Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

Unison Enabled


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The legendary sound of rock, captured in all of its power and glory.

The undisputed alpha dog of rock and roll guitar amps, the Marshall 1959 Super Lead amplifier is as legendary as the music it helped create. From Jimi Hendrix to Jimmy Page to Eric Clapton, the “Plexi’s” punishing melange of snarl, sustain, smoothness, and raunch defined the sound of rock.

Developed by Softube — and available exclusively for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo audio interfaces — the Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 plug-in is not only an expert emulation of this 100-watt British classic, right down to its EL34 power tubes and hand-wired circuit, it offers uniquely powerful multi-mic sounds as well.

Now You Can:

Use your Apollo with Unison™ technology to track through the only authentic Plexi Super Lead emulation — with no latency

Re-amp previously recorded tracks with any UAD-2 hardware

Dial-in perfect studio amp tones with three different microphone combinations — FET, Valve, and Dynamic

Fine-tune your guitar tones with 50 presets by legendary AC/DC engineer Tony Platt

Take A Listen

Take A Listen
UAD Tones & Techniques
UAD Tones & Techniques

UAD Tones & Techniques

Featuring the Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 plug-in

The Only Authentic Emulation of the Perfect Plexi

The Only Authentic Emulation of the Perfect Plexi

In an effort to capture the ultimate Plexi sound, Marshall offered the talented developers at Softube a bone-stock, pristine 1967 Super Lead from its own museum. Pairing it with an era-correct, broken-in Marshall 1960BHW 4x12 cabinet, Softube emulated all of the Super Lead’s idiosyncratic “ghost note” overtones, as well as the ability to “jump” the amp’s inputs to dial-in a wealth of high-powered tube tones.

Voiced by a Legend

Voiced by a Legend

Producer/engineer Tony Platt has recorded some of the most quintessential Marshall tones ever committed to tape — most notably AC/DC’s landmark albums, Highway to Hell and Back in Black. Softube enlisted Platt to capture exquisite cabinet and microphone simulations using his Platinum-approved, tried-and-true mic recipes. You can choose from 50 Platt-designed presets, or craft your own tones.

Mix Between Seven Expertly Placed Microphones

Mix Between Seven Expertly Placed Microphones

Open up the plug-in’s Channel Strip section, and easily dial-in your sounds with Panning, global High/Low EQ, and Level control over each microphone, allowing precision fine-tuning — during tracking or mixdown. No matter the genre, or type of guitar, you’re afforded tons of tweakable options, from pin-point single miked tones to roars of glorious room ambience.

Unison™ Technology for Authentic Plexi Tones

Unison™ Technology for Authentic Plexi Tones

The interaction of your guitar’s pickups to an amp’s front end is crucial to capturing the tone and feel of the amplifier. With UA’s Unison technology, Apollo user's guitar pickups will see the exact impedance load as if they’re plugged into a vintage Marshall Plexi — a feature found only on Apollo audio interfaces.

Key Features

Faithful emulation of Marshall's own reference Plexi Super Lead amp, built in 1967, with an era-correct 1960BHW speaker cabinet
Microphone selections and placements by Tony Platt, captured in Kore Studios, London
Over 50 finely-tuned presets designed by AC/DC engineer Tony Platt
Three different microphone combinations available — FET, Valve, and Dynamic
Three separate mics per setting, two close and one room
Channel strip includes pans and volume faders for each mic, plus two band EQ

Amplifier Control Panel

On/Off switch: On or off
Presence knob: 0 to 10
Bass knob: 0 to 10
Middle knob: 0 to 10
Treble knob: 0 to 10
Volume I knob: 0 to 10
Volume II knob: 0 to 10
Inputs: Clicking on a Channel Input jack rotates between three options for each Channel Input
Ch 1 Low, + Ch 1 High patched to Ch 2 Low, + Ch 1 High patched to Ch 2 High
Ch 1 High, + Ch 1 Low patched to Ch 2 High, + Ch 1 Low patched to Ch 2 Low
Ch 2 Low, + Ch 2 High patched to Ch 1 Low, + Ch 2 High patched to Ch 1 High
Ch 2 High, + Ch 2 Low patched to Ch 1 High, + Ch 2 Low patched to Ch 1 Low

Channel Strip Panel

Equalizer Main Out Low: 200Hz to 0Hz Low Cut, 0 to +12 dB Low Shelf (bypass at 12 o’clock)
Equalizer Main Out High: -12 to +12 dB (bypass at 12 o’clock)
Main Out Volume: -∞ to +12 dB
Cabinet Microphone Select: Off, Valve, FET, Dynamic
Mic 1 Solo switch: On or Off
Mic 1 Pan knob: 100% L to 100% R
Mic 1 volume fader: -∞ to +12 dB
Mic 2 Solo switch: On or Off
Mic 2 Pan knob: 100% L to 100% R
Mic 2 volume fader: -∞ to +12 dB
Room Mic Solo switch: On or Off
Room Mic Pan knob: 100% L to 100% R
Room Mic volume fader: -∞ to +12 dB
Room Mic Pan knob: 100% L to 100% R
Room Mic volume fader: -∞ to +12 dB

Customer Reviews

Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

Overall Rating

G. Balistreri

September 14, 2020



J. Barton

August 19, 2020

An Amp

It's a pretty good emulation with a good room mic and two up close to pan! The ghost notes and the squeak is pretty cool! Original sounds only on this amp!

B. Zhang

August 7, 2020



K. Boaten

May 18, 2020

Great sound

Great amp plugin. I was looking for a great sound to compliment my 1970s Fender Strat and my Gibson Les Paul. Great sound on both guitars. I love this plugin. You won’t be disappointed

K. Boaten

May 15, 2020


Softube deliver as usual. Amazing sound and very intuitive how you can control mic distance on the cab. Very impressed. you won't be disappointed.

U. Gerstenmeyer

March 13, 2020

Great Stuff!!

Great Stuff!

D. Puzia

March 2, 2020

The Best!

I have been using amp simps now for about ten years, even owned a Marshall JCM 800 stack. This is amazing how it captures every aspect of the tones! It is the best that I have come across! Great Job!

O. Goren

February 28, 2020

Unbelievably awesome!

With a Gibson Les Paul it's actually the best sounding recordings I ever made.
I used it instead of my amp even to jam with the unison technology is unbelievably good with no latency.

C. Dagostino

February 1, 2020

What a cab sound from the 1959 Marshall Plexi.

After plugging a 1996 Nocaster, the sound was similar to a Ritchie Blackmore sound. Lots of mids.

M. Duarte

January 23, 2020

Life changing

If you know what this beauty is about and that’s what you need/want, you’re about to get mind blowing. I love this plugin! The sound is on point, the mic system is fantastic and easy to deal with, awesome presets... the list goes on.

R. Hortensius

January 14, 2020

Great Sounding Plexi !

The lead guitar was done with the Plexi, a demo speaks more than words !

D. Fornes Berenguer

December 27, 2019

Adios a los cabezales!!

Tengo un 1987x y he tocado con el 1959HW en directo y no tengo palabras ... el plugin te hace meterte dentro con un feeling brutal. Para sacar estos tonos tendrías que pasar horas y horas en un estudio profesional y gastar una burrada en conseguir un sonido que se le acerque ... si no lo ves crees estar tocando con un autentico hand wired....Gracias Universal!!!

P. Jacobsson

December 20, 2019

Plexi character it is

Works great in use with the Unison technology in Apollo.

L. Orlinski

November 26, 2019

Real amplifier.

Greate sound like real gear. Thanks for amaizing amplifier. Fantastic ready sets helpful for create own sounds. Thank you Universal Audio.

W. Peche

November 25, 2019

Great Sound!

You have to get familiar with this plug to get the best sound. Total recommended


November 25, 2019

Gros gros son Marshall !

Juste parfait. Et avec un OD en façade, in obtient un très bon son heavy. Les potards et différents micros proposés ouvrent des possibilités infinies. On peut pousser l’ampli dans ses retranchements (dans la vraie vie on deviendrait sourd si l’on le faisait). Bref, très très bon plugin.

J. monlleo

November 22, 2019

Must have!

Is the most close that i stay- in software- of my old marshall the best thing that i can say...incredible!

UAD User

November 13, 2019

At first I didn’t, then I did....

At first this plug in didn’t impress me. Not sure why I didn’t like it, perhaps it was too harsh, or not enough bass. Then I played with it and figured out the mojo. This one sure gets used a lot. Try it out, mess around and you will certainly like it too.

J. chaney

November 13, 2019

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C. Vonarb

October 26, 2019

Marshall sound !!!

Pure sound and crunchy guitar !!! I love it !!!