Teletronix® LA-3A Audio Leveler

Teletronix® LA-3A Audio Leveler

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A refresh for a legendary solid-state electro‑optical compressor.

If you took the gentle optical compression of the Teletronix LA‑2A, and fused it with the solid‑state clarity and punch of the UA 1176, you would have the Teletronix LA-3A — a "secret weapon" compressor with a unique character capable of moving sounds right to the front of your speakers.

Now featuring improved user interface graphics and sonic appointments, the refreshed Teletronix LA‑3A Audio Leveler for UAD hardware and Apollo interfaces takes its rightful place alongside the pillars of classic compression hardware.

Now You Can:

Easily shape signals with the definitive solid‑state optical compressor

Add energy and harmonics to vocals and acoustic guitars

Make snare drums pop out of the mix

Add grit and texture to bass guitar and soft synths

Sculpt your sounds further with new HF Emphasis sidechain filter and parallel Dry/Wet Mix

Mix with artist presets from Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons, Fleetwood Mac), Damian Taylor (Björk, The Prodigy), and Eric J Dubowsky (Flume, Odesza) and more

LA-3A History

LA-3A History

The Teletronix LA‑3A Audio Leveler made its debut at the 1969 NY AES show, and marked the departure from the tube design of the Teletronix LA‑2A. The LA‑3A incorporated components and design concepts from UA's solid-state driven 1176LN Limiting Amplifier, while also harnessing the LA‑2A's optical compression design, giving the LA‑3A its own distinctive sound and expanded versatility.

Faithfully Capturing a Classic

Faithfully Capturing a Classic

Immediately embraced as a studio workhorse, the LA‑3A is still widely used today. Engineers and producers the world over favor the LA‑3A for its unique compression characteristics and sonic signature. Modeled from a unit in UA’s vintage collection, the Teletronix LA‑3A Audio Leveler plug-in faithfully captures the rare hardware, working magic on vocals, guitars, and even drums.

New Modern Features

New Modern Features

By adding the hardware’s original HF Emphasis sidechain filter, you can now easily use the Teletronix LA‑3A plug-in to punch up your drum bus without triggering the threshold of the compressor with the kick drum. Plus, a new Dry/Wet Mix control lets you easily add parallel compression on an instrument bus, allowing you to season your productions with legendary Teletronix LA‑3A attitude.

Key Features

Definitive solid-state optical compressor combining LA-2A gain reduction and 1176 clarity and punch

LA-3A Audio Leveler plug-in modeled from a unit in UA’s vintage studio gear collection

Easy to use and unique autoformer T4 gain reduction useful on a wide variety of sources

Featuring simple Gain and Peak Reduction controls with Compression or Limiting

Expanded features include original High Frequency Emphasis filter and digital-only Dry/Wet Mix parallel processing

Includes artist presets from Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons, Fleetwood Mac), Damian Taylor (Björk, The Prodigy), and Eric J Dubowsky (Flume, Odesza) and more

Requires a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator or UA Audio Interface, available from authorized dealers worldwide

Customer Reviews

Teletronix® LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler

Overall Rating

F. Furtade

March 1, 2021




February 23, 2021



R. Harris

February 16, 2021

My go to vocal compressor

Nothing sounds like this leveler to me, just an incredible warmth and punch. I have other fine sounding compressors from UAD including the LA 2A, and 1176, themselves fine sounding plugs, however this is the one I prefer on my vocal tracks.

R. Pressman

February 6, 2021

Great punchy compressor

Has the simplicity of the LA-2A's interface with the punch of the 1176. Can't beat that combo.

M. Reeves

January 24, 2021

Very Good Plugin

Love this Make my Strat sound great

M. Trim

January 22, 2021

My new favourite compressor

It provides punch and bite at the same time as warmth, perfect for a jazz guitar album I am mixing.

D. Blues

January 11, 2021

Hesher Special

Pushes heavy guitars into new dimensions. Don't sleep on this one.

B. Ward

January 10, 2021


The sound and response is very distinct when compared to other emulations and the improved GUI is very welcomed.

b. zucchetti

January 9, 2021

Excellent as the original hardware and everything of UAudio !

Legendary.... Must to have ! i'd only like a big resize !
A great big portable studio in my Mac !
By the time and waiting the right promotion i will buy everything of UAudio!

J. Geary

January 9, 2021

Pantry Essential

The 3A is an essential flavor in any compression arsenal. I overlooked this thing for so long in both the physical and software domain. it truly does have a different flavor and sweet spots compared to the 2A. A great little plugin that shines in its own way and uses next to no dsp

C. Freeman

January 4, 2021

Too Small, Not Resizeable

I was stoked to get this compressor, but I found the display to be incredibly small as soon as I tried putting it on a track. It's small enough to make using it frustrating. I'm using a 2018 macbook pro 15" running Catalina. My vision is not an issue as I'm in my early 20's and my sight is far above average. If UA can or has fixed this issue, I'll happily update my review. This is not a review of the accuracy of UA's LA-3A Plugin, but about the user experience. I love my Apollo, Cheers!

D. Koenen

January 3, 2021

My go to for guitars

I used the hardware for both electric and acoustic guitar, surprise surprise the plugin works a lot better with nearly an infinite amount of them. This should be one of your first buys when jumping on the platform.

A. Alphonse

January 2, 2021

One of my new favorites

Easy. Simple. Dynamic! Especially a great choice on a serial compression chain. Well done UAD!

C. Uquillas

January 2, 2021

Fantastic !

For Bass, guitars very well done, one thing Universal audio ,more zise flexibility GUI please..

A. Phillips

January 1, 2021

Works Perfectly

I had a lot years with the hardware and I can say this is pretty damn close. Love the way you can push it. My only crack on it is the interface is so damn small for my old eyes. Glad there isn't much going on.

R. Katuin

January 1, 2021

Great simple Tool

Great and easy tool to have in your arsenal

M. Lleshieshi

December 22, 2020


LA3A it is very good compressor if you know it how to use.

M. Lleshieshi

December 22, 2020


The LA3A its a very goood compressor. If you know it how to use it will bring a perfect sound to your track

E. Jakobsen

December 15, 2020


The UAD LA-3 sounds just like it’s suppose to do. LA-3 with the UAD LA-2, magic!

G. Herrera

December 11, 2020

Metal Guitars with LA-3A=Good

This is what Ive been looking for as far as getting the thick guitar tones to sound even and shine through the mix wow I can't wait to use it on Drums and bass