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  • 4.7/5

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The compressor from the future.

The elysia• mpressor plug-in for UAD-2 and Apollo interfaces is a creative tool that offers punchy sounds with beautiful coloration, as well as more extreme processing options.

Developed by Brainworx, the mpressor plug-in is an exacting emulation of the high-end, Class-A hardware, perfectly capturing its unique features like gain reduction limiting, anti-log curves, and negative ratios.

Apply extreme compression effects without degrading the original sound

Use the Auto Fast function for fast, distortion-free compression without any artifacts

Harness the Niveau Filter to change the character of a track from subtle to striking with continuous frequency shift

Punch up flat or dull drum tracks

Key Features

100% Discrete Class-A Sound: Faithful recreation of the elysia• mpressor's all discrete circuitry and special character, authenticated by elysia• GmbH
Powerful Creative Compression: An outstanding universal compressor as well as an inspiring dynamic effects machine that produces fat and freaky sounds with maximum punch, beautiful colorations, and extreme processing options.
Auto Fast: The compressor can be very fast, but only when it is really needed. Auto Fast shortens the attack time automatically on fast and loud signal impulses.
Anti Log: If intentionally striking and creative compression is the goal, it definitely makes sense to turn things upside down. Anti Log provides an alternative characteristic of the release curve following an anti-logarithmic course. With Anti Log you can create many exceptional compression effects just by the push of a button.
Negative Ratios: The characteristic curve bends and goes back down! Heavy pumping, backward sounds, etc. Perfect for cool compression effects.
Niveau Audio Filter: Easy to use, yet very flexible, the Niveau Filter's main function is to change the proportions between high and low frequencies. By simultaneously boosting and cutting the selected frequency areas, it is easy to influence the character of a track ("bright" vs. "dark").
Gain Reduction Limiter: A specialty of the mpressor. This limiter is not placed in the audio path where you would usually find it, but in the control path of the compressor. Choose the maximum amount of gain reduction you want to allow at the twist of a knob.
Mousewheel Support: The controllers of the mpressor can be moved with the mouse wheel.

Customer Reviews

elysia• mpressor

Overall Rating


C. Hunter

December 11, 2021


Throw this on a reverb or delay buss and you got magic… That’s just facts… just amazing overall UAD delivers nothing but exceptional products!!! Luna!!!!

O. Kwon

November 13, 2021

Good for you


A. Langenfeld

January 24, 2021

love it!

I didn't expect this to be my current favorite comp in my voice chain for my radio show - just try the "Well Defined" preset and hear what it does to your voice!

N. Heinze

August 29, 2020


It's creamy smooth and simple to use. Great for automated EQ tasks in EDM.

B. Telkamp

May 25, 2020


Enhances loudness in a unique way. Cool tool!

R. Kaysan

January 25, 2020

unbelievable good.

I don’t know how they did it, but 6dB gain reduction without compromising punch... try the demo! also a very creative compressor - unique in my arsenal!

y. m

January 26, 2019

great Effect

Very good one!!!

E. Romano

January 17, 2019

Mpressor - Meat of Rock’n’Roll))

This little Monster able to make a cool Club and Rock injections in ur track )))!!!

R. Bürger

December 15, 2018

elysia• mpressor :) :) :)

Absolut der geilste Kompressor den es Gibt !!!!!!

T. Varga

July 14, 2018


Great presets, great sound

m. chalkiopoulos

July 11, 2018

modern character for drum buss

This plugin is the best by far with modern character for drum buss or bass and vocals too!
everything is sitting easily in the mix. Thank u

m. chalkiopoulos

July 11, 2018

modern character for drum buss

This plugin is the best by far with modern character for drum buss or bass and vocals too!
everything is sitting easily in the mix. Thank u

S. Roefs

June 18, 2018

One of those plugin I never use

Never took the time to get to know this one. And I don't miss it.

E. Pensa

February 13, 2018

Excellent !

Very tight, easy to use compressor. The presets are killer, truly a unique piece of gear.

C. Christe

January 17, 2018

Unfassbar flexibel

Der mpressor bietet nahezu unendlich viele Soundvarianten durch super Schaltungen und nicht zuletzt durch die den EQ. Bisher macht er auf allen Audioquellen einer super Figur und auch interessante Sounddesigns lassen sich erstellen. Er macht einfach Spaß!

S. Imbierowicz

January 9, 2018

very goood and universal tool

fat and flexible. one of my favorites on tracks. the reason i give 4, not 5 stars is absence of mix/dry knob. that knob would make this compressor iconic.

r. green

November 25, 2017

go get this right now

i love love this for puch and crarity

J. Boyat

August 1, 2017

Impressive compressor

So good that I bought the hardware.
The Swiss knife compressor, excellent on guitar, piano, Rhodes, Bass and even on the orchestra and certainly on other instruments.
I don't use it for sound design but with low ratio with 4 or 6 db of gain reduction with "GR Limit" at 4 db and a subtitle "EQ Gain".

"Et voilà", my favorite compressor


E. Sokolowski

July 27, 2017

Underrated brutal compressor!

This compressor can be seriously fast. I love it for clamping down and distorting drum transients in parallel. The release times can also be very fast, but the curves are always musical. The negative ratios and exp release offer more creative sounds which can be fun too.

There is some aliasing when using more extreme settings, but I really couldn't care when it sounds as great as this plugin does!

j. sonneveld

January 25, 2017


The Elysia.mpressor is a great tool to give drums much more power.
It also has very useful functions for creative sound design, (e.g. the eq gain/freq knobs).