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The ultimate “glue” for your mix bus,
re-modeled with stunning accuracy.

Integral to the hit-making SSL sound, the G Bus Compressor is legend for making mixes bigger, more powerful, and punchy, all the while enhancing cohesion and clarity. Fully endorsed by Solid State Logic, Universal Audio proudly unveils the SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces — an expert end-to-end circuit emulation that goes further than UA’s original standard-defining SSL G Bus Compressor plug-in.

Mix with a jaw-dropping update of the iconic SSL G Bus Compressor

Give power, cohesion, and drive to mixes, buses, or any source

Harness new features like Side Chain Filtering, Mix, and Headroom controls

Mix with artist presets from Just Blaze (Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar), Peter Mokran (The Flaming Lips, Mary J. Blige), Ian Boxill (Prince, Tupac), and more

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
The Only End-to-End<br />SSL Bus Compressor Emulation

The Only End-to-End
SSL Bus Compressor Emulation

Embarking on a ground-up re-design of the original SSL G Bus Compressor plug-in, UA’s team of engineers meticulously remodeled every nuance of the in-console and FX G384 rackmount specimens, including their unique CV (control voltage) summing. By capturing all of its circuit behaviors, the new SSL G Bus Compressor plug-in gives you all of the famed SSL hallmarks — punchy, transparent glue, and an ultra-accurate stereo image.

Original Recipe

Original Recipe

From subtle and transparent dynamic control to more aggressive textures with peak limiting, the SSL G Bus Compressor plug-in’s simple, intuitive control set lets you quickly dial in what you need. The fixed Attack and Release controls are SSL-voiced for bus functionality, including the program-dependent Auto Release function. Conjure "barely a wiggle" 2-bus glue, or "bury the needle" full dynamic crush with the continuous Threshold control.

Custom Enhancements

Custom Enhancements

New workflow features make the SSL G Bus Compressor Collection even more vital for the modern producer/engineer. The internal Side Chain Filter allows you precise tailoring of low frequency response to reduce low-end “pumping,” while the Mix control provides inline dry/wet processing — perfect for quick parallel compression on a drum or vocal bus. The Headroom control lets you adjust the overall operating level of the plug‑in.

Fade to Black

Fade to Black

Just like the console units, the new SSL G Bus Compressor features the original Auto Fade feature, providing the signature SSL fade taper, up to 60 seconds. With the new SSL G Bus Compressor, plus the included DSP-lite SSL G Bus Compressor Legacy plug-in, you can craft your projects with Platinum‑selling sound.

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      Painstakingly modeled by Universal Audio's plug-in design team, licensed and authenticated by Solid State Logic

      Beloved 4000 G era compressor design, measured from the all-discrete hardware

      Specially tailored dynamic characteristics ideal for compressing full mix or subgroups

      Provides the entire circuit path and control set of the stereo dual-VCA compressor

      Signature 4000 G features include fixed range Attack and Release including program-dependent "Auto" release, and Auto Fade

      Plug-in exclusive features include SC Filter, Dry/Wet parallel processing and Headroom for user-customizable operating level

      Includes low-DSP Legacy SSL G Bus Compressor plug-in

      Includes presets from Just Blaze (Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar), Peter Mokran (The Flaming Lips, Mary J. Blige), Ian Boxill (Prince, Tupac), and more

      Customer Reviews

      SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection

      Overall Rating


      S. Neron

      May 18, 2024

      SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection

      il est excellent et ajoute le petit plus le brillant que j'adore et qui fait coller le tout ensemble un muste à avoir sur son bus master ou autre bus

      S. Neron

      May 18, 2024

      SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection

      il est excellent et ajoute le petit plus le brillant que j'adore et qui fait coller le tout ensemble un muste à avoir sur son bus master ou autre bus

      Y. Chistyakov

      May 11, 2024

      SSL 4000 G Bus

      Ich finde diesen Compressor sehr gut, Dankeschön UA.

      R. Evans

      May 6, 2024


      I kinda wanted to blow this one off because of all the hype, I was wrong. It does everything, everyone says it does. Sometimes the hype isn't just hype.

      I. Ganev

      May 5, 2024

      It's amazing!

      Punch. Glue. Color.
      Guitars, drums, vocals, mixes, it is universal buss compressor with tasty.

      m. criscuolo

      May 2, 2024


      E' la migliore colla per mix e mastering...quello UAD è il migliore!

      C. Domenico

      April 29, 2024

      SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor

      In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend the SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor to any producer or engineer looking to add classic glue and punch to their mixes. Whether you're working in the box or on a hardware console, this plugin faithfully captures the essence of the legendary SSL bus compressor, delivering professional-grade results with ease. Trust me, once you experience the magic of the SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor, you'll wonder how you ever mixed without it.

      E. Rodriguez

      April 29, 2024


      Un sonido muy natural me gusta

      A. Lee

      April 27, 2024

      Incredible cohesion

      It really is incredible what this can do to bring a mix together. It will live on my 2 bus from now on

      G. Herrera

      April 14, 2024

      Glue with Color

      It helps to add on my stereo output
      and love what it does, but sometimes its not the right tool but most of the time its exactly what I needed, recording heavy rock and sometimes put it on bass and drums too with good results.


      March 26, 2024

      Best fixed all of all

      The best Could be vocals strings acoustic guitars. Flutes etc. is a hell of a piece necessary in every studio.

      T. Harp

      March 5, 2024

      Magic box

      I can't imagine mixing without this in my mix buss, or my drums, or my bass , etc....

      E. Zorgman

      January 17, 2024

      Glue Gun 4000 &

      Have you ever used a glue gun that work with so much easy... Where all the controls are just their looking at you and inviting you to to try more and more... I was honestly hesitant and turned out to be an excellent buy.

      k. hamadouche

      January 14, 2024


      Compresseur au top pour les drums et les bus

      O. Gurtovoy

      January 14, 2024

      Better than Waves

      I use this plug by Waves but version of UA is better!
      Love it.

      A. Thierry

      January 12, 2024

      The best

      There are no compressor out there like that .. drumbus or master it work like magic..

      L. White

      January 11, 2024

      Sounds like the real thing.

      Sounds great. Try for yourself

      M. Cheyka

      January 3, 2024

      Excellent glue for drums or mixbuss.

      Excellent glue for groups and mix buss.

      J. Bru

      January 3, 2024


      Cuando salió el API 2500 integrado en Luna, dejé de hacerle caso y me ha sorprendido el efecto glue que proporciona a la vez que transparente. Espero que no tarden en integrarlo en Luna y así poder elegir entre uno y otro según necesidades.

      A. Santana

      December 30, 2023