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Go beyond traditional multiband compression.

The Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ plug-in for UAD hardware and Apollo interfaces gives you high-level control over the frequency content of your audio, helping you tackle the most demanding production challenges whether you’re mixing or mastering.

The first dynamic EQ on the UAD platform, the Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ plug-in is an excellent alternative to multiband compression, allowing you to sculpt and shape your sources with unending precision.

Apply EQ that’s triggered by the level of particular frequencies or by onset (transient) detection

Use dynamic tone shaping to tame boomy or harsh vocals, guitars, cymbals, and more

Process your audio using up to five fluidly overlapping frequency bands

Easily execute complex EQ tasks with the intuitive user interface

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
Dynamic Performance

Dynamic Performance

The Oxford Dynamic EQ plug-in gives you the best of both worlds — the precision of a static EQ, and the responsiveness and flexibility of a multiband processor. It also lets you dynamically shape the tone of your music without any of the phase artifacts or latency issues common to multiband compressors.

Fully Overlapping Bands

Fully Overlapping Bands

Unlike multiband compressors, which use crossovers to rigidly split up the frequency spectrum, the Oxford Dynamic EQ’s five frequency bands can overlap fluidly, giving you greater flexibility for both character modification and corrective processing.

Onset Detection

Onset Detection

The Oxford Dynamic EQ plug-in’s Onset Detection lets you set the EQ processing to be triggered by transients. This provides you with a new level of precision for boosting or cutting percussive sources and even for controlling vocal sibilance.

Total Control

Total Control

The Oxford Dynamic EQ offers multiple ways to refine and target its processing, giving you unprecedented flexibility. For each band you can choose stereo, mono, or mid-side operation, frequency-specific or onset detection or both, upward or downward compression or expansion, and independently adjustable side chain filters.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Despite all its power and tweakability, the Oxford Dynamic EQ is as easy to dial in as a traditional EQ plug-in, and its user interface is logical, intuitive, and non-intimidating, whether you’re an experienced pro or a studio novice.


Powerful dynamic EQ with signature Oxford professional-level transparency and control

5 bands of 'R3 Type 3' proportional-Q dynamic equalization with optional shelf type

All bands can overlap fluidly and process and/or detect from mono, stereo, mid, or side channels

Flexible per-band side chain controls

Allows up/down compression and up/down expansion

Optional onset detection for very precise transient processing

Customer Reviews

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ

Overall Rating


P. Carbonaro

July 10, 2024

Not Great

I am very disappointed that this plugin does not have full functionality. I have spoken to the folks at Sonnox and they tell me they have addressed the issue and are waiting on UA. The issue is the frequency analyzer function is disabled on Luna. It has something to do with latency but as stated above Sonnox tells me they addressed the concern. UA come on, lets get this plugin working as intended.

J. Peters

April 14, 2024

World class

World class, the quality, transparency, resolution and control.. Professional Tools, simple as that. nothing more to add.

J. Peters

April 14, 2024

World class

World class, the quality, transparency, resolution and control.. Professional Tools, simple as that. nothing more to add.

A. Dahlback

March 18, 2024

Too much DSP...

Sound really good, but may a little outdated. Needs a lot of DSP from my Apollo twin. Thus the native is a better buy if you really need it.

R. Grabek

January 10, 2024

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ

UA has the best plugins

K. Grigoryan

December 12, 2023

Gut aber muss einiges nachgebessert werden

Funktioniert gut. Was mich stört, es nimmt mehr als die 50% von DSP Ressourcen und man kann leicht zu DSP übersteuerung kommen, vor allem, wenn man mit 48khz oder höher arbeitet. Was ich noch gerne hätte , ist ein high pass filter. Ich möchte die Lows nicht nur komprimieren, sondern auch schneiden. Ich möchte auch an einige Stellen nur einen statischen Cut haben. Wäre gut, wenn man diese Möglichkeit hätte. Deswegen nur 3 Sterne. Wenn Uad all meine Wünsche berücksichtigt und auch sofort umsetzt, gibt es dann 5 Sterne

R. Schudel

November 22, 2023

Precise Dynamic EQ

It needs a bunch of DSP and unfortunately no FFT display in realtime mode.

G. Kaloudis

October 28, 2023

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ

A truly amazing tool!

H. Kjærgaard

October 24, 2023

Didn´t work with Soundcraft Realtime Rack

Wasted my money buying the new version for Realtime Rack, only to find that unfortunately this version is not compatible with Realtime Rack

D. Matos

October 7, 2023

Work perfect

Very very good

p. rabinovich

September 18, 2023

Much more than you expected from him!

Oxford Dynamic EQ matches the precision of the most surgical dynamic equalizers on the scene, but its enormous musical quality is what really makes the difference. This product is definitely essential in any Mixing and Mastering studio.

D. Pejakovic

September 4, 2023

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ

Nice tool!

B. DiMaria

July 15, 2023


Just look at the UADforums, not good.

J. Mateo

June 28, 2023

good but not amazing

This thing sounds amazing fantastic eq. but I have noticed some instability issues. that and it uses so much dsp from my shark chips that it is unusable in a real time situation. but my main concern is the stability .

m. corder

May 7, 2023

Just what I needed!

Tame the flub of some heavy guitars, & used on my master channel im so happy I found this here!

g. mouezan

April 23, 2023



L. Hong Lun

April 2, 2023

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ 導致 Console 崩潰!

它會導致 UAD 控制台崩潰。你們都可以解決這個問題嗎?

C. Luebeck

March 30, 2023

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ causes Console to CRASH!

This is a great sounding EQ but it's causing UAD console to crash. Can you all fix this, please???

G. Whitmire

March 3, 2023

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ Crashes

They need to fix this!!! Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ Crashes

F. Lamarre

March 3, 2023


Great clean EQ BUT :
- No Sidechain (unbelievable !)
- No visualisation on the fly. That woul be realy useful to slve problems faster when using it live. And be able to activate / deactivate it.