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Get rich texture and shimmer with legendary studio hardware.

An exacting emulation of the Roland Dimension D* introduced in 1979, the Studio D Chorus plug‑in gives you the "secret sauce" analog widening effects used by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Brian Eno, M83, and many more.

Now you can give your guitars, drums, synths, and vocals the same stunning analog modulation textures of the iconic vintage rack gear — with the push of a button.

Included Versions

UAD Native
Runs on your Mac or PC without UA hardware.

Apollo Realtime & UAD‑2
Runs accelerated on Apollo interfaces and UAD‑2 hardware.

UAD Native plug-ins run on both macOS 10.15 Catalina or newer and Windows 10 and 11. Go to our UA Support page for system requirements.

  • Create rich spatial effects on guitars, drums, and synths
  • Add openness to background vocals and strings
  • Experience glorious space and depth with “all buttons” mode
  • Enhance tracks and add interest without obviously affecting signals

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Add Thickness and Width to Anything

Add Thickness and Width to Anything

Just like the vintage hardware, use Studio D Chorus' push buttons in any combination for a colorful palette of subtle thickening. Engage all four buttons at once and you get a beautiful chewy modulation texture that works on any instrument.

Create Movement and Interest

Create Movement and Interest

Make simple guitar/vocal arrangements sound deeper and more interesting, or quickly gel groups of strings and vocals —  without compression, EQ, or reverb. For floating guitar textures and synth pads, the Studio D Chorus plug‑in simply can’t be beat.

*The Studio D Chorus product is not affiliated with, sponsored, nor endorsed by Roland. The Roland name, as well as the Dimension D model name is used solely to identify the classic effects emulated by Universal Audio's product.

Customer Reviews

Studio D Chorus

Overall Rating


S. Lontano

September 19, 2023

Width for your synths

If my synths sounds a bit sterile and mono this chorus is always the best solution

P. Lambert

September 12, 2023

Lacks functionality

Sounds good but lacks some basic functionality. Why have they not added a wet/dry knob like other competing brands such as Arturia? For example instead of just being able to insert on a lead vocal you need to send it to an aux and once you turn up the chorus it swallows your other ambience auxs. would be much simpler to insert on your track and blend to taste. Get with the times uad.

m. pozzi

August 29, 2023



A. Rosell

August 13, 2023

Easy to use and sounds fab

My fast go to chorus, sounds analog and works really great on a lot of stuff!

C. Mcintosh

July 27, 2023

Good.....but could be better

The Studio Chorus D sounds good, width, depth etc are acceptable but I feel UA could of done better, especially compared to the competition from Arturia which sounds much wider, fuller and gives alot more flexibility. I hold UA in high esteem in the software market, so hopefully they can take this as a challenge, make a revision of the dimension d and elevate this product beyond its competitors reach! Overall good job, but room for improvement!

S. Psalmon

July 27, 2023


gg wp

G. Merino

July 19, 2023

Simple and effective

when I bought this plugin I didn't imagine that I would use it so much. Super useful to add depth, dimension to any source.
For me is amazing using it in a subtle way, so I need to put it in auxiliary send track because it doesn’t have a mix knob. That’s why I’m only giving it 4 stars.

U. Juhl

July 19, 2023

Good sound

Use it for analog widening.
And to give a sense of room without a reverb plugin.

U. Juhl

July 19, 2023

Good sound

Use it for analog widening.
And to give a sense of room without a reverb plugin.

O. Wampke

July 14, 2023


I like it so much. I don't remember the original but the sound is so lovely.

R. del Olmo Manterola

July 5, 2023

Doesn't sound like the previous Roland Dimension D plugin

A while ago I tried the Roland Dimension D plugin. Now I went to buy it and it turns out that it is no longer the Roland, but another version called Studio D chorus, which does not sound like the original Roland plugin. You can try the original Roland plugin for 12 days, and I have compared the two, the original Roland Dimension D plugin, and the Studio D Chorus, and the original sounds much better, it is much more open and has a beautiful stereo effect, which which I can't get with the new model. I want the original back. The new model does not work for me nor do I like it so much


July 2, 2023

Great but not impressed

I have to test it again and again but at the moment clean sound, great reproduction but not impresssed.
My opinion.

M. Neumann

June 24, 2023

My favorite chorus

For widening my vocoder its the best chorus.
Simple to use and great Sound.

M. Neumann

June 24, 2023

My favorite chorus

For widening my vocoder its the best chorus.
Simple to use and great Sound.

w. gause

June 24, 2023

Uad everything

Another classic Uad plugin for the toolbox

R. Fiuza

June 21, 2023


I got this plug-in mainly for widening the sound of a poly classic synth that has only mono out and I’m amazed how fat and clear it sounds, it is as good as hardware.

D. Groulx

June 17, 2023

Easy as 1-2-3

great sound within seconds.

P. McWalter

June 17, 2023

Excellent piece of kit!

It does everything so nicely! Not too much, nothing ugly, just a beautiful set of options that work on so many instruments and samples. A must for all studios.

s. brown

June 14, 2023

mix knob

very good plugin but still no mix knob

F. De Mari Scalone

June 14, 2023


There's a reason you don't have a lot to tweak on this one - you don't need to.