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Customer Reviews

Diezel Herbert Amplifier

Overall Rating

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G. Myers

January 14, 2024

Great Clean Tones!

Wish I would have discovered this amp sooner. Thanks!

D. Pejakovic

September 4, 2023

Diezel Herbert

nice amp!

S. Tanner

August 13, 2023

Very nice Guitar-Amp

For my own stuff I like the Marshall Silver Jubilee most. But some clients prefair the Diezel Herbert Amplifier and this is good so. Don't give my very own sound away. xD

W. Schurat

July 7, 2023

Unexpected Performance

Very much like the other UAD Diezel amp this one also has its main strength not in the hi gain area as you would expect but in the clean sounds that are just a smidge before breaking. They sound so so sweet. I bought the Diezel plug ins lately after I had nearly all the other amps because I did not expect much, but I could not have been more wrong. Now they are among my favorite amps, especially this one.

M. Vice

January 29, 2023

Blown away

This amp has seemingly infinite headroom on every channel. The clean channel is powerful and clear with the volume at 100%, and each distorted channel has distinct grind that is easy to dial in. Go ahead and throw your overdrive/distortion pedals in the garbage - this amp will have you covered.
UA and Brainworx have created another brilliantly realistic model. Incredible.

C. Bors

December 10, 2022

Brutal amp power :)

I showed the plugin for guitarist friend, and he listened with opened mouth. Just said: man... brutal sound! UAD became a new fan :)

K. Payoongsook

September 17, 2022

The sound quality and tone is excellent, I love it.

Good value for money, But it would be nice if the plugin can connect to footswitch or keyboard shotcut when changing amp's chanel or when changing preset A,B,C,D due to mouse click is not easy to change Chanel Amp. or change the preset between songs

A. Smith

July 8, 2022

Very versatile. Heavy to light. Metal to silk.

I am very happy with the versatility of this amp simulation. The heavy and metal sounds are articulate with minimal muddying. Better then UAD BE100 Friedman sim. The cleans sparkle in my opinion. This should have been my first amp choice when I bought an Apollo x4 last year.

E. Wang

March 29, 2022

Don't Buy it until they fix the BUG!

The sound is pretty good, but it has catastrophic bug.

Simply, when you have 5 and more instances running in one project, it starts to introduce SIGNIFICANT amount of playback delay which is abnormal especially compared to other UAD amp sim or third party plugin like Amplitube or Archetype, etc.

A. Monov

March 18, 2022


Great Plug-in as usual.

I. Miller

March 10, 2022

Tone Monster

One of the best modelled guitar amps I have used, the 2+ mid cut is a massive high gain channel and the clean channel is magic!

W. Gall

December 18, 2021

Herbert Rocks !!!

One of the best metal amps in the arsenal the magic is in that mid cut and the boost switch on ch2. Yum oh and it pairs great with the VH4 and ENGL's

A. Belli

November 10, 2021

Great amp

I was surprised that this amp isn't just a one trick pony and has really nice clean sounds too.

E. Kocol

September 17, 2021


This thing rocks it just right.

s. fujimoto

June 12, 2021



B. Masters

June 11, 2021

Good for funky clean tones

I found some good low gain settings for funky blues rhythm guitar parts. I never intended to buy this plugin but once I demo'd it in Unison mode I have been using it continuously on several releases. It sounds like a real tube amp.

C. Lovely

April 17, 2021

Excellent Tone

I think this is the greatest digital amp I’ve ever heard. I use the Herbert plug with my own IR’s and I can’t tell a difference between mic’d cab and the plug-in. It’s truly so incredible, that I don’t even want to buy the actual hardware amp. Well done!

J. Slimp

February 12, 2021

My Fav New UAD Amp

I have almost all of the UAD amps and they are really good!

However this one I REALLY love. It’s heavy tones are amazing but it’s also versatile w clean and crunch style that are awesome as well.

Lastly the presets are really good. The Creamy Lead is beautiful!

Super happy with this purchase.

C. Santillo

January 24, 2021

Best high gain amp. Period.

Great tones, heavy distortiion, great sustain. Amazing amp.

C. Santillo

January 24, 2021

Best high gain amp. Period.

Great tones, heavy distortiion, great sustain. Amazing amp.

1-20 of 80 Results

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4