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Diezel Herbert Amplifier

Diezel Herbert Amplifier

Unison Enabled

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Regular Price: $149.00


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Vicious modern distortion combined with huge clean tones.

Diezel's Herbert amplifier is a 180-watt pulverizer designed to deliver the meanest of means, the cleanest of cleans — and more. Still considered state-of-the art, nearly 20 years after its release, the Diezel Herbert is a mainstay in heavy rock, and extreme metal productions — anywhere bold, powerful electric guitar tones are required.

Developed by Brainworx, and officially endorsed by legendary amp builder Peter Diezel, the Diezel Herbert plug-in masterfully emulates this six KT77-equipped sledgehammer, for UAD hardware and UA Audio Interfaces.

Now You Can:

Use your UA Interface to track through the Diezel Herbert — with no latency

Audition 120 separate high-end recording chains, featuring multiple cabinets and classic microphones

Shape tones further with FX Rack’s Vintage Delay, noise gate, high/low filters, and more

Easily dial in god-like clean tones, manicured medium gain, and all out assault with a state-of-the art tone machine

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
Pristine to Punishing

Pristine to Punishing

A contemporary tube amp if there ever was one, the Diezel Herbert plug-in thoroughly captures the hardware's cutting-edge circuit. From impossible-to-distort piano-like clean tones to searing early-VH textures, to absolutely groundbreaking extreme high-gain tones, the Diezel Herbert plug-in is the one-stop-shop for tracking bold, modern guitar tracks.

Diezel FX Rack

Diezel FX Rack

The Diezel Herbert plug-in offers additional control over your tones via the Brainworx FX Rack. It features a Noise Gate, switchable high and low-pass filters, and a Power Soak circuit that allows you to dial in as much overdrive as you want, without having to crank the output gain.

The Diezel Herbert also includes 120 impulse response Recording Chains that were perfectly captured from several boutique cabinets and recorded through Brainworx's vintage Neve console with an array of high-end and vintage microphones and outboard gear, giving you "record ready" tones, instantly.

Unison<sup>™</sup> Technology for UA Audio Interfaces

Unison Technology for UA Audio Interfaces

Harnessing UA’s groundbreaking Unison technology, the Diezel Herbert plug-in gives you the impedance, gain staging, and circuit behaviors that have contributed to making it the "King of Kings" in the world of modern tube amps.


Exacting emulation of the original Diezel Herbert 180-watt guitar amp

Endorsed and fully authenticated by Peter Diezel

120 Recording Chains with multiple speaker cabinets – recorded in Brainworx´s studio using the NEVE VXS72 console, stellar outboard gear and world class microphones

FX Rack features Vintage Delay, noise gate, filter controls, internal power soak, and pre– and post-amp bypass

Feels like a real amp when played through UA Audio Interface's Realtime UAD Processing

Physical input impedance and hands-on control of Gain staging with Unison technology

Customer Reviews

Diezel Herbert Amplifier

Overall Rating

A. Diederich

June 16, 2019

Its. A. Herbert. Nuff said.

Can make totally crushing guitar tones with this thing, and thank goodness it doesn't involve a 150 watt amp sitting in the room with you. Way easier to lift the Arrow to get this sound, so I'm giddy with the types of sounds I can get. I can go from hair to prog to pumpkins to even a really nice clean which is not exactly what you think of with this tpe of amp.

D. Baumann

June 2, 2019

Great Touch-Sensitive & Versatile Plugin!

I own most of the UAD guitar plugins (and many plugins from most other developers) and have to agree with my colleague's assessment -- this may be the single best (reasonably priced) guitar plugin available today. I find UAD plugins to be the most expressive and touch sensitive, and the Herbert raises the bar beyond the high standard set on the Fuchs plugins. Most astonishing is how versatile this plugin is -- I'll be recording a pretty diverse range of material today from jazz to rock to funk to country and I'm going to try using the Herbert for all of it. Sure a lot easier to move and mic than stacks of Fenders, Engles and Marshalls ... Thanks UA!

G. Moore

May 24, 2019

The best so far...

This is the best amp plugin I've tried so far... I really like the range of clean to wildly over-driven.

T. Jones

May 23, 2019

One of the best

I have a ton of amp sims, IK, Bias, Brainworx (native), UAD, Overloud, Waves, etc. This is among my top 3 favorite, along with UAD Marshall Silver and Nembrini BST100. I can get great clean, crunchy classic rock, southern rock sounds, and full on metal. Responds great to picking dynamics.

UAD User

May 20, 2019

Fun to Play!

Great Clean, dirty and dirtier...

S. Peterson

May 14, 2019

Very usable plug in.

What impresses me most is how versatile this amp can be. From heavy crushing metal to beautiful clean tones. Cabinet/mic choices are great as well. Very usable plug in.

J. Kidd

April 26, 2019

SICK plug-in

The Diezel Herbert plug-in is the best guitar amp plug-in I’ve tried. Just buy it because it’s awesome.

A. Keuter

April 21, 2019

Happy Happy Happy

Good job !!!

J. Dryden

April 14, 2019

My favourite of all the uad amp sims

I Love channel 2 on the uad Diezel Herbert. My former studio partner had a Diezel Herbert with the matching 4x12” in our studio for about 3 years, and this is pretty damn spot-on! It does the Adam jones / Tool thing very well, and the Weezer Rivers Cuomo thing well. Four stars from me. My only complaint is that I want to be able to patch a footswitch into my Apollo so I can use it live and actually use all 3 of the channels in real time.
(Let’s make it happen!)

C. McCall

April 10, 2019

It’s everything I needed it to be.

I bought this to match some Metallica tones from the newer albums. And it’s spot on with some tweaking. The Mesa cabs are an awesome addition as well. Not much overhead on the pre amp but using the power soak saves your headroom. Get it!! It replaced my current amp sim - Bias.

L. Canales

April 5, 2019

Close Your Eyes and Tell Me the Difference!!!

As an owner of a Fortin, and a Diamond, I know what these monsters sound like - more importantly, FEEL like. I have played on a Hebert and a V4, I had certain expectations of what this plug was going to sound and feel like. There are some GREAT amp sims out there...but this blows them out of the water. It must be the UNISON tech, but seriously - I just don’t think you will find anything that will get you this close and nearly indistinguishable (in a mix you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, and a non-musician listener would NEVER be able to tell) from the real deal. And it’s not just for ripping your head off, the cleans are NIIIICE!

T. Siiskonen

April 2, 2019

Great value

This is a really great amp sim. The included cabinets work great and it’s a very (suprisingly) versatile amp. Highly recommended.

b. berkovic

March 24, 2019

Such a great emulation

I am very satisfied with Diesel Herbert Amplifier,one of my favourite sim amp for recording various guitar style.Thank you Uad for so great emulation

C. Schreiber

March 22, 2019


It’s solid.

c. zouen

March 22, 2019


I love this new Diezel plug!!! I was always a heavy handed player and still am! the Diezel gives me the ability to break my guitar and still sound good! lol even the cleans are beautiful! Def try it out and realize how great it is for your self!

M. Johnson

March 20, 2019

Great Clean great metal and great presets

Great Amp for Squeaky clean tones without the Di Sound
Great modern Metal excellent presets

K. Hazell

March 15, 2019

Diezel Herbert Amplifier

The TONES in this amp sounds like your playing a real amp extraordinary

H. Varvoglis

March 13, 2019


I’m not a guitar player but I’m a sound engineer and in my ears Diezel amps are the best in their category. I’m amazed with this plugin, it has so many futures and cabins with mic compilations that is sure you will find the sound you are looking for. I didn’t believe that I would say that but I prefer this plugin over my real mesa boogie that I have in my studio.

C. Lafrenière

March 12, 2019

WoW!! Ça déchire!!

We where searching for the ultimate Metal amp Plugin and we found it….!! It's incredible, a tone of bricks in our faces !! Wham here we go, you won't let go that amp once you turn it on !! Crazy shit !! Real stuff, very HOT !!

n. hollo

March 8, 2019


my new fav amp with really tight and focused distorted sound with 3(!) channels so absolutely must have. with the gallien krueger 800rb like tom and jerry :) LOVE IT