Strip, Precision Delay Mod, Delay Mod L (Long), and Precision Reflection Engine
Musical and flexible overlapping five band EQ, including assignable cut, peak, or shelf filtering
Natural to aggressive dynamics control from soft compression to hard limiting, plus auto gain and Dynamics/EQ swap
A wide range of delay and modulation effects including stereo/ping-pong/crossover delays, plus chorus and flanging
Precision Reflection Engine provides unique small space ambience design and more
Included free with all UAD and Apollo purchases
Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

Customer Reviews

Precision Mix Rack Collection

Overall Rating


Г. Солодкий

May 14, 2024

It's great!

magnificent instruments for mixing/ Thank's UA!

G. Govindhaswamy

October 21, 2023

Cannot find the plugin

I cant find it in my list of plugins

j. louis

April 25, 2023



M. Molod

December 11, 2022



E. Andras

July 24, 2022

the best musically compressor and creative delay

I have already tested all UAD compressors. I think the most accurate and at the same time the most musical sound is given by the channel strip compressor.
Every other compressor has a unique sound but this one is clean and characterless. I recommend it to those who are just learning how compressors work, this plugin helps you understand it.
Precision delay long is a phenomenally creative tool, it produces genius from the simplest sound.
If there is a UAD plugin that is worth its price, this package is it!

E. Thomas

October 15, 2021

Musical and uncomplicated

I use it as a bus compressor. Nothing fancy but it has a musical feel. Basic and does not play coy with you.

s. guerrina

July 9, 2021



G. Spaniola

March 23, 2021

Clean and Simple!

It's a GREAT go to EQ/Comp for just about anything. Very clean, without added color.

H. Myers

January 13, 2021

Simple and clean

Doesn't take up a lot of DSP and sounds great!

H. Myers

January 13, 2021

Simple and clean

Doesn't take up a lot of DSP and sounds great!

H. Myers

January 13, 2021

Simple and clean

Doesn't take up a lot of DSP and sounds great!

H. Myers

January 13, 2021

Simple and clean

Doesn't take up a lot of DSP and sounds great!


October 14, 2020


available in my library but not showing as daw(studio one)
Emre Demir- Emrecording

R. Rodriguez

July 5, 2020

Good Tones, Low DSP, Not Intuitive.

Has some good tones and presets. They are free with Apollo’s, can’t complain. They are not very intuitive to learn at first . Also the design looks outdated.


May 25, 2020

Finally figured out how to access these and my other UA Plugins in Logic Pro X!!!

I'm giving a 5-star review just from being happy to have finally figured out how to access my UA plugins in Logic Pro. I see another recent user mentioned having trouble doing this too so that's why I'm going to post this here. Go to Logic's preferences and select Plugin Manager. If you have purchased certain UA Plugins, only have those boxes checked, then press Reset and Rescan and voila, you will be able to use your plugins.

G. Kodra

May 12, 2020



D. MacBeth

April 3, 2020

Perfect starter

Love the sound I'm able to get! cant wait to get more


March 6, 2020

but wait I don't get it

Using Logix PRO X, how do you find those in Logic ? there's something I don't understand. that ain't clear enough ? I don't know what to do? Help I need to use it all of that reading the comments !!

j. Masabanda

January 28, 2020


j. Masabanda

January 28, 2020