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Neve® Dynamics Collection


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Neve Dynamics Collection

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E. Ananda

May 12, 2021


The tone and sound has made compression fun for me again. Honestly, wow! I LOVE IT!

M. Beil

May 11, 2021

Thats Mojo!!

Both the 33609 and the 2254 are great! Love the 33609 on Pianos, Dums and Busses. The 2254 is killin the drum Bus!!!!! Get it!

D. Long

April 5, 2021

A must Have

There is something about the Neve sound that changes the Character of your mix. At times subtle but yet profound. Helps glue my mixes and gives me the confidence to be sure of the quality of my final product. UA's emulations always stands out.

K. Bauman

March 22, 2021

Take money again, thanks

I’m demoing these, and if only for what the 2254 does to the kick sound of a Front of Kit mic, it’s worth it. I record drums with the X4, and I close mic the snare and two toms. An R84 out front is all I use to record the “kit”’s not a dedicated kick mic. I’ve been considering getting more inputs to get more snap out of the kick with another mic, but the 2254 somehow magically adds it.

The headroom knob on the 33609 is welcome; Without it, I can’t put it on the mix bus without it sounding someone is hitting the snare with a monkey wrench.

H. Steffel

March 22, 2021

Nice Plugins

The 'Neve Dynamics Collection' really allows extensive limiting and compression options for mixing and mastering. Coloring in a beautiful way.

J. Geary

March 22, 2021


First off the 33609 is great and I appreciate the update provided for existing users with some additional control. Its the 2254 that really found my heart though. I swear I must have demoed it 10 times off cooldown the thing is a damn gut puncher. Throw it on some frail drums and solve all your problems with a little mojo on the side :)

K. Sarikos

March 19, 2021

Neve style

vintage and color style for Neve

. Adams

March 15, 2021

G-Bus comp who??? (33609 review only)

This is only for the 33609 which is what I bought collection for. The 33609 has totally replaced the SSL G Comp on my 2mix. It has a much fuller, smoother character that I prefer. It adds a certain richness just being inserted before even compressing.

S. El Hammami

February 27, 2021

Must have

Now I have it I use it in every production !

J. Farwick

February 15, 2021


UAD Compressors? I have them all - But this just hit me! I'm shocked!
Those compressors are another level - Easy to use 2. Easiely my #1

C. Lee

February 12, 2021

Great Emuation

These compressors sound fantastic!

W. Leirich

February 10, 2021

nicht gut

Software ist gut. Aber warum werden Plugins mit herunter geladen die man gar nicht braucht. Das ist nicht gut

T. McDiarmid

February 7, 2021


Lots of color and energy.. sometimes a home run on the mix bus!

R. Busch

February 7, 2021

The plug-in that I was missing

A fresh sound completing my already vast array of different plug-ins

J. Honore

February 6, 2021


If you need some whipped cream on top of you hot cocoa, get the Neve Dynamics collection. You will not be disappointed,a And after the first sip, you will say: OMG! What? I need an other sip.

F. Martinsen

February 1, 2021


What to say? Wow. The sound so fat and creamy. I love it. :)

P. Nortey

February 1, 2021


I bought this for 2 or 3 weeks ago and starting to understand it more and more I have to say the updated version and the new One added to it are just great

N. Jordan

January 29, 2021

my mix bus magic

i am a big fan of 33609 analog compressor and since i have my uad plugin version i dont have i wish for analog unit

P. Giacalone

January 25, 2021

Great comps!

Really wonderful Neve color! The 2254/E is a great alternative to the Fairchild on guitars. Couple these with the 1073/1080 EQs and you have a great vintage Neve console sound.

K. Kofron

January 24, 2021

Neve Dynamics Collection is a sound investment.

Great sound excellent presets.

1-20 of 55 Results

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