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Warm, crazy, and hazy delays from the most popular tape echo ever made.

The EP-34 Tape Echo plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces gives you an exacting emulation of the legendary tape echo device used by Jimmy Page, Brian May, Chick Corea, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Johnson, and Andy Summers. Vintage Echoplexes are legendary for their idiosyncrasies — including distortion, wow and flutter, self-oscillation, squelch effects, and other random analog goodness. The EP-34 Tape Echo plug-in emulates all of this, and more.

Like the hardware, the EP-34 plug-in’s record head can be slid in real time for smeary weirdness, trippy dub excursions, and more. The musical input clipping of the original hardware’s hallowed preamp section is also captured via a Record Volume control, giving the EP-34 some subtle to not-so-subtle tonal coloring and distortion. With the addition of modern workflow enhancements like Tempo Sync, the EP-34 Tape Echo plug-in is must-have tool for any mixer.

Craft hazy delays and vibey slapback with the most legendary tape delay ever made

Tweak the EP-34 Tape Echo’s controls for real-time effects and tone sculpting

Harness a vintage Echoplex’s unique input clipping distortion on everything from drums to vocals and guitars

Create with plug-in-only features like Tempo Sync, Wet/Solo, Pan, and Tape Tension

The EP-34 Tape Echo is not affiliated with, sponsored, nor endorsed by any companies currently using the "Echoplex" name. “Echoplex” “EP-3” and “EP-4” model names, are used solely to identify the hardware emulated by Universal Audio.


Highly desirable sound of original EP-3 and EP-4 Echoplex* tape delay units, now available as a UAD-2 plug-in for Mac or PC
Tape echo effects virtually indistinguishable from those used on countless classic recordings of the past six decades
Unique movable record head design creates warm, rich sound unlike any other delay unit
Provides a range of tones, from simple slap effects to self-oscillation chaos
Amalgam of features from EP-3 and EP-4 hardware units, plus "digital only" extras for modern mix use
Requires a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

Customer Reviews

EP-34 Tape Echo

Overall Rating


P. Motyczak

June 14, 2024

Tape magic !

The best echoplex plugin !

A. Bertók

May 29, 2024

Magical Tones

The UAD EP-34 Tape Echo is a true gem for my studio! Incredibly faithful to the vintage sound, it creates magical tones in every printed copy. I can't get enough of it, it has become an integral part of the creative process!

J. blasko

May 25, 2024

Got to have

Think it’s just one you have to have. Got it I think part of a bundle

A. Hathot

May 18, 2024

Exactly what you need from a delay

Easy and quick perfect results

G. Funes

May 12, 2024

Magic tape delay

I always wanted to have an Echoplex but was never able to buy one, for various reasons. I'm glad I found this plugin to satisfy my need for that particular sound, really magical.

B. Lehaney

May 11, 2024

Awesome plugin

Great emulation, love it on vocals and very simple to apply.

M. Schneider

April 26, 2024

rich and warm sound

I like the rich and warm sound of the EP-34, it has wonderful nuances inbetween which makes the difference.

J. Kelly

March 24, 2024

Just like the real thing!

automating this plug in can be insanely creative.

D. Duarte

January 14, 2024

Recording with analogue tape textura.

I love the analog sound of Universal Audio plug-ins. This tape delay is very good for use in real-time modulation of recording, saturation and vivid colors in the voice, instruments or samples in the beats. Bright.

D. Duarte

January 14, 2024

Delay with analogue textura.

I love the analog sound of Universal Audio plug-ins. This tape delay is very good for use in real-time modulation of recording, saturation and vivid colors in the voice, instruments or samples in the beats. Bright.

R. Priori

January 14, 2024

Legendary sound

It's a great emulation of a classic , easy and straighforward to use, instant mojo here!
U can't go wrong with this one , just hope in a little facelift since it's a bit too small.

J. Bru

January 3, 2024


Da un color muy bonito. Utilizo mucho el Slapback para guitarras y voces. Necesito pasar más tiempo con él, pero las primeras impresiones son buenísimas.

r. kELLY

December 25, 2023

Classic and. Creative

Purchased for a very particular project. Wonderful color and crunch. Had the hardware years ago. Same vibe.

M. Jud

November 25, 2023

Exceptional Tape Echo Plugin

The EP-34 Tape Echo is an exceptional plugin and I use it a lot in my productions. Of course I would like to see it native. And above all, the plugin should be unison. The only delay plugin that is unison is the Korg SDD-3000 Digital Delay and I wonder why that is. It can hardly be due to the DSP resources, which are lower with the EP-34 Tape Echo. In terms of sound, the Tape Echo clearly deserves 5 stars. I give it 4 because of the lack of unison and native support.

M. Bonucelli

November 13, 2023


Simply amazing. Astonishing reproduction of the original tape beast, with all the controls and a truly fantastic sound. Wonderful graphics with pleasant little scratches and wear. Thank you Universal Audio. The best.

B. Król

November 7, 2023

Not native

Cannot use it. Just make all plugins native. It’s not that difficult.

S. Burgan

August 9, 2023

Great tape echo emulation

This plugin is all over my mixes. Great for vocal slap back and also on electric guitars to give that vintage tone and vibe. Love it!

O. Cuellar

August 2, 2023

Uad plug ins

Must have them all

A. Lee

June 24, 2023


Another cool option for 'vibey' delays and echoes

D. Ho

June 15, 2023

Super-cool for Voice and Electric Guitar!

The analog tape delay warmth is a beautiful touch on vocals and electric guitar!