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Add classic dreamy effects to your mix.

Waterfall Rotary Speaker gives you the jaw-dropping sounds of the classic Leslie 147 rotary speaker cabinet,* enveloping your guitars, vocals, keyboards, and more in chewy, three-dimensional modulation effects — far beyond chorus and flange — for classic textures heard on decades of legendary albums.

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  • Experience the rich, three-dimensional texture of a vintage Leslie 147 rotary speaker cabinet
  • Add tube overtones and harmonics with expertly modeled tube power amp saturation
  • Get "album-ready" sounds with perfectly-placed vintage microphone setups
  • Quickly get unique tones with expertly crafted presets for vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums, and more

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Experience Immersive Rotary Speaker Sounds

Experience Immersive Rotary Speaker Sounds

Only Waterfall Rotary gives you the three-dimensional movement and full tonal range of the legendary "Type 147" rotary speaker cabinet, captured in all its glory using expertly placed vintage mic setups as heard on decades of rock, R&B, soul, and funk records.

Add the Sound of a Classic Tube Power Amp

Add the Sound of a Classic Tube Power Amp

The Type 147's tube power amp is a huge part of its fat sound, and Waterfall Rotary captures all of it, giving your tracks the rich overtones and harmonics that other rotary speaker emulations lack for unmatched realism.

Get Mind-Blowing Effects Fast with Presets

Get Mind-Blowing Effects Fast with Presets

With deliciously-crafted presets tailored for vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards and more, Waterfall Rotary gives you the most legit "Leslie effects" ever put into a plug-in. Simply place it on an insert or aux channel, and mix with legendary effects used on thousands of hits.

UAD Quick Tips
UAD Quick Tips

UAD Quick Tips

Learn how Waterfall Rotary adds rich, swirling color to your productions.

*All trademarks are property of their respective owners, and used only to represent the instruments modeled as part of Waterfall Rotary Speaker software.

Customer Reviews

Waterfall Rotary Speaker

Overall Rating

(24 reviews)

X. Xu

March 29, 2023

Excellent Rotary Speaker Plugin

This is an excellent rotary speaker plugin I have used.

M. Scherchen

March 29, 2023

Love me some Leslie!

Not much else to add really. Perfect balance of flexibility and ease of use. Would love if they smoothed out the animation or allowed you to disable it. Sonics are great though!

B. Kilcourse

March 23, 2023

Old school deliciousness!

For me, the standard for a guitar-thru-a-Leslie sound is Clapton in Blind Faith's "In The Presence of the Lord". This plug-in absolutely nails it!

C. Hutcheson

March 21, 2023

Not with Waterfall?

How do you provide a B3 virtual instrument in Ultimate 11, which includes this as part of 'Waterfall', and not include this as a separate plug-in? Very disappointed. It just makes UAD seem greedy.

M. Glover

March 21, 2023

Love it!

Sounds great on everything.

R. Weissauer

March 15, 2023

Dieses Plugin ist absoluter Schrott

This may (???) be a nice effect plugin, but has nothing (!!!) whatsoever to do with a real Leslie cabinet, of which I personally own and use two different ones for more than 25 years. The original ones do have a very mellow and beautiful sound if softly driven, but can go up to a very cranky, but still soft sound if highly driven. This plugin however only produces some highly distorted artificial sounds, additionally overdone by filtering. This has nothing to do with a real Leslie cabinet. And this is the very first UAD plugin I really dislike. Unfortunately I did not test it beforehand, but trusted UAD! I repeat, I strongly dislike this plugin !!!

d. curtiss

March 14, 2023

soooo close

as with so many ua plugins now you can not use them in console. this is the plugin i have dreamed about for years and it sounds fantastic. but, i hope with all the focus on native plugins they do not leave out those of us who have invested heavily in their awsome interfaces.

M. Brown

March 8, 2023


This is the best rotary effect I've ever come across. Period!

UAD User

March 8, 2023

Usuable, authentic with lots of good presets

I have a real Leslie, actually I got several, the Fender, Reussenzehn, Solton….they are all a bit different and really good sounding, a sensation in the room sonically. But they all share that the real ones are hard to microphone and you need tons of good mics, preamps, the space to set them up and then of course mic the room….the Waterfall Leslie sounds so good that I will think twice before I spend an hour to set up one of the a.m. real units. And as much as I love the big boxes, I mainly use the Leslie sound for colouring certain parts. With all the presets, the mic selection and the stunning sound of the Waterfall plug-in/Native I am really happy and it improved my workflow as I am able to quickly try that sound and not loose loads of time

T. Doyle

March 5, 2023

Sounds so real

Fantastically real. I already loved it on the Waterfall B3 and straight away thought it would be awesome as a standalone … and it is.
Adds vibe to vocals, guitars, rhodes, anything really.

The extra speed controls are great and give you even more options
I am hoping it finds its way into DSP somehow to be able to inspire as you play but even without that its still worth it.

S. L'Espérance

March 4, 2023

Super accurate

Nice sounding plugin. Would be amazing to have it as a plugin in console. Also a knob to reduce the mechanics would be great. But this plugin is the real deal, amazing sound, I tested them all and this one wins for sure.

E. Midzic

March 4, 2023

Sehr gut


E. Midzic

March 4, 2023


Sehr realistisch
Sehr nutzbar


March 3, 2023


Very good in E Guitar.

J. Dollard

March 2, 2023

The best

This is the best rotary Leslie, I’ve ever heard… Without having to carry it around wow !


March 2, 2023

Will not download

Therefore I cannot use it

S. van der Werff

March 1, 2023

This is a very good emulation.

This gives you a very valid and convincing Leslie sound. It beats all of the other rotary FX that I've tried. I've used it on vocals, guitars and other things, you can even just use the amp or the noise. It's character is amazing. If you love real, acoustic instruments, you'll love this.

I work on many different systems on big projects, always bringing a Twin or a Satellite, sometimes leaving me short in DSP. This has pushed me towards alternatives of competitors, just for native usability. Even when I'd prefer the UA plug-ins. Who needs external DSP? I need more native plug-ins. Native (and/or Unison) is the way to go.

D. Case

February 28, 2023


Been waiting for this since they introduced the Waterfall. I like to run it in a parallel bus in Luna for guitars for just the right amount of warble...

P. Lira

February 28, 2023

Not part of Waterfall?????

Why is this not part of the new update of Waterfall??? It should definitely be!!! Now, I purchased Waterfall and I would also have to purchase this Leslie emulation because it is even better than the one within Waterfall??? Waterfall is a B3, for goodness sake!!! This is so unfair!!!

J. Porto

February 24, 2023

Give me that Leslie grind!

Sounds fantastic. Stereo version stays present in the mix. Nice to be able to change mics for different flavors. I'm partial to the Coles ribbon and tube 67. Very warm, chewy vintage sound, great on synth bass and guitar. Would be nice to have more control over mic position rather than the 3 positions available, particularly variable distance.

No problem using it live natively at 96k, 128 sample buffer as far as latency. So I do not miss UAD version. And LUNA has added the small buffer option, so can even be used live as native in LUNA.

As for price, I look at the big picture. Luna was completely unexpected and remains free. I feel like any plugins I purchase also go to LUNA development. To get the Waterfall AND Luna native compatibility on the same day, for $99....heck yes, take my money.

Keep it up UA!!!