Teletronix® LA-3A Audio Leveler

Teletronix® LA-3A Audio Leveler


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Teletronix® LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler

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s. donat

July 29, 2021

get update to a classic

love it on synth guitars and drums bus.. and great feature on the update

B. Tarco

July 10, 2021

shine shine

nice top end right in vocals I put this in the mostt important tracks

c. An

July 3, 2021



D. Murphy

July 1, 2021

A classic.

It's a classic!

h. kim

June 16, 2021



L. Tian Siung

May 29, 2021

Must Have

Applied to many of my tracks!

M. Řehák

May 24, 2021

The Teletronix LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler is indispensable

Above all, the drums add Dymnamics and purity

o. martinez lopez

May 15, 2021

Acoustic guitars


J. Wolff

April 26, 2021

Go to for bass DI

I use this on every bass (even vst bass sounds). It helps just smooth things out when you go light on it or you can even get tones from it when squashing just like the hardware. This is not like other software compressors that when you go hard it sucks the life out of your source. On the contrary it helps breathe life into a lot of my tracks and helps give them a liveliness that is often missed in the digital world.

L. Martella

April 17, 2021

Great plug in

Great plug in
I use it everywhere.
Delicate and powerful at the same time!

F. Furtade

March 1, 2021




February 23, 2021



R. Harris

February 16, 2021

My go to vocal compressor

Nothing sounds like this leveler to me, just an incredible warmth and punch. I have other fine sounding compressors from UAD including the LA 2A, and 1176, themselves fine sounding plugs, however this is the one I prefer on my vocal tracks.

R. Pressman

February 6, 2021

Great punchy compressor

Has the simplicity of the LA-2A's interface with the punch of the 1176. Can't beat that combo.

M. Reeves

January 24, 2021

Very Good Plugin

Love this Make my Strat sound great

M. Trim

January 22, 2021

My new favourite compressor

It provides punch and bite at the same time as warmth, perfect for a jazz guitar album I am mixing.

D. Blues

January 11, 2021

Hesher Special

Pushes heavy guitars into new dimensions. Don't sleep on this one.

B. Ward

January 10, 2021


The sound and response is very distinct when compared to other emulations and the improved GUI is very welcomed.

b. zucchetti

January 9, 2021

Excellent as the original hardware and everything of UAudio !

Legendary.... Must to have ! i'd only like a big resize !
A great big portable studio in my Mac !
By the time and waiting the right promotion i will buy everything of UAudio!

J. Geary

January 9, 2021

Pantry Essential

The 3A is an essential flavor in any compression arsenal. I overlooked this thing for so long in both the physical and software domain. it truly does have a different flavor and sweet spots compared to the 2A. A great little plugin that shines in its own way and uses next to no dsp

1-20 of 320 Results

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