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Customer Reviews

Waterfall Rotary Speaker

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J. Bacon

March 20, 2024

It makes all the sounds and noises

I love the realism in this plugin. It really has a random physical presence that makes it sound so much like the real speaker cabinet. The rotation noise continues for a couple seconds after the playing stops which is so cool.

C. Parsons

February 28, 2024

Almost bought, then noticed it's Native-only -- it cannot be used for performance

I don't have a serious issue with native plugins in general but a speaker effect should be a UAD plugin. Example, if you're playing a guitar through a rotating speaker, you will play differently to experiment with and optimize the effect -- you can't do that with a native plugin (in most cases, practically speaking). For $200 USD, I can choose from an array of effects pedals that will do the same thing, and all of them will work on stage as well as in the studio.

J. Cummins

January 31, 2024


It will do things you wish other plug-ins could have done. But this is the real McCoy !

J. Sund

January 30, 2024

Leslie, Leslie oh Leslie

I grew up with albums using the Leslie effect when bands like the Beatles and Hendrix first discovered that you could use this effect for other instruments than the intended Hammond Organ. Here you have yet another winner from UA with an authentic sound of the Leslie rotating speaker cabinet, with a lot of different options for settings from clean classic sounds, to distorted wild sounds. This is super nice and doesn't get any better!

J. Jegu

January 15, 2024

Waterfall Rotary Speaker

Nice effect !

J. Frýbert

January 10, 2024

Rotary Waterfall

Wonderfull. I like it.


January 5, 2024

It's a good buy.

With some tweaking this is a good tool to have however I own a stryman stomp box that sounds better.

L. Kagenaar

December 27, 2023

Turn your sound around

I used a real lesley in a number of productions many years ago, it’s great to have this level of realism in a plug-in version !

D. Baker

December 24, 2023

Great Addition

Used on piano and guitar for really nice textures.

G. Funes

December 21, 2023

Great deal!

It is an emulation quite close to reality. It's missing a couple of real-life options but it works for my productions. It fulfills its function very well.

H. Petersson

December 16, 2023

Make the effort UA

It's a decent rotary emulator albeit a bit shy when it comes to the options. But it should really come free with the Waterfall B3, and most importantly they should port it to DSP. I can understand that they don't want to spend the resources to port a mastering compressor to DSP, but this one begs to run on the Apollo.

F. Hasan

December 7, 2023

WOW cool rotary!

really like this! sounds good!

A. Zegers

November 27, 2023

I love it!

it's great ! The best rotary speaker plug-in I've tried!

J. Neves

November 26, 2023

Great Plugin BUT...

Native only?! Seriously?! First they release the Capitol Mastering Compressor, which is an AWESOME plugin btw but, when asked why no DSP version came out, they told us is because most people would be using it for mastering applications and blah blah blah....I wonder what they will say about this one now? C'mon guys show us some UAD love, please! Being able to load it up in Console etc. is the ONE thing that sets you apart, don't let it die out so easily!

J. R

November 19, 2023

Good, but could be great

Right off the bat, you can only record on this using the opened back of the Leslie. This is fine for rock, I guess. But Don Leslie invented this cabinet to be heard from the front, through the louvres that he intentionally carved into the wood. Not offering this very BASIC option is tantamount to malpractice. Recording through the open back gives you a very phasey, thwocky, open-wood-hole sound that is not what you want for jazz, gospel and blues- which -guess what?- the Hammond organ tends to do a lot of. It almost seems like no real Hammond Organ players were consulted on this plugin at all, but "rockers" who want to run their guitars through a swirly effect got tons of say.

Gain staging can be a nightmare too. It seems to be best when you give it a very faint signal input. The output meter is utterly useless. It indicates nothing. At all. Ignore it.

All that said, it does sound remarkably like my real, vintage 122 when I remove the back panels, and that's exactly why i don't remove the back panels. Ever.

This could easily be a 5 star plugin if UA simply gave you the basic option of hearing the speaker the way it's inventor intended for it to be heard. (And don't give me any flack about being able to record through the louvres on the sides...that is NOT the same thing.) This is like meticulously emulating every aspect of a Fender Bassman amp, but only letting you mic it from above. It is a needless, staggering, unforced error.

I'm not withholding stars due to the fact that it's only native, since they tell you that upfront. But for Pete's sake, the Leslie is an incredibly important part of the hammond sound that shapes and changes your performance as an organ player. You are constantly relying on the sound of your leslie when performing. Pushing it harder or backing off based on how the Leslie responds. Since I cannot use this plugin in a unison slot, I am forced to GUESS how much to gain it as I perform, then apply the Leslie after the fact to see whether I GUESSED correctly. Far from ideal.

This is a decent plugin that could so, so ,so easily be an -invaluable- plugin. I hope UA listens.

J. Donovan

November 15, 2023

Five Star Worthy

I've owned many effects over the years, both plug-in and hardware pieces. Waterfall is easily one of the most lush, ear pleasing, of them all. You'll find it's surprisingly useful on guitars, keyboards, and more. Try it sparingly to add uniqueness to your modern recordings, or apply it more heavily to teleport your sound back to the 1960s.

K. Scripps

October 6, 2023

Quite amazing sound, but...

I have both Waterfall and the IK Multimedia T-RackS Leslie plug ins. They both sound pretty damn good. Waterfall has the edge. There is some kind of undefinable element to the sound that puts it over the top of the IK Plugin. It really sounds great! I do like that the IK offers stereo miking on the drum, whereas the UAD plug in only offers mono miking for the low frequencies. I wish it were Compatible with Apollo and the UAD cards, as it by far my most resource hungry plug in. Digital Performer has a meter which shows how hard all of your loaded plug ins are hitting your computer's processor. Waterfall is #1. Worse than any reverbs. A lot of that may be due to the stellar graphics. Very cool to watch! Now, if they could only cram it into a pedal...


September 15, 2023

Best Leslie ever!

Put a life like magic in my B3's


September 15, 2023

Best Leslie ever!

Put a life like magic in my B3's

A. Nelson

September 12, 2023

Finally! Closest I have to the real thing

Loving this. I use it for guitar primarily. Gives me nostalgia for the real Leslie's i've played with live and listened to up close.

1-20 of 72 Results

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