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Customer Reviews

API 500 Series EQ Collection

Overall Rating

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D. Kolody

May 14, 2024

Love me some API flavouring

Mmmmm API! *insert mic drop here*

B. Lehaney

May 11, 2024

Awesome sounding EQ

This EQ works on everything. UA has done an amazing job.

S. Lontano

May 8, 2024

The api sound on drums

The best eq on kick and snare

M. Schneider

April 29, 2024

Very intuitive

I have now completed the API products from UA, because the sound is very authentic, more than other emulations.

A. Lee

April 27, 2024

This is what API sounds like!

The vibe and sweetness are legendary. Essential for the tracking stage.

P. Bright

April 17, 2024

Sounds good but can't see it

I have a 4k monitor but this plugin is not resizable and thus to small to see it. This seems to be the normal for all Apollo plugins. 4k monitors or higher are now the norm for PC users and not making your plugins 4k resizable just makes them useless. Great sound but if your in 4k go to another company. It seems UAD has abandoned PC users anyway. Don't even get me started on Luna

R. Custodio

March 12, 2024


It brings life to any sound source just by turning it on. To understand it, test it on your master channel. The 560 makes me want to have a 2448 with 560s in every channel! I love the easy visual and the accuracy.

L. Kopanski

February 2, 2024

Exceptional emulation.

My mixes sounds like never before. This EQ really makes a different. Dont be scare to put it on the mix bus. It's opening the mix like nothing else.

c. rosario

February 1, 2024

EQ that pops

This EQ is amazing, the 550A simply pops out a vocal as soon as you apply a preset , that how good it is.
Can’t wait to see what’s next from UAD

r. kELLY

January 15, 2024

Lovely gate

the whole plugin rocks but really enjoy the gate with sampled drum loops and more. Seems very organic. Gr8 job on this one!

A. Viloria

January 11, 2024

API 500

Mis guitarras eléctricas tienen un EQ permanente y es este API, sonido increíble.

A. Santana

January 4, 2024


i like color

w. gause

December 14, 2023



F. Grüber

July 17, 2023

Amazing box of color!!!

It is not just a great EQ, it’s a beautiful box of character and color. Just try it without any eq moves and you’ll see how colorful it is, specially on the mix bus ✨

G. Merino

July 14, 2023

Great emulation. Missing de 550B version

Probably the best emulation of the 550A eq.
It would be perfect an update including the 550B (four bands) as other companies does

J. Mateo

June 28, 2023

An amazing classic

This is one of the most used plugin bundles in my collection hands down amazing

S. Rico Hernandez

June 28, 2023

Increíble herramienta

una joya más de universal audio. Los amo!!

j. Brantley

March 20, 2023

very strong product

As a studio owner and producer i have used the API EQ plugin's on my vocal chain that i create for myself and other artis. this is a very easy plugin's to work with hand's down


January 25, 2023

Great EQ

Already have the Waves version , this is slightly better but who wants to deal with Waves support.A great EQ, a small boost in any frequency adds a lot so good to get something to cut through the mix.

A. Thierry

January 14, 2023


This eq is just magic for kick bass and in fact for anything .. thanks for this

1-20 of 302 Results

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