Valley People Dyna-mite™

Valley People Dyna-mite


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A legendary, one-of-a-kind dynamics processor.

Designed in conjunction with Softube, the Dyna-mite limiter/gate/expander plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces is a dead-on emulation of this classic — even enigmatic — dynamics processor.

Valley People’s roots go back to the 1950s, with the ambitious analog designs of the legendary Paul Buff, who founded the historic PAL studio in southern California. The Dyna-mite was Buff’s last design for Valley People, and it’s arguably his most famous.

Now you can:

Crush, craft, and mutilate with one of the most versatile dynamic processors ever created

Use the Limit feature to bring out the smack of a drum or make an acoustic guitar more percussive

Dial in the Gate function to clamp down signals while leaving transients untouched

Use De-ess mode to control harsh consonants and subdue unwanted artifacts from hard compression

Key Feature

Unique and versatile, the Dyna-mite has its own well deserved spot in the pro audio hall of fame
Use it to limit, expand, gate or de-ess, with a wide range of uses
Limiter goes from abusively squashing to a transient enhancing spikiness
Switch on de-ess mode to keep control of harsh consonants while limiting
Expander/gate goes from strict and tight to subtly expanding by softening the soft sounds and bringing the louder sounds forward
Ultra fast attack time
Modes Display shows quick help and parameter values
Models entire electronic path

Customer Reviews

Valley People Dyna-mite™

Overall Rating

(47 reviews)

J. Mills

December 19, 2015

Swiss army knife of dynamic proc

Like previous reviews, I am no longer porting out to my hardware Dyna-mites. Softube/UAD got it just right. It is so simple and intuitive to make Dyna-mites point up weak dynamics or level out the overly peaky. In addition, I used it to separate the kick and snare out of an all in one drum track from a band's club date. Just like the hardware unit can.

E. Ramazanoiglu

August 9, 2014

Nailed it

My hardware dynamites are now off in my rack...nuff said

Nice job!

J. Moreland

August 8, 2014

Aptly Named

I've actually recorded and mixed with most of the compressors UA makes plug-in versions of and happily use theirs instead of the real things (because they sound that good). But I've never used the Valley People Dyna-mite and God, what a sound I've been missing out on. This thing does for drums what nothing else they offer can. Kick, snare and toms pop in a way I just can't get with an 1176 (my previous go-to for that task). The attack of the drums are brought front and center and the extraneous noises stay in the background. Not pumping and breathing - popping and receding. Just awesome.

M. Ilbert

July 27, 2014

Loving it!

The best thing for getting lame drums to explode!!
And the gate works really well too.

Well done Softube and great UAD to get the Swedes on board :-)

B. Joseph

July 24, 2014

My new favorite compressor

This is truly a marvelous compressor. I have tried it, and loved it, on everything except vocals. I’ll be taking the final plunge and strapping the Dyna-mite across my vocal today. This compressor is a diverse and truly useful tool for my arsenal. Nothing but fun!

C. Mcdonald

July 24, 2014


I love using the Dyna-mite compressor on my Clavinet parts it really helps bring out the attack. The sound I get "pops" out and lets you hear the groove with the bass player.

F. Pilz

July 14, 2014

a wonderful gate/expander

As i´m mostly doing narration, the Dyna-mite does a wonderful job as a gate/expander.
Works really great and sounds very natural.
A bit expensive using the Dynamite ONLY as a gate, but playing around a bit will show, what else it could do for me :-)

C. Soulos

October 14, 2014

Always wanted one of these gems

It captures that late 70s LA sound I always liked.
Works on el pno and gtr too.

My only criticisms?

Not enough presets
Not enough tutorial


T. Adams

August 3, 2019

Instant dynamics!

Slammed this on my guitar and instant dynamics! Great pulsing pumping big bottoms on my Strat and a real fatness rapidly achieved. So easy to apply! UA keep up the quality work!

M. Cartwright

July 16, 2019

like it for kicks, snares, or any other percussion with a fast attack

does a good job of helping kicks and snares jump out. Has some other tricks too, but I like it for drums.

A. Heinzelmann

March 31, 2019

Punchy Drums

I allways use the Valley People Dyna-mite Plugin on drums. I get very clear an punchy Drums when i use it on the single channels but i use it also on the drum bus to get it glued together. It is also nice on the bass guitar and mix busses.

D. Wilson

July 7, 2018

Valley People Dynamite

I've used it on drum tracks, I've used it on vocal tracks. Another great UA plug-in.

M. Hermann

June 28, 2018

Secret weapon

This dynamic tool is my secret weapon for any kind of extreme and obvious compression/limiting. Really great!!!

D. Webb

May 31, 2018

Wow. Just wow.

UAD makes a lot of great plugins. This one was like finding a Pearl of Great Price. This adds tremendous life and control to nearly everything thrown at it. DSP memory friendly, too. It shoves to the forefront or buries in the background; controls transients and or finds them if they are missing. Excellent job, folks! This hidden jem has found an appreciative audience. Thank You!

C. Paschall

March 14, 2018


I came across this guy when looking for some aggressive drum parallel compression. Wow. Took about 30 seconds for me to go buy it. A sound all it’s own for sure.

UAD User

January 24, 2018

Near flawless gate!

Doing voice over work in a less than perfect environment made me seek a good noise gate. Tried so many,both hardware and software.....then at George Whittam's urging,and after discovering a UAD coupon,went ahead and got the Dynamite. Just the ticket! The gate works great.......and I haven't even tried the other features....they will be the GRAVY!

M. Vergeade

January 14, 2018

So creative !

Of course you can use it like a traditional compressor , as good as others are , but you can try such differents and unexpected things with this magical tool ! A great idea to have made a plug-in of this nice hardware !

J. Beck

December 12, 2017

Difficult to put into words

I haven't had the good fortune of using one of the hardware models, but this plug-in is in a class all on its own. Would definitely recommend watching the video on how to use it because it's not immediately intuitive, but once you get it... the level of character and clarity this brings to pretty much anything you put it on is astonishing. It gives life, movement and color to individual tracks like you could never imagine! The gate mode is really what makes this thing an above and beyond plug-in though... the sound shaping possibilities are wild! Tend to use it for rounding out for signals that are taking up just a little too much space and wouldn't react pleasantly to more EQ'ing. A+

C. Mayr

July 15, 2017

my favorite tool not only for drums

for Drums the dynamite is my go for it tool. But I like him too on clean E-Guitars especially when the guitars were tracking on DI mode to domesticate the attacks. Give the Dynamite a chance and try it with difference applications and you know what I mean !

S. Gough

June 15, 2017

Crazy Drum Sounds

Awesome drum parallel smash track. Makes the drums sound huge. Great for crushing rooms when they aren't as exciting as they should be.