Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

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The gold standard in vintage tube limiters — captured for UAD and Apollo.

The Fairchild 670 and 660 are the most coveted vintage compressor/limiters in the world, with good reason. These 20-tube tone titans — which now fetch upwards of $50,000 — impart an unmistakable silky warmth heard on hundreds of hit records from the Beatles and Pink Floyd to countless Motown classics.

Now your vocal tracks, drum bus, and entire mix can benefit from the world’s most accurate plug-in recreations of these one-of-a-kind compressors, with the Fairchild Tube Limiter Plug-In Collection for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces.

Now You Can:

Give your tracks and mixes classic Fairchild tube warmth and character

Harness the Fairchild’s tube-driven gain control, compression curves, and tube amp and transformer sections

Duplicate the famed Ocean Way Studios' compression sound with circuit-modeled recreations of their golden reference units

Complete your “Big Three” compressor arsenal, alongside the LA-2A and 1176 plug-ins

Use “plug-in only” features like Wet/Dry, Sidechain Filters, and Headroom Control

Mix with presets from Darrell Thorp (Beck, Radiohead), Ryan West (Jay-Z, Kid Cudi), and Peter Mokran (The Flaming Lips, Mary J. Blige)

Take A Listen

Take A Listen
5 Minute Tip
5 Minute Tip

5 Minute Tip

The Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

The World’s Most Coveted Compressor

The World’s Most Coveted Compressor

The first Fairchild limiter that audio genius Rein Narma created on Les Paul’s kitchen table transformed recording forever. Soon, these 20-tube, 14-transformer, 67-pound behemoths resided in world-class studios, many of which still employ their vintage Fairchilds. For a half-century, the Fairchild 670 — and its aggressive little brother, the Fairchild 660 — have defined popular music’s most revered vocal and drum sounds. In fact, the world’s elite mixers often employ a 670 simply for the “glow” it brings to their final mixes, even without compression happening.

The Closest You Can Get to<br>Vintage Fairchilds in a Plug-In

The Closest You Can Get to
Vintage Fairchilds in a Plug-In

In 2004, Universal Audio released the Fairchild 670 Legacy plug-in, which was quickly heralded as the best 670 emulation available. Today, UA’s team of DSP experts have improved the original Time Constants and gain reduction curves, while modeling — for the first time ever — the complete tube-powered amplifier and transformer sections of their hardware counterparts. Far beyond other Fairchild emulations, only the new UAD Fairchild Collection is based on an accurate circuit models of Ocean Way Studios' “golden-reference” units.

New Features — Classic Tones

New Features — Classic Tones

Although the Fairchild Tube Limiter Plug-In Collection nails the classic sonics of yesteryear, it also sports useful new features for modern workflows.

Blend Sounds with the Wet/Dry Mix Control

Blend Sounds with the Wet/Dry Mix Control

A Parallel Mix control lets you blend your unprocessed signal with the compressed signal, opening worlds of textural possibilities on everything from a drum bus to a mix bus.

Enhance Drums with Sidechain Filters

Enhance Drums with Sidechain Filters

By using the Fairchild’s Sidechain Filtering, you gain another level of control over your tracks. Use it to punch up the drum bus to enhance its impact without triggering the threshold of the compressor with the kick drum.

Add Grit with the Headroom Control

Add Grit with the Headroom Control

The Headroom (HR) control can be increased to make mastering applications a breeze, raising the gain reduction threshold and lowering distortion. Conversely, you can decrease headroom, lowering the gain reduction threshold and raising distortion for grittier textures that work on everything from vocals and drums to guitar and bass.

The Ultimate Companion to the LA-2A & 1176 Collections

The Ultimate Companion to the LA-2A & 1176 Collections

Combined with the Electro-Optical (LA-2A) and FET-based (1176) compressor plug-ins, the Fairchild’s unique tube-driven sound completes the compression “Triple Crown.” Renowned for its aggressive power on piano, bass, and guitar, the 660 is a stereo/mono version of the original mono compressor, while the flagship 670 is a full stereo compressor that can inject vibe and color into tracks or add the final touch to mixes.

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      Key Features

      Includes the mono 660 and stereo 670, each with their own sonic attributes and feature sets
      Models entire electronic path, including tube amplifiers and transformers for complete analog color and behavior
      Modeled after Ocean Way’s famous, meticulously maintained golden Fairchild channels
      Lateral-Vertical mode for stereo imaging and balance control
      Includes custom hardware Stereo Sidechain Link mod
      Six attack and release Time Constants (plus additional Time Constant variations with Sidechain Link)
      Includes all-new “digital only” features: Sidechain filtering, Dry/Wet parallel blend and Headroom
      Includes artist presets from Darrell Thorp, Michael Brauer, Ryan West, and more
      Requires a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

      Customer Reviews

      Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

      Overall Rating

      J. Korhonen

      April 20, 2016

      Jesus wept...

      When he turned this s#it on! This is a beautiful plugin. Cheers to UA and all involved for creating it. Don't overuse it and you'll have a great outcome. Overuse it and become a God.

      T. Hansen

      April 14, 2016

      Just what the doctor ordered

      Just got the Fairchild and I love it. Instant punch and guts. Even my singing sounds good now.

      B. Jerkins

      January 12, 2016

      Sold 2 of my kids to buy this... and it was worth it!!

      My kids never worked as hard as this compressor does... It's a shame that it doesn't make me coffee. But other than that - no complaints at all. Would do it all over again!!!!

      It sounds great on Drums (if you feel your song even needs those loud things), vocals (male, female, and mermaids too), kazoo, Stereo bus, Greyhound Bus... really just about anything. I even loaded the Fairchild on an empty channel and started dancing in the studio. I have to be honest - my dancing skills improved immensely. It was truly a sight to behold. The heavens were moved by the moves coming from my barely clothed body.

      So needless to say, you can't go wrong with this plugin! You won't regret it. And neither will your soulmate/lover.

      J. Pierre

      March 9, 2015

      My go to compressor already after the 2nd day of ownership

      I want to say thank you to uad .you guys have allowed a guy like me to own gear I would have never been able to afford.this plugin has already added magic to tracks Ive done in the pass .. and helped spark a renewed interest in those track from customers that have heard the new mixes.thx Uad... This plugin is a must have one of my stranded desert island choices for sure.

      R. Copeland

      December 13, 2014

      Holy $h!7 Balls Mgee!!

      I had used and loved fairchild plugins or a while. The thing is that you will never fully appreciate the magical sound that they impart on what ever you use them on unless you get a chance to use a real one. When I moved to Nashville TN I worked in numerous studios. I got to use the real deal at BlackBird And Ocean Way. These things are out of this world. Well let me tell you that this Plugin is Spot On. The Depth and the sweetness of this thing are amazing. You can get massive amounts of gain reduction on these things and still have stuff sound great. Its a very easy compressor to use as it is very hard to make it sound bad. I love how they captured the nuances in how it responds differently at different input stages. LOVE

      M. Marantz

      March 7, 2014


      Thanks UA for this killlllllllllller upgrade! No joke, this plug is a must have buss compressor if you are on UAD-2. The LF side-chain filter is the big ticket on this plugin. The overall sound of the 670 is beautiful and warm, but the LF side-chain filter allows you the kind of control over the low-end that we didn't have before in the Fairchild 670 MKI. With the MKII upgrade, you are able to control exactly what frequency the compressor begins working at, allowing you to hit it harder without inducing compression pumping. When I set out for a buss compressor, I needed one that covered all my bases stylistically, not just rock, not just acoustic. The Fairchild Pluging Collection (MKII upgrade) does that, and extremely well.

      C. Chastain

      January 22, 2014

      Fantastic for color!

      I've only had the pleasure of using the hardware Fairchild 670 once - at Abbey Road 2 - so my reference is limited. But over the last couple weeks I've found myself inserting the 660 and 670 on almost everything while tracking with the Apollo. Many times I'm simply running signals thru it for a bit of color, other times I'm going for no more than 1-2 dB of gain reduction. I honestly have no clue how "authentic" these plugs are - but who cares? I love them for the sonics they provide and the depth of color they afford me.

      F. Speer

      December 28, 2013

      Beste Fairchild Emulation bisher

      Nach nunmehr einem Monat des Testens finde ich beide Versionen klasse. Durchaus anders als die ältere UA Variante, viel subtiler, aber eben auch edler. 99 % des Materials, was ich durchgeschickt habe, klang hinterher - bei gleicher Lautstärke wie ohne das plugin abgehört - durchaus transparenter.
      Schön auch die neuen Features (Parallele Kompression, etc.)
      Und das Auge ißt auch mit, davor ist man auch als Audiomensch nicht gefeit.
      Ob einem das - regulär - etwa 220,- Euro wert sind, ist schwer zu sagen. Ich hatte den Vorteil upgraden zu können von der Vorversion und habe noch einen Gutschein hineingeworfen. Da war es dann schon ein No-Brainer. Speziell auf dynamischen und/oder problematischen Stimmen meine erste Wahl!!

      W. Lance

      December 24, 2013

      lovin' the new Fairchild...

      I love this new Fairchild limiter, to me, the magic of both the 660 & 670 lie in the tonal variation you can get by driving the input of the compressor, backing off the output to keep in/out level, and then playing with the MIX control to vary the tone.. on individual instruments such as bass, guitars and saxaphone, using the 660 I'm able to do this and set the mix up around anywhere from 60-90% and get more drive and color (or back it off for more clarity and less presence in the mix) and on the master bus, I love the way this limiter works just to the left or right of the 50% marker on MIX, you can get these tones without even compressing, also play around with the headroom dial to vary the tone, this is by far my favorite compressor..

      D. Piredda

      December 20, 2013


      compression and sound great with a big volume control all enriched atmosphere rettrò. the filters Sidechain beautiful! Wet / Dry Mix very useful and indispensable! great job congratulations!!

      M. Mathieson

      December 16, 2013

      Pretty Cool

      I didn't use the legacy version that much, but the new ones are noticeably better. I use them quite a bit.

      Even with no compression it adds depth and definition I could be imagining this, but I don't think so, it's pretty clear.

      the mix knob and sidechain knob are also incredibly useful.

      this basically crushes any other fairchild emulation i've tried.

      R. Elliott

      December 16, 2013

      Loooove this!

      I used the Legacy version quite a bit in the past but this is a huge upgrade. This sounds absolutely amazing on everything. I really use this bad boy on overheads, acoustic guitar, and on the 2 bus. I also like to use it on a backup vox bus to tighten the vox without coloring the sound too much. I know the word "warm" is thrown out there quite a bit but for a plugin but this is a truly warm sounding plugin.

      Bravo UAD!

      S. Leiweke

      December 13, 2013

      Could this be better than the real thing?

      It might be.

      I have been lucky enough to use a Fairchild. A friend brought one to my studio one day after having his serviced so I could help make sure it was functioning correctly. After having it here for weeks, I didn't think I could live without. When it left, I was sad.

      UA's new Fairchild Collection has brought the smile back to my face that the real hardware originally created. Not only does it sound and function like the hardware, it's even more flexible and tweak-able. Being able to change the headroom and wet/dry mix of the effect was something I could have only dreamed of before.

      Plus I'll never have to be with out it when it breaks down and needs to visit the tech for TLC.

      Well done UA.

      W. Garder

      December 8, 2013

      Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection - Very decent plugin.

      Very interesting plugin. Unlike the old version has some differences: 1. Has a more critical attitude to the level of the input signal 2. Button "HR" makes magical things with source 3. Compression itself works very properly, without undue influences. Plugin deserves to be in the collection.

      K. Koby

      February 8, 2014

      Good Fairchild Emulation But...

      This plugin is good, but I'm upset that I had just recently purchased what is now referred to as the "legacy version" when this was released. I feel like I should have received a free upgrade to the new one.

      S. Beckham

      December 21, 2013

      A Must have!

      First the gripe...I wish that as an owner of the original Fairchild UAD, and almost every plug-in they have, that the upgrade price was less. I paid 150 to upgrade but I think 60-100 would have been more reasonable.......however....

      I have to admit that I have quickly for got that issue, as the plugin is the product of learned, refined knowledge over time, which is really humanity at its best.
      When UAD stops improving on their abilities to make the ultimate in "REAL" software, then we have to morn

      This plug in has MOJO Its versatile and its MUSICAL!!!!

      Art is subjective, try it your self no one can tell you what sounds good...

      except Chuck Norris.... he rules everything.

      B. Herle

      November 22, 2013


      IMHO this is the most beautiful sounding plug-in I have ever used, bar none. Great job UAD! Simply can't wait to start tracking vocals, drum overheads, pianos, and other things through it with my Apollo! Breathtaking!

      A. Picciafuochi

      November 19, 2013

      More detailed sound

      This new version of the stellar Fairchild compressor/limiter has a more detailed and closer sound to the original hardware than its already excellent predecessor, you have to try it absolutely.

      J. Weil

      December 7, 2013

      Wow! Very useful and impressive

      I've owned the previous Fairchild emulation ever since the UAD-1 days and honestly, I rarely used it. Upon seeing the re-issue, I wondered if the improvement would be as huge as the 1176 and LA-2A Collections (which see use every mix). In short- it is!
      I started with a large-format rock mix. I tried it on the lead vocals, which had light tracking compression provided by an 1176. I tried an LA-2A first, but it wasn't responding in the way I liked. Then I tried the 660 and it was spot-on. The way this thing grabs is almost unreal. When pushed hard, it does lose some life, but that is what compression does! After dialing it back a bit, I had my lead vocal DONE. Simple! I also tried it on bass (buss) at my next mix session and it kills....

      B. Klukovic

      March 12, 2015

      MUST HAVE!!!

      In the past, before I started with the UAD stuff, I used a lot of the Waves version and I liked it really - then I met the UAD Fairchild. Must admit that it is REALLY smooth and it kicks ass when it comes to glueing (can you call it glue? It´s somehting else..) stuff together with a certain kind of magic.

      What I especially like is the kind of fullness the 670 brings for me on almost everything I wanna enchant with it, no matter if bass, buss or whatever I need. The 660 is IMHO a bit too aggressive, but since I had a liverecording with a band, incorporating a singer which was a bit weak in his voice on this day, I gave it a try and was suprised! I guess, not liking something is only a result of not trying all the capabilities.