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Ultra‑thick analog chorus from
a legendary ’80s rack unit.

No other chorus unit has earned the “Holy Grail” moniker quite as honestly as the coveted Dytronics CS-5 Tri-Stereo Chorus. A three‑channel dream machine favored by ’80s L.A. session royalty ‑ including Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, and Dann Huff ‑ the hard‑to‑find CS‑5 leaves guitar and keyboard tracks dripping with lush vibe and character.

Developed by Softube, and available exclusively for UAD hardware and Apollo interfaces, the Dytronics Tri‑Stereo Chorus plug‑in gives you all the expansive depth of the original’s three independent bucket‑brigade delay lines, along with new “plug‑in‑only” features.

Get thick analog chorus from three bucket-brigade delay lines, simultaneously on a single source

Craft rich, swirling analog chorus textures on guitars, keyboards, bass, synths, and more

Sculpt lush modulation sounds with Preset or Manual mode, each with its own LFO waveform output

Use Preset and Manual modes together to create your own signature chorus tones

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
King of Chorus

King of Chorus

The famed Dytronics Tri‑Stereo Chorus has left its swirling, sultry signature on albums by Michael Landau, Stevie Nicks, Boz Scaggs, Chaka Khan, Sheena Easton, and hundreds of others. In the ‘80s, guitar players from Steve Lukather to Dann Huff relied on it for dense stereo chorus sounds that went far beyond mere single- or double‑channel stompbox units.

Layers Upon Layers

Layers Upon Layers

Especially ideal for layering lead and rhythm sounds, the Dytronics Tri‑Stereo Chorus is built around three distinct, and manually adjustable, bucket-brigade delay channels ‑ Left, Center, and Right ‑ each swept back and forth by a dedicated LFO, and mixed with the dry signal to create the unit’s characteristic shimmer.

Two Modes

Two Modes

The Dytronics’ simple, powerful LFO section boasts two modes, Preset and Manual, which can be run independently or in parallel, each with its own LFO waveform and character. Preset mode offers more complex, shimmering tones, while Manual yields thick, classic chorus textures. Or you can run them together to create your own ultra‑lush neo-classic chorus recipes on guitars, synths, vocals, and more.

Added Features

Added Features

The UAD Dytronics Tri‑Stereo Chorus plug‑in makes the original’s savvy workflow and easy adjustability even more intuitive. Included is the added Choral enhancement feature of the ultra-rare MkII version of the hardware unit, as well as brand new stereo input not available on the original hardware.

Key Features

Exacting emulation of the ultra-rare Dytronics Tri-Stereo Chorus analog hardware

Imparts instant vibe and stereo character on a variety of sources

Unprecedented lush triple chorus sound

Unique preset mode with dual LFO modulation

Added feedback feature of the rare MkII version

Added stereo input feature not on original hardware

Customer Reviews

Dytronics® Tri-Stereo Chorus

Overall Rating


B. Briessinck

May 8, 2024

Straight back to the 80s and 90s!

Love how this thing brings the classic wide sound of 80s and 90s leads back into the game. Also great to bring synths and vocals to life!

B. Spence

April 4, 2024

The Best!

Great sounding chorus, use it for guitars and Rhodes, but sure it sound good other sources. Love to try on vocals.

T. Long

January 8, 2024

Love iT!

Sounds so beautiful and lush.
Not your usual chorus. You can really get a nice stereo image with this one. Sounds lovely on guitars, vocals, pads, etc.
Very nice.

D. Shaini

October 17, 2023

Greatest chorus ever!

This is the sound of the 80s, you can't find this chorus anywhere else in the digital realm. Great Plugin!

T. Laja

October 16, 2023


Very good

c. rosario

October 5, 2023


All you need is just a touch in your mix

J. Steele

September 3, 2023

I love this Chorus!

So I already owned Ultimate 11, but had a coupon in my account for Labor Day. Itching not to miss a good deal, I perused the offerings that I didn't own yet. I read some reviews on this chorus. I'm a guitar player and a singer, and I started playing in the 80s and a good chorus sound is something I still enjoy. "Back in the day" I had some favorite pedals that could get the sound I was looking for. Based on the reviews I went ahead an purchased this chorus without even demoing it. I installed it, and opened up a project where I had another chorus plug on a clean guitar track in an intro. Swapped it out for this chorus, and jumped though some presets... and wow! Just what I wanted. Immediately moved it into my "Favorites" plugin folder so I'll have it right at my fingertips in the future! Love it!

F. San Filippo

January 29, 2023

80s chorus all day

This is THAT sound. Demo it and you'll hear it immediately. Not as versatile as some, but a unique vibe.

S. Ramsey

January 27, 2023

Really Nice Chorus

I previewed all the chorus's on offer and this one just stood out fopr the sound i was after. Thanks/

T. Kingen

September 18, 2022

Finally found it

My favorite era of country music was in the late 80's to mid 90's. I've been chasing the chorus sound they often used on guitar and always came up short... until now. The Dytronics Tri-Stereo Chorus does it handsomely. Highly recommended.

D. Gloor

June 10, 2022

Fine plugin !

This plugin has a warm subtle sound and is a very good and capable chorus.

J. Poijärvi

May 5, 2022


Great plugin. Especially works on bass and e-piano for me. Enhance function separately for mid and sides in very useful in mixes.

P. Jonsson

December 15, 2021

Bring the 80's back

And hereby - well - done

功. 佐藤

July 9, 2021

80's Nostalgic Tone

Guitar -> PedalBoard -> Real Tube Preamp(Set Clean Ch) into Apollo
1176 Comp -> TriStreoChorus -> LexiconReverb -> Shur Pt100(Power&Cab)
Amazing RackTone!!!

G. Porrino

July 3, 2021

Dytronics Tri-Stereo Chorus.

Very pleased. To my ears, it's warmer than anything else I've used inside a DAW.

C. Mortensen

May 15, 2021

Just amazing

This piece of gear. Great on everything.
Wanna get funky? Try it your live drum bus!
Just get creative, dive in, this beast wont let you down. Good work guys. Thanks to UAD

E. Kruse

February 15, 2021

Great Thing

Wonderful warm Sound .

R. Gubbels

January 26, 2021

More than a Chorus !

This Chorus has a unique sound...Well, you have Brigade Chorus, Dimension D.. .but not every Chorus sounds the same...I am glad I have this in my plugin collection...I use it a lot to make juicy sounds...

C. Velandia

January 11, 2021


I have tons of great sounding chorus gear, but this plugin really sounds amazing. It's got a thickness that I can't get with other gear. Highly recommended.

C. Velandia

January 11, 2021


I have tons of great sounding chorus gear, but this plugin really sounds amazing. It's got a thickness that I can't get with other gear. Highly recommended.