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Neve® Dynamics Collection

Neve® Dynamics Collection


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Two legendary British compressors, powering decades of Neve sound.

The Neve Dynamics Collection gives you fully-endorsed end-to-end emulations of Neve's most cherished dynamics hardware — the Neve 2254/E and refreshed 33609/C limiter/compressors — exclusively for UAD hardware and Apollo interfaces.

Now You Can:

Get the world's only authentic plug-in emulations of Neve's iconic 2254/E and 33609/C limiter/compressors

Mix with the 2254/E, the famed compression module from Neve's iconic 80 series consoles

Shape with the updated Neve 33609/C using new Sidechain Filter, Dry/Wet Mix, and Fast/Slow Attack controls

Easily add weight, thickness, and tone on individual tracks and buses

Sculpt with custom Attack and Release settings not found on the original Neve 2254/E

Mix with artist presets from Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton), Damian Taylor (The Killers, Björk), Chuck Zwicky (Prince, Soul Asylum), and more

Neve 2254/E. The Heart of the 80 Series Console

Neve 2254/E. The Heart of the 80 Series Console

A vital ingredient to the original Neve 80 series consoles, the 2254 limiter/compressor modules' creamy dynamics was employed on thousands of hit records — adding weight and color to instrument groups and individual tracks. Using a diode‑bridge topology, the Neve 2254/E features separate compression and limiting circuits, and is perfect for "toning up" while applying dynamics control to any source.

A Painstaking Emulation

A Painstaking Emulation

By studying historical schematics and original Neve 80 series service manuals, UA's team of engineers captured every nook and cranny of this prized piece of British kit. The Neve 2254/E Limiter and Compressor plug-in nails the original hardware's complex amp/filter behaviors, giving your individual tracks and stereo buses the same colorful, rich British compression of the classic Neve module. Plus, shape stereo buses even further using the Neve 2254/E Dual, with independent L/R parameter control.

Mix Bus Royalty. The Neve 33609/C

Mix Bus Royalty. The Neve 33609/C

Sporting more transparency and flexibility than the Neve 2254/E, but still flaunting fat, unmistakably British diode‑bridge dynamics control, the Neve 33609/C has been strapped across the mix bus of chart topping hits since the '70s. From gentle coloration to brickwall limiting, this workhorse dynamics processor is a professional go‑to not only for music production, but also mastering, post, and broadcast applications.

New 33609 Features

New 33609 Features

With new "plug‑in only" features like Sidechain Filter, Dry/Wet Mix for easy parallel processing, and Fast/Slow Compress Attack switch, you can sculpt stereo instrument buses and your mix bus with startling precision and unmistakable Neve tone.

Customer Reviews

Neve Dynamics Collection

Overall Rating


November 22, 2020

Chaux et élégant...

Un son chaleureux à souhait !!!
Un vrai bonheur !

B. Bilstrup

November 19, 2020

Another Mighty Compressor

Always loved the 33609, but the extra additions just takes it to another level. The 2254 added to this series is just a beast of a tone machine. Just using it without any compression sounds fat and “warm” and can really bring your tracks forward. On the master bus it does wonders and is a very welcome contrast to 33609.

E. McGuire

November 17, 2020

Vive creator!

Loving the 2254. The weight and vibe this thing creates, especially on instrument busses is incredible. Just has so much life! Big thumbs up on drums especially.

B. Busch

November 11, 2020

About Dang Time Guys! ...BTW, they're great!

Man, I've been waiting and waiting and waaaaiiiiiting for the 33609 to get a refresh so it's actually usable on a digital mix buss, with the necessary controls to adjust the headroom properly. I couldn't do an A-B with the old one on the sonics, but I can say this edition sounds fantastic, and FEELS way more like the hardware. The SE misses a bit of clarity and ferry dust in the tone, but does OK considering the lighter CPU hit, (the full version isn't too bad either) or could be good if I want to reach for a more subtle, less assertive tone.

The 2254 is just a bonus, and is different and great in its own right. I have some other models of this, but the UA version is of course top shelf for the sound. Thicker, chunkier vibe than the 33609. Great for more density / heft, and probably better on tracks & instrument busses, (drums!) while the 33609 I'm sure will be my new love on the mix buss for a while.

Thanks for finally getting around to this one guys. Nicely done!


November 11, 2020


Transients/attack, harmonics and weight. A tighter and open low end. Sublime :)

M. Clay

November 11, 2020

First impressions last...

I just purchased this and used the 2254/E on some "Stylus" Deep House drum loops. No doubt, it is bringing the drums to life like no other plug in. It is making them bounce like even my hardware compressor can't. No crunching or loss of bottom end for deep bass mixes. "Thick" is the right word. This is the best software plugin I have ever used, by far. I will write a better review of the whole package. Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am, love at first sound. Thanks so much for the saving too as I already owned the 33609; very considerate. The 2254/E deserves an award to be honest. It is breakthrough software emulation. Complete success! Dual version and single! One very happy customer, thanks!