API® 500 Series EQ Collection

API® 500 Series EQ Collection

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The world’s most accurate
emulations of API’s legendary EQs.

The API 500 Series EQ Plug-In Collection for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces faithfully captures the punch, low-frequency transparency, and ultra-tight imaging of API’s iconic 550A and 560 Series EQs.

With unique filter shapes, complex band interactions, and musical filter amp distortions, the 550A and 560 Series EQs left an indelible stamp on legendary recordings of the ’60s and ’70s. Painstakingly modeled on pristine early-’70s units provided by Ross Hogarth and Capitol Studios, the API® 500 Series EQ Collection gives you stunningly accurate, end-to-end modeling of these revered EQs.

Now You Can:

Track and mix with full-circuit emulations of API’s iconic 550A and 560A EQs

Harness API’s musical filter amp distortions and musical clipping behaviors

Use API’s proprietary “Proportional Q” for more precise control over your sources

Mix with artist presets from Ross Hogarth (Van Halen, Mötley Crüe), Darrell Thorp (Beck, Radiohead), and Vance Powell (Jack White, Kings of Leon)

550A Parametric EQ

550A Parametric EQ

Introduced in 1971, the 550A was the standard channel EQ module on API's first consoles.Its three overlapping bands of parametric EQ, independent 50 Hz to 15 kHz band-pass filter, and individually selectable peaking or shelving modes make it the perfect tool for getting drums and guitars to stand out in the mix.

560 Graphic EQ

560 Graphic EQ

With ten bands of graphic EQ, the 560 EQ is ideal for shaping your mix with surgical precision. API’s proprietary “Proportional Q” intuitively widens bandwidth at lower boost/cut levels and narrows it at higher levels, giving you more musical control over precise bands of your mix.

Key Features

Superior, licensed plug-in emulations of the most enduring API 500 Series EQs
API 550A discrete, 3-band bell/shelf parametric equalizer
API 560 discrete, 10-band graphic equalizer
Models the entire electronic path, including custom API 2520 op-amps and transformers, band interactions, and internal clipped filter distortion
Licensed and endorsed by Automated Processes, Inc.
Includes presets from famed engineers and producers, including Vance Powell, Ross Hogarth, Carl Glanville, Jeff Juliano, Eli Janney, and Darrell Thorp

Customer Reviews

API 500 Series EQ Collection

Overall Rating

M. Ramos Jiménez

September 1, 2021

A warm EQ.

I love the warmth of this equalizer.

F. San Filippo

July 30, 2021


If you like the sound of these, this is totally what they sound like.

J. Maley

May 6, 2021

Great for vocals

the 560 is amazing and so warm on vocals def recommend this!

J. Mateo

April 6, 2021

Perfect for rock music

I find the graphic eq to be my go to when shaping both drums and even vocals. It's a very up front eq. While The 550a is a amazing tone shaping unit for vocals and acoustic guitars

M. Uuttu

March 1, 2021

Just great

Easy to use, very musical.

T. Fukuta

January 23, 2021

Nice EQ.

also the sound of Preamp is great.

H. Barakovic

January 14, 2021


It sounds amazing and love it.

J. Geary

January 9, 2021

Thanking myself for this one

Impulse bought this for a session expecting never to use them again and boy was i wrong. By far the closest plugin around when it comes to standing up vs the hardware. The 550A is wonderful on claps, snares, synths, etc while the 560 always swoops in to save the day when youre in need of a precise eq but want to keep things sounding natural. High end too busy? Throw a 560 on your cymbals and solo it with the lead vocal. Flip through all your monitors in mono and you'll come out the other end with some clean results

S. Vasiľ

December 31, 2020

Best API plugins on the word!

Super replica !

S. Nascimento

December 26, 2020

Amazing Eq

Amazing color eq! So much true than others clone api eq.

Y. Baribeau

December 23, 2020


I use this to create separation between tracks and trust me, it works like butter on toasted bread at morning time.

J. Markunas

December 22, 2020

Guitar Players... Buy This!!!!

There's nothing like an API 500 on a distorted rhythm guitar. If you don't own this one, you're severely missing out. The gain staging is weird (I guess all analog gain staging kind of is), but this definitely sounds like the hardware gear would sound, and adds some nice, silky harmonics.

S. Muscio

December 13, 2020

clean and clear and under control

For real though, I can push the mids of vocals with the 550A more without them getting harsh. 560 is on steroids compared to competitor emulations. Definitely a solid tool in the kit.

F. Silvestry

December 13, 2020

I can't believe I waited this long

I have a ton of Neve colors in my setup (pres, compressors, and of course Neve summing in Luna), but I just got the API EQs and can't believe I waited this long. They bring a completely fresh and easy to dial in color to my tracks and mixes. Super easy to use and introduce a ton of character and enhancement to all my tracks. Having a blast with the 550A on my channels in Luna, with the 2500 on busses and master, and of course the newly introduced API summing - it makes for a totally powerful mix that has come alive with tons of character. Highly recommended!

H. Toapanta

December 13, 2020

Api 560

Solo decirles que el Api 560 suena lo más analógico posible es increíble y para mi es único

h. mat talip

December 11, 2020

Warm & vibe

As usual this plugin from uad give my mixes sound warm & vibe fullness after overall my mix setting cannot leave without this plugin.

J. Boes

December 11, 2020


Just the right touch on bass.

B. Johnson

December 11, 2020

Great Colorful EQ

Love this EQ. Has tons of color and is easy to dial in great tones. A little goes a long way!

A. Tyulenev

December 4, 2020

Excellent EQ

Good for mix & mastering

B. Palmer

October 5, 2020

Top notch

I’ll often put the 550A across every channel. I’ve never been disappointed.