Sonnox® Oxford Dynamic EQ

Sonnox® Oxford Dynamic EQ

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Go beyond traditional multiband compression.

The Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ plug-in for UAD hardware and Apollo interfaces gives you high-level control over the frequency content of your audio, helping you tackle the most demanding production challenges whether you’re mixing or mastering.

The first dynamic EQ on the UAD platform, the Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ plug-in is an excellent alternative to multiband compression, allowing you to sculpt and shape your sources with unending precision.

Now You Can:

Apply EQ that’s triggered by the level of particular frequencies or by onset (transient) detection

Use dynamic tone shaping to tame boomy or harsh vocals, guitars, cymbals, and more

Process your audio using up to five fluidly overlapping frequency bands

Easily execute complex EQ tasks with the intuitive user interface

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
Dynamic Performance

Dynamic Performance

The Oxford Dynamic EQ plug-in gives you the best of both worlds — the precision of a static EQ, and the responsiveness and flexibility of a multiband processor. It also lets you dynamically shape the tone of your music without any of the phase artifacts or latency issues common to multiband compressors.

Fully Overlapping Bands

Fully Overlapping Bands

Unlike multiband compressors, which use crossovers to rigidly split up the frequency spectrum, the Oxford Dynamic EQ’s five frequency bands can overlap fluidly, giving you greater flexibility for both character modification and corrective processing.

Onset Detection

Onset Detection

The Oxford Dynamic EQ plug-in’s Onset Detection lets you set the EQ processing to be triggered by transients. This provides you with a new level of precision for boosting or cutting percussive sources and even for controlling vocal sibilance.

Total Control

Total Control

The Oxford Dynamic EQ offers multiple ways to refine and target its processing, giving you unprecedented flexibility. For each band you can choose stereo, mono, or mid-side operation, frequency-specific or onset detection or both, upward or downward compression or expansion, and independently adjustable side chain filters.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Despite all its power and tweakability, the Oxford Dynamic EQ is as easy to dial in as a traditional EQ plug-in, and its user interface is logical, intuitive, and non-intimidating, whether you’re an experienced pro or a studio novice.


Powerful dynamic EQ with signature Oxford professional-level transparency and control

5 bands of 'R3 Type 3' proportional-Q dynamic equalization with optional shelf type

All bands can overlap fluidly and process and/or detect from mono, stereo, mid, or side channels

Flexible per-band side chain controls

Allows up/down compression and up/down expansion

Optional onset detection for very precise transient processing

Customer Reviews

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ

Overall Rating

p. sciola

February 25, 2021


it's an amazing eraser,
the change that it made when it was very big

G. Werner

January 29, 2021

No external sidechain ???

No external sidechain 2021...??? What a joke... Love the EQ but it's unusable in a lot of situations with the lack of this feature.

J. De mendonca

January 21, 2021


amazing plugin

K. Babic

January 18, 2021

The best sounding DynEQ

This guy is my startup on every vocal chain, so every comp after is stressless. Hope UA adds soon the sidechain option.

M. Feemster

January 15, 2021

Invisible EQ

This Dynamic EQ is so smooth and transparent i actually forgot i put it on my vocal bus. Don't sleep on this one.

M. van Biesen

January 13, 2021

Super tools for your vocal strip

Use the Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ as my go-to plugin for vocals. Great to use as a super solid foundation for any additional plug-ins - highly recommended!

b. martial

January 10, 2021

Superbe, ludique precis

Très bon égaliseur de type dynamique
D'abord acheté comme alternative au fabfilter Q3, finalement il est différent , dautres types d'utilisation... Très très bien

S. May

January 7, 2021

Smooth Dynamics

Great purchase for me good for smoothing out vocals. I used it on audience recordings and it worked wonders.

P. Hackl-Lehner

December 30, 2020

Everything i need on the fly

Works great on my Apollo solo Usb and i prefer this EQ because it is so simple, easy adjustable and has enough bands for me-

A. Tomashenko

December 29, 2020

No external sidechain function since 14 Aug, 2017 ???

Here is a quote from Sonnox website from 14 Aug, 2017:

"If you've enjoyed using the Oxford Dynamic EQ for Native and are considering purchasing it for UAD, it's important to note that the UAD version of the Oxford Dynamic EQ does not include external sidechain support."

Why is there no info about this issue on the product page here?
Why is there no progress with it still?

I just bought it and got very disappointed, external sidechain is crucial for my work.

A. Khatchadourian

December 27, 2020

Smooth Operator

I have multiple Dynamic Eq plug-ins as my “go to” and never needed, nor looked for adding another one to my tools. I was recently working on a very challenging mix. Non of my dynamic eq plugins could fix it to a satisfactory result. As a last resort I downloaded the “UA Sonnox Oxford Dynamic Eq” for a trial and to my surprise I was able to resolve it so quick with an amazing smooth sounding finish. I just had to purchase it. It’s now my only “go to” dynamic eq plugin.

s. abraham

December 26, 2020

I love it

Love it it’s a similar with the fabfilter eq but better and cheaper price

E. Önbayraktar

December 21, 2020


I love the smoothness in the frequencies, however, i do not like the functionality of the knobs.. comparison to Fab, I prefer Sonnox, but with Fab's knobs..

S. Bruinsma

December 21, 2020

Finaly in control!

Very handy tool, Now i can control frequenties much better. This was a good investment.

R. Doria

December 20, 2020


Dieser EQ ist für mich eine Bereicherung beim mixen und beim mastern. Kann es nur weiter empfehlen.

E. Hawkins

December 17, 2020


Sucks down those fred’s yo!

A. Ogarev

December 13, 2020

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ super+)

the main plug-in equalization, the functionality is amazing, it is comfortable and simple to work, the level of UAD products is amazing....

B. Busch

December 11, 2020

Great EQ - would also love to see side-chain support

This EQ in its own right is one of the ** most elegant sounding ** out there. It's super smooth and clean, and doesn't cause obvious phase damage. Add the dynamic bands, and it's a truly powerful tool. I already own the native Sonnox verion, but with coupons and the holiday deal, the price was too stupid good to pass up having this on the UAD platform, to save on my CPU when needed. Some projects get so bogged down, it was worth it to me to have the UAD version as an option.

The sound is worth 5 starts, but I only ding it one star for the often repeated complaint of lack of side-chain support. I'm sure it's some under-the-hood technical limitation on the UAD platform they're trying to work out. I most commonly use that to duck say 70Hz out of a bass guitar, triggered by the kick drum, and I know those EDM folks love to do that ducking thing on their synths. Either way, it'd be rad if they can sort that out in a future update. I'm sure they're working on it! ...Right guys??

I, like a lot of folks use FabFilter's Pro-Q3 all day long for how fast and easy it is, and light on the CPU. And their super simple dynamic implementation is great - for being fast and easy. But when you need more control over the envelope of a dynamic band, or if you just want a more elegant *sounding* EQ, the Oxford Dynamic EQ does level up on Pro-Q3 in my opinion and is worth a serious look. I'd say the same for Sonnox plugs in general. Quality stuff!

Rock on.


December 7, 2020


If you are looking for dynamic sound. This is one of the best Dynamic EQ plugins I ever used. You name it, use it on any sound and it does the job. Personally love it. Specially on my master channel. Thank you again UAD for another amazing plugin!!

O. Brügger

November 27, 2020

My go to

for vocals. fast and accurate! Great!