Manley® Massive Passive EQ

Manley® Massive Passive EQ


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Ultra high-end tube EQ for mixing and mastering.

Officially licensed and endorsed by Manley Labs, the Manley Massive Passive EQ plug-in expertly captures the behavior of the original hardware, from the unusual filter curves, to the multiple band interdependencies, right down to the tube amplifier distortion, and all-important transformer/inductor hysteresis.

Now You Can:

Expertly shape tracks and masters with Manley’s ultra-boutique tube EQ

Dial in punch, air, sizzle, and clarity without adding harshness

Select between standard and mastering version with stepped bandwidth controls

Harness complex band interaction and tube amp distortion for organic, musical textures

UAD Demo Video
UAD Demo Video

UAD Demo Video

Featuring the Manley Massive Passive EQ plug-in

Massive Reputation

Massive Reputation

The two-channel, four-band Manley Massive Passive tube EQ utilizes design strengths from choice console, parametric, graphic, and Pultec EQs — delivering sweet, musical curves with unparalleled clarity and headroom. The “Passive” in the Manley Massive Passive refers specifically to the tone shaping elements of the equalizer, which use only resistors, inductors, and capacitors to create all frequency changes. Its Frequency controls intentionally interact with one another, as do the Gain and Bandwidth controls, allowing for the Massive Passive’s natural and organic sound.

The Only Authentic Massive Passive Emulation

The Only Authentic Massive Passive Emulation

Painstakingly modeled by Universal Audio and rigorously scrutinized by Manley Labs for authenticity, the Manley Massive Passive EQ plug-in captures the hardware’s unique filter curves and musical distortion.

Mix or Master

Mix or Master

The Manley Massive Passive EQ plug-in offers a Standard version that offers continuous Bandwidth adjustment, and a Mastering version that includes 16 steps of easily recallable Bandwidth selections. Perfect for subtle or broad strokes to individual instruments or whole mixes, you can add presence and sizzle without harshness to drums and vocals, or add weight and heft to an entire mix without muddying the bottom end.

Key Features

Highly coveted stereo 4-band passive tube EQ plug-in, both standard and mastering versions
Painstakingly modeled over a six month period and rigorously scrutinized by Manley Labs for authenticity
Filter curves, band interdependencies, distortion and hysteretic behavior all represented in UA’s most ambitious EQ model to date
Every band switchable to shelf or bell, each band can be bypassed or set to boost or cut
Specially tuned, overlapping and interleaved Frequency choices
Disabling channel EQ via ‘In’ (bypass) retains desirable system filtering and coloration
Convenient “digital only” Link feature allows for continuously matched L/R settings
Requires a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

Customer Reviews

Manley® Massive Passive EQ

Overall Rating

R. Silich

September 5, 2020

Best master eq

Always use this eq on master, by default, before ampex. Best master eq!

K. Kerpel

September 5, 2020


This plugin is not just a plugin. the parallel eq have such a awesome sound. It sounds so natural. damn! really!

J. Klein

August 27, 2020

PLEASE ! Update GUI !!!

I like this EQ but it is so heavy on the eyes....

M. Malinski

August 24, 2020

Just great for everything

This eq it can be used for everything, but the best use for it is on 2 buses.
Nice top end, nice crack on 3 kHz, just great

C. Bruce

August 9, 2020


I started a mastering company using this

イ. オサフネ

July 30, 2020

シルクのような繊細な音. Sounds Silky

It sounds really good. I am using it regularly.

M. Jones

July 21, 2020

Silky High End

The high end is sweet. Not harsh or brittle!

F. Lo Cascio

July 15, 2020

One of the finest digital mastering eq in the market!

I'd always loved Massive Passive EQ and this UA recreation is spot on! I mainly use it as a "final touch" EQ when I have to deliver masters for my mixes myself. Even little moves like adding 0,5dB to 47Hz, or a a "whole" dB to 16k can produce outstanding results, like improving the bass response and giving that "shimmer" to the highs. You can't go wrong with. it.

T. Wilson

July 13, 2020

Excellent plugin!!!

I, like a lot of the other comments now use this plugin on my master bus. The sound is very clean with out the harsh high end.

T. Wilson

July 13, 2020

Excellent plugin!!!

I, like a lot of the other comments now use this plugin on my master bus. The sound is very clean with out the harsh high end.

V. Cheterian

July 13, 2020

Great sound

Easy to use

S. Pedneault

July 11, 2020

Great Master Bus eq

My new go to for my master bus!

B. Horvat

July 8, 2020

My new 2bus plugin

I have my plugin chain on my master channel that I carefully picked during my years of working on different mixes. With this plugin as a must have, I have slightly change that chain and the Massive Passive became a permanent tool of my signature sound. It really is a classic tool for every mix.

H. Zimmerman

July 5, 2020

Must have

Hands down my best master bus eq now. The Manley plugins are among my most favorite UAD machines.

G. Rios

July 2, 2020

good eq like original's

Good A+++

C. Gabbianelli

July 1, 2020

Corrupts Delay Compensation in PT

Consistently corrupts the delay compensation in my PT sessions . Pretty disappointed in UAD's lack of resolution to this problem after all of the money I've invested into using their hardware and software.

C. Haeki

June 29, 2020


The Sound is really really Amazing

J. Graca

June 28, 2020

Manley Magic

This little box in your screen is big round magic in your speakers. It just pulls the sound in a magnificent way!

b. village

June 28, 2020


It doesn’t seem to matter if I’m adding character or room to a mix this one does it and it does it great. The preset list on it is invaluable.

A. Johnson

June 25, 2020

4-8k is magical

4-8k is magical, don’t know oif any other eq that I can boost in that range without harshness . Love it !!!